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The truly true for me

Some people don't think about you but when they assume to have a finger in the pie.
Once they got what they want they will throw you in omission bin.

But if don't accept the pain that some people inflict you, you will end up alone undoubtedly.

Some of them deserve that you endure the pain cuz they just deserve it in your sight not because you have to do so.

If you are lack of doing compromises you will never get someone aside of you.
Yeah that is right!
Don't expect others to do everything for you.
They will perhaps start to do it but be sure that they won't stick it up.
People don't don't like a vilain person anyhow.

This quote reminds me of one of the famous proverbs in my country which is "if someone is rinsing your back, at least risk yourself to rinse your front". Don't wait for him to rinse your entire body while you are hand-crossed.

You want people to bring you food and then put it in your mouth, is that a kind of joke?!

Struggle everyday and every time for your interests and never be a layabout and eventually be depending on others.!
Adversity can be a trial from your Lord to correct you and Loss can be for you a significant experience.

Do not complain about your current situation and just be sitting with nothing to do.

You are not born to run a big company, this maybe true but you are born to take care of yourself because YOU you are your own company and nothing else will do it in your place.

Live the Life in your own pace and don't turn around to anybody that can be for you a hitch to achieve your goals.

Be yourself and get away from imitation.

One of the biggest experiences that I gained in this life is that nothing is easy to reach absolutely.
Every matter is wrapped by the fact of difficulty and hardiness.

The successful persons are those who succeed to withstand a little bit this difficulty and the failed persons are the one who failed to resist to that fact.

Always be patient and hard working Cuz sooner or later you will achieve your goals undoubtedly.
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"I don't know the key of the success but the failure one is trying to satisfy everyone".

Bill Cosby.
Daily morning Questions to Ask Yourself:

1. What good will I do today?

2. What bad habit can I avoid doing?

3. What am I grateful for in my life?

4. How can I improve today?

5. What challenge might I face today and how can I overcome it?

I wish for you a blessed Friday ! 🌼
. Don't oppress anyone because you are empowered on him
. Don't beat anyone because you are stronger
. Don't help anyone over another by misjudgement
. Don't insult anyone because you have a reason to do so
. Don't break anyone heart
. Don't despise anyone because you are more important
. Don't sorrow anyone by all means
. Don't mislead anyone
. If you can stay calm and not to retaliate to wrongdoers, do so

Just one day...

-God's plans will be fulfilled
-The row will be straight
-The weight will be balanced
-Justice will be set

And everyone will meet his rewards sooner or later, good or wrong, pleasant or bad...

🥀 Would you mind waiting for that day?!
This is a big talk!

Never underestimate any option you are choosing in your life cuz at the end you will pick its fruits.

Don't choose blindly what you have to do for your business for your studies for all achievements of your life.

Always be patient, optimistic, confident and self-assured.
You will never be successful until you accept inside of you and be sure that you can do it.

Create your own life, follow your own way and live at your own pace.
Don't never compare yourself with anyone else.

Everyone in this life has his own fate so don't dare to envy others for their success but be relieved and content of what you are and have.
This proverb reminds me of another one:
"Mistakes are meant for learning not repeating".

Every mistake in our life holds with it its own silver lining-there is always a lesson hidden in each mistake-to learn.
We should always take a lesson of even lessons in one mistake.

The consequences of our mistakes are like direct advices.
They teach us not to fall in the same hole, not to take the same way, not to do the same thing in the future...

Though mistakes are kind of negative and defective we must confess that they also auspicious and conducive to the success and the well-done afterwards.

Making mistakes doesn't mean that you have not insight but repeating the same ones shows your inconvenience to takle the problems of this life.
🛑Don't stop reading!

We should not fear poverty nor weakness because one day we could faithfully be enriched and overcome our weakness.

We should rather fear illiteracy because nothing is moving forward or even functioning with it.

Illiteracy must be the first worldwide problem to deal with before all.
Eradicating illiteracy can be in itself solving many problems at the same time.

You, who are able to read, to write you are lucky undoubtedly.
Being literate is already an achievement even if you deny it.

You don't know how much people are suffering everyday in their daily, while travelling abroad, while shopping... Just because they are blind intellectually.

You are lucky for having gone to school so don't miss this opportunity to top and make difference from others.

Always read, read and read
You will never stop discovery until you stop reading 📖!

🛑Don't nver stop reading!
Don't never think that you failed!

Though the million of hitches you faced and still facing, stay courageous and zealous and keep going on...

Every obstacle, problem, failure you deal with makes you more efficient, experienced and ready to be this person you have to be...

Success doesn't come for free nor easily.
This fact is confirmed by most people in former time and even nowadays.
It is why you have to meet hardiness, difficulty, fear, stumble and even falls but keep moving... You are still trending to what you are ment to be.

As long as you are still alive, no matter is your age or gender, keep fighting for your dreams and never surrender to skepticism and pessimism...

The first step of failure is when you accept to follow this weird sound inside you which says" I can't anymore"...

'Of Course You Can'!

Always be ready for a fresh start and be optimistic about your ability, your goals, your future and keep inspiring yourself by this quote "I'M STILL HEALING INTO THE PERSON I'M MEANT TO BE".