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Leaked list reveals details of over 10,000 #Uyghurs detained in China’s #Xinjiang province

//Researchers estimate over one million Uyghurs and other mostly Muslim minorities are being held in a secretive network of detention centres and prisons, ostensibly as part of an anti-terrorism campaign after a series of attacks.

Yet information on the crackdown in Xinjiang region -- and those who have been ensnared by it -- is closely guarded by China's Communist authorities.

The previously unreported database, which has been seen by AFP, lists over 10,000 imprisoned Uyghurs from southwestern Xinjiang's Konasheher county.

A second suspected leaked police database seen by AFP identifies another 18,000 Uyghurs, mostly from Kashgar and Aksu prefectures, detained between 2008 and 2015...//

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Source: AFP; Hong Kong Fress Press #May14

#Chinazi #ConcentrationCamp #Genocide #CCP
#Censorship #PressFreedom
Hong Kong Public Broadcaster cuts pro-democracy representation in Advisory Panel overseeing programme quality

A Hong Kong public broadcaster, Radio & Television Hong Kong (#RTHK), announced on May 10 that it is set to streamline its consultation framework.

Under the new framework, the advisory panel on programme standards that comprised several members of pro-democracy parties have ceased operation since April 2022. However, panellists from the pro-establishment camp can be retained.

Although Tik Chi-yuen, a member of the Advisory Panel, told the reporters that he was surprised by the RTHK's action, he defended it and said that it doesn't mean RTHK is not listening to public opinion.

Another member Fung Ying-him, a representative of Our Hong Kong Foundation supporting the new framework, said such an arrangement was "fine", as the Advisory Panel did not have an active role, but only met once a year.

Source: Inmediahk, #May12

#TikChiYuen #FungYingHim
«Hong Kong has been transformed into a police state»

The President of the Federation of Asian Bishops Conferences, cardinal Charles Maung Bo, speaks out following the arrest of cardinal Joseph Zen: «I express my profound concern about the threats to religious freedom in Hong Kong». «For the people of Hong Kong it is now increasingly difficult to speak out freely, so those of us outside Hong Kong who have a voice must use it on their behalf». «I call on Catholics and the wider Christian community around the world to pray for Hong Kong, especially for Cardinal Zen, on 24 May»

Source: The Daily Compass #May14


#HongKong #PoliceState #JosephZen #MaungBo
HK Government Proposes System to Screen Arrivals who might "Endanger National Security"

#SonnyAu #AuChiKwong #Immigration #SecurityBureau

Source: Inmedia #May03

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HK Government Proposes System to Screen Arrivals who might "Endanger National Security"

The Hong Kong government suggests at a Legislative Council (#LegCo) meeting to set up system to report passenger information for incoming flights, requiring airline companies to provide the information at least 40 minutes before take-off.

Sonny Au Chi-Kwong, Undersecretary for Security, stated at the meeting that the government will assess the risk of those entering the city, "to filter people who are disadvantageous for Hong Kong and at high risk". Factors include national security and potential non-refoulement claimants.

He also indicated that when considering companies tendering bids for building the system, the government will also consider whether they are related to countries with sanctions against Hong Kong.

In a submitted document, the Security Bureau explains that setting up this system and amending the relevant laws under the Immigration Regulation satisfies the requirement of the Convention on International Civil Aviation, allowing airline companies and the border control department to have real-time, two-way communication.

Au stated that more than ten thousand people were being banned from entering the Hong Kong border in the past three years. He emphasises that the immigration officers will also check whether passengers can enter Hong Kong.

#SonnyAu #AuChiKwong #Immigration #SecurityBureau

Source: Inmedia #May03
Drew Pavlou arrested for holding an anti-Xi Jinping slogan in the street, after being harassed by Chinese people

Source: hkladyliberty

#DrewPavlou #Sydney #Australia #OverseasChinesecommunity #CCPinfluence #RedGuard

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Drew Pavlou arrested for holding an anti-Xi Jinping slogan in the street, after being harassed by Chinese people

Drew Pavlou, an Australian who has publicly supported Hong Kong many times in the past, spoke up again today (7 May) against Xi Jinping, holding up signs with the words "FREE TIBET" and "FREE HONG KONG" in a peaceful protest on the streets of Eastwood, a local Chinese community in Sydney. Drew was surrounded and harassed by several Chinese people.

The local police were called to the scene and arrested Drew for holding an unauthorised demonstration, taking him away in a police car.

Drew was released on bail after being held for five hours, and was charged with one count of disobeying a police direction and was brought to court on 25 May. He was released on bail on the condition that he would not be allowed within a one-kilometre radius of Eastwood. He was also attacked by more than 50 Chinese people, including Cantonese speakers, who turned up at a similar event on the streets of Sydney a few days ago.

