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We have just taken the system down — SNX and all Synths will be unable to transferred or used in the next few hours. Here's an update on exactly when the new Synths we planned to add with Hadar
The system is back up, dApps are live, and SNX/Synths are useable once more. Thanks everyone for your patience — the new Synths will be deployed on Thursday (AEDT). Remember, if you haven't claimed rewards this week, you'll need to do it before the next snapshot (~24hrs from now).
In today's Hadar release, we significantly expanded delegation powers in line with SIP-10. We've just published a quick guide to how to use delegation, using a mobile wallet as an example. The best thing about delegation for SNX stakers is that it allows them to manage their wallet on-the-go by delegating permissions to another wallet that's easier to access, e.g. a mobile wallet, without compromising security.
Here are some details about the new Index Synths tracking the Nikkei 225 and FTSE 100, specifically around pausing for market closures and how the assets are denominated.
We’ve partnered with @relaypay_io to allow people with Australian bank accounts to use sAUD to pay bills, credit cards, bank transfers, and withdraw cash!
After releasing a wave of new crypto Synths, sFTSE, and sNIKKEI last week, we're offering a total 15000 SNX prizes in our next Synthetix.Exchange trading competition. More details here:

We're also opening up a new Discord to create a distinct community for sX traders! You can join the new Discord server here:
If you've been following our recent fortnightly frontend release posts, then here's a bit of information about how they'll work moving forwards.
Just a reminder to sign up for the trading competition starting today to win a portion of 15,000 SNX! We've reduced its duration from 4 weeks to 2 weeks, so you'll have to beat your competitors even more quickly and convincingly!
Here are more details on today's sUSD Curve pool vulnerability, including what to do if you're currently providing sUSD liquidity.
We're running a trial to incentivise people to hold iETH to balance the Synths debt pool, which is currently skewed long ETH.
On May 10, we're cutting over sUSD and SNX to new proxy contracts. This means any platforms integrated to the old proxies will need to cut over. We understand most platforms are already pointing to the new proxies, so this will only impact a small number of integrations.
We've made some adjustments to the iETH incentive trial which is currently running. We've moving to a staking system much like the Unipool and Curvepool rewards, starting from tomorrow at 11am (AEST).

To make this possible, we will be pushing a small release tomorrow (AEST) for SCCP-18, which widens the iETH limits.
Tomorrow morning (AEST) we will be reducing the weekly incentives for liquidity providers to the sETH/ETH Uniswap pool Uniswap from 32,000 to 16,000 in line with SCCP-17.
You can now buy, sell, and trade $SNX on
Matcha, 0x’s new exchange! 🍵

We’ve teamed up with the @0xProject team to give the Synthetix community exclusive early access to Matcha during the closed beta. Sign up through SNX’s slick new asset page at
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