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Practicing the attitude of gratitude has scientifically proven magical effects.

👉Like boosting your immune system
👉 And leveling up your happiness

But how to integrate into your daily life?

Here are three fun and easy rituals. Where focus goes energy flows… ❤️🦄

Change is the only constant in life. Yet, we often try to fight it…

What if we would just reframe it? 🥳

Instead of saying

“oh no, not another change process…“

saying instead:

“oh wow, for real: another great growth opportunity“?!

It’s all about perspective and we can choose how we want to experience change … aka life. 🦄❤️

Make this life precious, make it count. It’s all in your hands and amazing head.

What do you choose?

🦄 Hedi 🦄
Let’s talk about the power of your brain.💥
It is THE most powerful tool. And the best thing about it: It’s never fixed. You can train it. 
Because we are hard wired for safety. Not happiness, nor fearless creation...most uf us need to put some effort into this process. So we get into that state ( I mean free and in total creators’ mode) of YES I CAN. 
My favorite mentor Marisa Peer, a British Hypnotherapist, has made an incredible list of all the things you must do to keep the brain in optimal shape.

🦄👉 Your every thought and word form a blueprint that your mind and body work to make your reality.
🦄👉 The strongest force in humans is that we must act in a way that consistently matches our thinking.
🦄👉 Every thought you think causes a physical reaction and an emotional response within you.
🦄👉 Imagination is more powerful than knowledge when dealing with your own mind or the mind of others.
🦄👉 In a battle between emotion and logic, emotion always wins.
When people learn to self-regulate, change their emotional state and open their heart, they can change their life, heal their body and create a new reality.

Dr Joe Dispenza
Comment YES 🙌 if you agree.

Let’s turn this month into a high frequency 👯 Party.

You rock ❤️

Living means having a balanced life…
Balanced between the things you do, not do, living and playing.
When you devote your time this week to something or someone check twice: is this going to empower me?
If not. Let go.

Have a happy and empowered week ❤️🥳

To create positive changes in our/this world… and show up as our most empowered self…

We need to make self-care a priority.

Only when we practice self-care can we practice caretaking for anything else. 🌎❤️🌎

Are you with me?

🌟 Consciousness creates your reality!

Consciousness are your beliefs, emotions, and thoughts, which result in how you show up in this world....your behaviors and actions.

As we are currently moving into higher states of consciousness (yeeeaah... as more and more light-workers are coming online (thank you!!!)🤘 and awaken to (their) truth, I wanna give you this gem by Dr. Hawkins.

So you can work with it. 🚀

It helped me massively with navigating through this process of awakening, and self-transformation.

First: What do you see here?

You see the emotions (states you are mostly in) on your left and the vibrations attached (shame is the lowest vibration, peace, and enlightenment which did not fit here because it vibrates at 1000 are the highest.)

According to Dr. Hawkins, the vibration correlate with your health (see far left) and how you naturally behave and act, like “happy and productive” in this world (see on the right).

NOW. How to use it?

There are many ways on how to move out of lower states. Feeling the emotions and consciously saying good-bye to them is one.

Another one is intention setting.
Write down how you would want to feel like. i.e. “happy”
And observe yourself. Not like a maniac, but gently, without judgement.

Most of us have been there. You are a gift to this world. You are taking self-responsibility and transforming yourself. That’s A LOT!!!!

By observing you simply make the unconscious thoughts and behaviors become conscious. When you catch yourself with negative, judgemental stuff in your head and out of your mouth you can now “catch them” gently and turn them into positive.

I know this sounds simple. And too good to be true. But you know what I did it like that and so did clients of mine. It worked and according to neuroscience isn’t so dumb after all ;)))

Take a chance! Try it! You are so incredibly powerful. Disempowerment is going to stop this second. we are moving into a different world now. You deserve EVERYTHING AND MORE. And I hope this chart helps you a little bit to get closer into happy states of consciousness.

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In this Clip I fall of the bike and nearly Crash into a tree. 😂🥰

All because of this: I wanted to invite you to my q&a session (kitchen talk) tomorrow.

Where we talk about levels of consciousness. How to level up into higher states and out of overwhelm, fear, stress… into bliss and creation mode.

Wanna join? Yeah!
It’s Saturday, 10 th, 5 PM CEST.
Click the link in my next post to get your free ticket, write me your questions to hedi@hedischaefer.com and I’ll see you there ❤️☀️

Can’t wait.
Kitchen Talk Q&A session
Get your ticket here for free.
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Do you sometimes feel that your change process is not going fast enough? You’re not making enough progress? You’re not there yet?

Take a moment to look at this beautiful fella. 🌸

Flowers are much like change-processes. They need water, sun, soil, in other words CARE to take one step further… grow… and eventually bloom.🌸

Change is the only constant in life, and it’s about every single growth you accomplish.

💦“water“ yourself every single day.
🥳and celebrate every magical step you took.

… you will blossom 🌸❤️🌷 in no time. Of that I’m sure.
Love by my daughter.
Life is full of magic and surprises.
Focus on them… they will expand.
That’s the law of the universe ❤️🪄

What’s your favorite book for personal transformation and awakening? 😎

This question was tough for me because there are so many gems and inspiring teacher out there.


Here is my Summer Pick for you.

Why each of them are glorious you can find out by checking the latest on my blog here


Can’t wait for you to dive into yourself, your gifts and precious life time ahead ❤️🌷🌎🦄
Join me for a free live event this Sunday.
Elevate your frequency and the planted vibration. For harmony and healing.

Sunday, 6 PM -6:30 PM CEST, live and free
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Join me this Saturday for the ultimate changemaker toolbox workshop to help you become the most empowered changemaker you were meant to be.

It’s where you learn the most beloved 3 step process to flip problems around and into massive opportunities.

It’s a one time event and tickets are now for sale (35€, net only)

Can’t wait to create this world together with you.
Much love

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„See the gift in everything” sounds often easier said than done, right?

- I recently had the pleasure of talking to Holocaust survivor, acclaimed psychologist and expert for PTSD and best-selling author Dr. Edith Eger about her latest book The Gift and how to change perspectives. 

It’s filled with wisdom and hands-on steps. 🌸

Grab your notebook and enjoy the one and only Dr. Edith Eger here.


Much love ❤️
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Your affirmation for this week.

You deserve the most magical week! Lotsa love.