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Help Each Other is the first DeFi crowdfunding platform that removes geographical and political limitations from fundraising. Website: https://www.heo.finance
Medium: https://medium.com/@heofinance
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FinanceHeo
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The cryptocurrencies are used more and more widely around the globe to fight the dictatorships. From Minsk to Hong Kong. One of the important tasks of Help Each Other project is to contribute to the development of this trend:
Though HEO is founded as a DAO meaningful steps are to be taken for the platform to become true decentralized:
Хотя HEO является децентрализованной автономной организацией (DAO), для того чтобы достичь полноценной децентрализации, необходимо предпринять целый ряд шагов:
We’re excited to present you the second fundraising campaign on Help Each Other platform. Support the freedom of information by donating to RosKomSvoboda, the first Russian public organization operating in the field of digital rights protection and digital empowerment.
The third fundraising campaign on Help Each Other platform is live! Support Russia Behind Bars, an organization helping the convicts and their relatives! Russia Behind Bars not only implements big projects but also provides direct aid helping with filling legal complaints, sending “care packages” to the jails, and providing financial support to those in need because of the incarceration of their relatives. As the "About Us" section of the organization's site states: "We are actors and businessmen, poets and officers, doctors and teachers, we are citizens and patriots; we are those who don’t want to stand aloof as arbitrary rule destroys our compatriots’ lives".
MediaZona started a fundraising campaign on Help Each Other! The word “zona” in Russian slang means a penal colony. MediaZona was founded by members of the “Pussy Riot” Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova following sentences of nearly two years after they were convicted of “hooliganism” motivated by “religious hatred” for a punk prayer in Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. In addition to its purpose of shedding light on injustices in Russia’s courts, law enforcement and prison systems, Alyokhina and Tolokonnikova said MediaZona was created to fill the void left by the Kremlin’s crackdown on Russian independent media.
We’re delighted to announce the fifth fundraising campaign on Help Each Other! Support the team of Yulia Galyamina and their projects! By donating to the team of Yulia Galyamina you support such projects as “Local Media Fair”, “School of Local Anti-corruption”, “Soft Power” and “Laboratory of Universities’ Transparency”. “Local Media Fair” aims to develop and to support local media. “School of Local Anti-corruption” introduces activists to mechanisms of fighting corruption. “Soft Power” is a project that empowers women’ leadership. “Laboratory of Universities’ Transparency” is a place where students gain knowledge on how to control their universities’ spending and politics. With the fifth fundraising campaign live we’re almost ready for an official launch. Wait for the announcement, it’s coming soon!
IStories has started the sixth fundraising campaign on Help Each Other platform! IStories is a media outlet founded by Russia’s top investigative journalists. The media rejects censorship and news which does not make sense. IStories started with materials about corruption with state purchases of tests, masks and ventilators during the initial period of COVID-pandemic and today are a vibrant media telling lots of important stories. They published investigations about the beneficiaries of new garbage management reform, about Vladimir Putin’s daughter Katerina Tikhonova and her former husband Kirill Shamalov, about the oil spill ecological disaster. The team of IStories participated in an investigation of Pandora Papers.

After the publications about the family of Vladimir Putin, some unknown hackers tried to break into the journalists’ accounts in social media. On August 20, 2021 Russian Ministry of Justice has added the IStories and five individual journalists working with the media to the list of foreign agents. IStories believe that the best media outlets should be funded by their readers. This is the only way that the media can remain genuinely independent and fulfil its main function: to reveal the truth about what is happening in the country. IStories is registered as a non-profit organisation. The media does not have an owner, so there is nobody to dictate terms to the journalists and editors. IStories do not earn money from advertising contracts, so the media does not depend on advertising. IStories run on donations. Help each other and support journalists telling the truth!
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HEO is the first decentralized platform for crowdfunding.
We’re building our community and want to reward those who are with us helping others⚡️

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Support "Russians for Ukraine" fundraising campaign on Help Each Other! Started by Russians living in Poland the initiative to help refugees from Ukraine is now supported by people from all over the world
#helpeachother #donation #crypto #StopWarInUkraine
The Pristanište Foundation is housing refugees in Montenegro and pays for education of their children. The Foundation settled more than 100 people including more than 30 children, provides them with basic necessities, mental health support and any other needed help. Gift a new home for refugees in Montenegro!
🚀We are excited to announce that we’ve successfully closed the Private Round A.

💸We collected around $162 000.

⌛️Now it’s time to proceed to the next stage and open the Private Round B. It will last until autumn 🍂
🎉We are happy to announce that we now support payments via CoinBase Payments. You can donate crypto to important social causes even having only fiat.

📝 The operation itself is very straightforward. We have prepared a guide for you, so you can see it for yourself:

a)📱Create an account on the Coinbase crypto-exchange - https://www.coinbase.com/ - and verify the account (Currently, the system will not accept a Russian passport to verify your identity).

b) buy USDC ERC-20 cryptocurrency on the Coinbase exchange 💰

c)🖱Select a fundraising campaign at https://app.heo.finance/. Enter the amount of the donation, in the drop-down menu when you click the “Donate” button select the item "Other coins (via Coinbase)". In the window that appears select "Pay with Coinbase" and follow the prompts of the system.