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hentaiOS TwistedScarlett Official Fox Peter (Canonically Hey lois, remember the time I turned myself into a furry foxgirl? Funniest shit ever) for Xiaomi Gourami

Please read #KnownIssue note before reporting issues and #userguide-{a/ab} note for installation guide in the Support Chat.

> Changelog (EN-US)

> Download gourami Full Builds on Patreon (This post will become public on 01/14/2023 at 08:59 AM CEST.)
> Download gourami Full Builds on Boosty (This post will become public at the same time as Patreon post)

> DTBO Image
> lmi AOSP Recovery
> apollo/apollopro AOSP Recovery
> alioth AOSP Recovery (Boot Image)
> munch AOSP Recovery (Boot Image)
> alioth Vendor Boot
> munch Vendor Boot

> Support Chat

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