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How to create event bindings other than the usual (click) event binding in Ionic 2. - https://kutt.it/Uflfne

#ionic2 #gestures
How to use the latest version of React Router both on the server side and the client side - https://kutt.it/23FiW8

#react #router
How to Build a Progressive Web App (PWA) with only Vanilla JS

Bring a native-like experience to your webapps with this grab bag of techniques including styling, fonts, Service Workers, and creating a manifest file - https://kutt.it/N03GjY

#pwa #javascript
State management with Angular 8 and Akita

Back in 2017 I wrote an article, building a simple blog application using NgRx here. Recently I have been experimenting with Akita, a state management pattern which I found to be much simpler and with less boilerplate code. So I decided to rewrite my sample app using Akita and would like to share the code with you. - https://kutt.it/ZQwTJy

Towards a Better Git History

Matija Marohnić writes about the short and long term value of committing code and explains why we should put more effort into our commits. - https://kutt.it/kEkgbh

How to Read A Web Page Test Waterfall Chart

If like me, you often look at a waterfall chart and get a bit lost as to what it all means, you’ll find this to be a handy reference, explaining it all in very accessible way. - https://kutt.it/D9oNLc

Rx.js: Best Practices

If you have been using Angular for more than a week, you most definitely have come across Rx.js, the reactive extensions framework for JavaScript. And of course you should already know that lots of stuff in Angular works using Rx.js under the hood. Here are some prominent examples - https://kutt.it/NEs9Hq
Experimentally Introducing Concurrent Mode

Unveiled at ReactConf comes a set of much awaited, new experimental features that will help apps stay responsive and gracefully adjust to the user’s device capabilities and network speed. The React team notes, however, that “it’s very early and … primarily aimed at early adopters and people who are curious”. - https://kutt.it/PJGHWy

Build Your Own Web Analytics Dashboard with Node

If you find Google Analytics needs more personality and customizability, here’s how to build your own web analytics dashboard with Node and the Google Analytics API. - https://kutt.it/8WjDsV

#nodejs #google #analytics
Spacing, Grids and Layouts: Creating a Spatial System

How to define baseline grids, column grids, spacing and layouts. - https://kutt.it/XGk9xd