Drew Pavlou, 22, has been known since 2019 for his criticism of the Chinese Communist Party's human rights issues in Xinjiang and Tibet and his support for the anti-China movement in Hong Kong. He is currently running for a seat in the Queensland Federal Senate in 2022.

Source: hkladyliberty

#DrewPavlou #Sydney #Australia #OverseasChinesecommunity #CCPinfluence #RedGuard
#Censorship #GreatFirewall #Suppression
Hong Kong government considers blocking social platform Telegram

Sources: Headline Daily, Bloomberg; #May19

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Hong Kong government considers blocking social platform Telegram

Hong Kong's Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data is considering invoking regulations to restrict access to #Telegram, a popular social media platform it found to be "rampant" with doxxing.

Such an action, if taken, is likely to stoke fears that the #NationalSecurityLaw will further encroach on civil liberties, as part of a continuing effort by Beijing to exert its influence over the city.

It’s unclear how the privacy watchdog intends to carry out such an action. The authorities may choose to fully block public access, or remove the app from the city’s stores.

Francis Fong Po-kiu, honorary president of the Hong Kong Information Technology Federation, noted that it is technically difficult to ban public access of an internet platform.

Fong cited Russia's attempt to sanction Telegram in 2018 by blocking its IP addresses, which failed because IP addresses of such platforms are constantly changing. The action caused collateral damage, however, accidentally taking down unrelated websites and causing disruptions. Russia ultimately gave up and unblocked the app in 2020.

Telegram channels are still widely used in Hong Kong to help residents stay up-to-date on court cases involving pro-democracy activists, a means for 2019 anti-government protest supporters to stay connected amid a crackdown on dissent by the authorities.

Sources: Headline Daily


#May19 #GreatFirewall #Suppression
#CCPinfluence #Discrimination
Hong Kong Lawmaker: Legalizing same sex marriage destroys social value and violates national security law

In a reply to Legislative Council member Regina Ip, chairperson of the New People Party, about the legislation schedule of the Sex Discrimination Ordinance (#SDO), the Equal Opportunities Commission (#EOC) chairperson Chu Man-kin said that there was no timetable for the ordinance at the moment and should not have a rigid one.

But he said that an internal study has reached a consensus on some of the issues.

However, another legislator Junius Ho Kwan-yiu said that legalising homosexual marriage is a matter of right and wrong, and will directly destroy the composition of society and families.

He claims that the dissemination of undesirable ideologies like this was prohibited under Article 23 of the National Security Law of the People's Republic of China.

Source: Inmediahk, #May16

#SDO #LegislativeCouncil #EOC

Hong Kong Book Expo bans pro-democracy publisher without an explanation

Source: Luminant Hong Kong; #May18

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Hong Kong Book Expo bans pro-democracy publisher without an explanation

A pro-democracy publisher founded by a teacher who was injured in the anti-extradition bill protests in 2019 has been rejected from participating in the Hong Kong Book Fair.

In a statement published on May 17, #HillwayPress said it had been notified by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (#HKTDC) that its request to participate in July’s book fair had not been approved, “without any explanation.”

#RaymondYeung, the founder of Hillway Press said that Hong Kong’s annual book fair was a “thermometer measuring the freedom of publishing in Hong Kong.”

The HKTDC’s rejection of an institution which exhibited socio-political texts and was willing to abide by regulations… means that Hong Kong readers won’t have the opportunity to encounter these books,” the statement read.

The publisher said it was was “extremely regretful” that the organiser was “unwilling to give a reasonable explanation to ease people’s concerns.”

Hillway Press said in its statement that it was “always mentally prepared to have an alternative plan” for being rejected from taking part in the annual book expo.

The publisher announced in the same statement that it would be hosting its own book fair that “truly belongs to Hongkongers.”

Source: Luminant Hong Kong; #May18
#Article23 #Suppression
Hong Kong government pushes for local national security legislation

In Hong Kong, the Secretary for Security Chris Tang said in February 2022 that the government planned to begin consultation efforts on Article 23 in May.

In April, Chief Executive-elect John Lee Ka-chiu  told reporters that legislating Hong Kong’s own security law would be “one of the priorities” of his administration.

When being asked in a legislative council meeting, the authorities refused to disclose related head counts and expenses claiming national security as the reason.

Article 23 of the city’s Basic Law – which is different from the Beijing-imposed national security law – stipulates that the Hong Kong government shall enact its own laws to prohibit acts of treason, secession, sedition or subversion against the central government.

Source: Inmediahk; #April
[Pet migration part 2] Pet abandon cases tripled amidst acute shortage of pet flight seats

By Translated by Guardians of Hong Kong, November 01, 2021 • 2 January 2022

An organisation claims that the number of abandoned pets they received has tripled. After the social movement, Covid-19 pandemic and implementation of National Security Law, many pets were abandoned by owners who migrated to other countries. Like many Hongkongers, the pets have very few choices.

