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Yeeey! It has been a while, but we are back! Welcome to the new version of our hacking website. Here are the last news:
- New customized theme. You will read all the security notices and learn the latest techniques on a pretty environment.
- New posts mindmap. All our posts are now summarized in a mindmap, grouped by category (only for PC). You can find it on
https://www.hackinglethani.com/highlights 🇬🇧 https://www.hackinglethani.com/destacados 🇪🇸
- Improved pictures. Now you can click on any picture to look it at full size or zoom it.
- A couple of ads. We would like to invest in the website, improve the server, SEO techniques, and that kind of things that will allow us to reach more people that could be interested in security. Spoiler: that's expensive.
- Posts every Friday. In the last months we improved our knowledgement and we have tons of content to share with you. No more waiting weeks for read something interesting. You will have it every week, on Friday Monday. To celebrate this new release, you have our next post available from now, go to check it!
Infrastructure Hacking: FTP Protocol
Have you come across a server with FTP service and don't know how to attack it? Enter to see the main vulnerabilities of this protocol.
🇬🇧 https://hackinglethani.com/ftp-protocol/
🇪🇸 https://hackinglethani.com/es/protocolo-ftp/
Infrastructure Hacking: SSH Protocol
Did you know that the Secure Shell protocol, better known as SSH, is not as secure as its name suggests? On this post I show you different ways to attack this protocol.
🇬🇧 https://hackinglethani.com/ssh-protocol/
🇪🇸 https://hackinglethani.com/es/protocolo-ssh/
Infrastructure Hacking: WHOIS Protocol
Have you ever used the whois command? In this post I’ll talk about how to use this command to get information, as well as give you details about the whois protocol and explain some of the vulnerabilities I've found in this protocol.
🇬🇧 https://hackinglethani.com/whois-protocol/
🇪🇸 https://hackinglethani.com/es/protocolo-whois/
Infrastructure Hacking: DNS Protocol
Do you know what happens from the moment you enter a URL in your browser until you get the results? Learn about the weaknesses of the DNS protocol and find out how to exploit them.
🇬🇧 https://hackinglethani.com/dns-protocol-1
🇪🇸 https://hackinglethani.com/es/protocolo-dns-1
How to pass CCSP (Certified Cloud Security Professional)
Companies are moving towards Cloud Computing technology, which poses new security risks. In this post you will find all the information about one of the most valued security certifications of (ISC)2.
🇬🇧 https://hackinglethani.com/how-to-pass-ccsp
🇪🇸 https://hackinglethani.com/es/como-aprobar-el-ccsp
New OWASP Top 10 2021
After a four-year wait, OWASP has released a draft of the most prevalent web application vulnerabilities. Most companies use the OWASP Top 10 as a security reference, so it is very important to be aware of all the changes.
🇬🇧 https://hackinglethani.com/owasp-top-10-2021-en/
🇪🇸 https://hackinglethani.com/es/owasp-top-10-2021/