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Polish progressive rock band Riverside announced upcoming live album/dvd "Lost'n'Found" recorded during their performance in 2015 at Tilburg, Netherlands. Release is scheduled for December. You can see the published 'Hyperactive' track taken from the album here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LEbGCGj5iM.
Moonspell announced today their new album to be released in February. It will contain 10 new tracks (including 2 instrumental tracks) and one cover. First single will be released in November. They will also perform an online show at Halloween night (tickets are on sale for around 5 euros)
Paradise Lost will stream a "At The Mill" live show on November 5th (21:00 CET & replay at 21:00 EST) from their studio in Bradford. Standard and VIP tickets are available on the band's official web site for price 10-15$.
Draconian released their new "Under a Godless Veil" album today. After a 4-year pause from their previous release, their new work contains 10 tracks and continues the traditions of the Swedish doom. Stay tuned to hear them on our online radio
We've just moved to a new server and updated our web-page with better controls & look and detailed info on listening us on your devices. Tune in and enjoy: http://www.heavy-music.net
We have launched a second stream from our test server (with extended rotation list and other good features). We need your feedback. You can try it on http://www.heavy-music.net/index2.php if you have any issues please report as a comment to this post and we will investigate. Thanks!
Our team wishes you all the best in 2021! We wish everyone to have an interesting, predictable and healthy year, full of luck and happiness :) Thanks for staying with us, we will do our best to fulfill your interest in music. We started to switch the server, so expect the upcoming new musical discoveries!