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Today we are launching the Halcyon Digital project. We will make elements, icons, themes and developer tools for Yootheme. Here we will talk about our experience and discuss industry news. There is a lot of interesting things ahead. Good luck to us 🤞
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We have developed a corporate identity. It turned out to be simple, bright and dynamic-the way we see the Halcyon brand. Our bird symbol is drawn in simple geometric shapes and a juicy combination of bright orange, blue and black. Official fonts: RF Dewi with a nice width of letters and universal Inter.
Channel name was changed to «Halcyon digital items»
What are we working for

- We want to help customers attract attention, convey thoughts and sell with the help of original UI elements.

- We want to create new ways of presenting content and user interaction with the website.

- We want to make High-end products that bring aesthetic pleasure.

- We want our customers to be proud of their websites.
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The icons of the first version of the Element Library were drawn in a single-color and colored version
New conceptual images for product and website design
We made a design of images for the Konstructor icon set page.
We have released Konstructor 1.3 with two new icons and an update of the Lightning icon.
Here are the new Facebook and Cup icons, and we've also updated the Youtube and Instagram icons.