“Since you adopted and lived with the pets, you should have feelings for them as lives. I hope the owners endear lives.”

Source: The Stand News #Sep05

#MigrationTide #PetsMigration #MigrationFees

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Scholars see arrests of Humanitatian Fund trustees as an attempt to silence dissidents and vengeance against international criticism

Source: Chaser News; #May12

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Scholars see arrests of Humanitatian Fund trustees as an attempt to silence dissidents and vengeance against international criticism

Dr. Chung Kim-Wah, former Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute (#HKPORI) said it was widely rumored that President Xi Jinping may attend the 25th handover ceremony in Hong Kong on July 1.

In Chung's view, the National Security Police's high-profile arrests of 5 trustees of 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund was a deliberate attempt to "clean out" dissidents in the city.

The Fund provided legal and financial assistance to more than 2,200 people prosecuted for their part in the 2019 pro-democracy protests.

"Although it remains uncertain whether Xi Jing-ping would be in Hong Kong," Chung elaborated, "the period before July 1, say May and June would be sensitive times when National Security Department may take organised efforts to silence dissidents in Hong Kong."

Dr. Wong Wai-kwok, former Deputy Professor of Politics and International Relationships of the Hong Kong Baptist University, considered the arrest a "vengeance" for international criticism over the Chief Executive election in Hong Kong.

Following the small-circle CE election in early May, G7 foreign ministers issued a joint statement to express their grave concern over the steady erosion of political and civil rights and Hong Kong’s autonomy, calling it Chief Executive "Selection" instead of "Election".

Source: Chaser News; #May12

#HKPORI #612 #HumanitarianReliefFund #NationalSecurityLaw

Chief Executive-Elect Rejects Needs to Defend Freedom in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Chief Executive-Elect, John Lee visited the Legislative Council in early May and was asked why defending the freedom of speech and the press freedom was not in his election platform.

Lee argued that the city's mini-constitution, Basic Law has offered freedom in Hong Kong in many ways.

"We have all the freedom." He defended, "But this doesn't mean we have the freedom to violate the law."

Lee also added, "so long as permitted by the law, everyone has absolute freedom."

Source: Inmediahk; #May09

#ChiefExecutive #JohnLee #PressFreedom #FreedomOfSpeech

Standing Committee Members Imprisoned: The Dilemma of Hong Kong Alliance and the Beginning of the June 4th Debate

By Translated by BeWater HK on May 9, 2022 • 16 May 2022

On September 10, 2021 at West Kowloon Magistrates' Courts Division 2, after the court clerk read out the charges, Tonyee Chow Hang-tung, who stood in the defendant's column, responded with a sonorous voice: "Understood, this is a ridiculous charge." Applause from the public gallery filled the court room.

Source: The Stand News #Sep24

#HKASPDMC #HongKongAlliance #NSL #NationalSecurityLaw

#June4 #TiananmenMassacre #DemocracyMovement

#SzetoWah #ChowHangTung #TonyeeChow #TsangKinShing #LeeCheukYan #AlbertHo

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#Russia #Invasion #Ukraine
Google ordered translators to censor the word "war" in Russia

As the Russia-Ukraine war continues, many international companies impose sanctions on Russia to show their support to Ukraine. These companies include Meta and Google.

In late March, #Google has told its Russian translators not to use the word "war" when describing the war in Ukraine, instead of vague terms including “extraordinary circumstances”, according to The Intercept.

According to a translator who spoke to The Intercept, the order applies to all Google products translated into Russian, including Google Maps, Gmail, AdWords, and Google’s policies and communications with users.

Read the full article on #TheIntercept

Source: Unwired Hong Kong; #April
Thai-Chinese Submarine Deal Faces Axe

Thailand’s procurement of a submarine from China could be canceled after a German company said it was unable to supply the needed propulsion system, the country’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said.

In 2017, Thailand agreed to the purchase of the S26T submarine for 13.5 billion baht ($402.9 million), with payments to be made in installments over a seven-year period, with delivery expected in 2024.

But that deadline is unlikely to be met following the recent news that Germany’s Motor and Turbine Union company has refused to supply cutting-edge MTU396 diesel engines to the Chinese firm building the S26T Yuan-class submarine for the Royal Thai Navy (RTN).

The German company is reportedly barred from making the sale due to a European Union government embargo on the sale of military items to China, imposed in the aftermath of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacres.

Source: Liberty Times; #Apr5
#612HumanitarianFund #NationalSecurityLaw
612 Fund Trustees and Secretary Plead Not Guilty for "Non-registered organisation" Charge

Source: Inmedia #May24

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