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China condemns G7 statement censuring Beijing, supporting Taiwan

China condemned on Thursday a joint statement by G7 foreign ministers that expressed support for Chinese-claimed Taiwan and cast Beijing as a bully, saying it was a gross interference in China’s internal affairs.

G7 foreign ministers said in a communique after a London summit that China was guilty of human rights abuses and of using “coercive economic policies”, which the G7 would use collective efforts to stop.

In an unusual step, the G7 also said they supported Taiwan's participation in World Health Organization forums and the World Health Assembly - and expressed concern about "any unilateral actions that could escalate tensions" in the Taiwan Strait.

Source: Reuters #May06


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A Sea of Flower to Commemorate Yellow Raincoat Man

2 years ago in 2019, "yellow raincoat man" Marco Leung displayed banners that read "Carrie Lam, Step Down" and "say no to extradition to China" on top of a shoping mall in Admiralty, Hong Kong.

He used his life to call on Hongkongers to wake up and resist the threat of the tyrannical regime.

He fell to his death in the same evening.

The next day, on June 16, 2019, over 2 million Hongkongers took it to the street to voice out their democratic demands and opposition to extradition to China.

Two years on, the situation in Hong Kong has not been improved, but Marco Leung used his life to remind Hongkongers to persist.

On June 15, 2021, hundreds of Hongkongers went to the site to pay tribute to Leung. A sea of flowers was formed.

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Two Years into Hongkongers' #FightForFreedom: "Keep the Faith, Until Darkness Gives Away to the Glorious Dawn and Freedom Returns to Our Land"

June 16, 2021 marks #2years since over 2 million Hongkongers--nearly 1/3 of the city's population--took it to the street to protest against extradition to China and voice the "5 demands".

This largest rally in the history of Hong Kong represents Hongkongers' determination to defend their rights and freedom.

Two years onward, Hongkongers tell the world that the fight for democracy goes on, despite political prosecution, censorship and the implementation of draconian laws.

"Keep the Faith.

Until Darkness Gives Away to the Glorious Dawn

and Freedom Returns to Our Land"

Video: JK.
Post-processing by Be Water/Guardians of Hong Kong #Jun16

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#Ode to Hong Kong Pro-democracy Movement

The video is a visual and audio poetry produced by the pro-democracy Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (#HKCTU) on the second anniversary of the population's fight for democracy in June 2021,

The music video captures many objects representative of events that took place over the course of the 2019 #AntiELAB movement.

The #lyrics of the #song go:

"I light up the madman's candle
And follow the ants into the crowd,
There is nothing recognizable in the scenery anymore,
But it all feels familiar.

None of this will fade away,
Though footsteps crush each name into dust,
Let the song that flows across the eons
Befriend the souls not yet laid to rest.

Let the moth visit this burning heart

For a moment I remember who I was,
For a moment I remember.

To all who have persevered to this day."

Source: Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions #Jun16
The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress passed the Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law; any individual who fails to cooperate with the countermeasures will be held accountable 

Source: Stand News #Jun10

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The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress passed the Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law; any individual who fails to cooperate with the countermeasures will be held accountable 
The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China closed today (10th June) in Beijing, according to the CCTV, the decision and proposal of Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law has passed during the meeting. Now, the proposal of Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law still has not published. European and American countries have been countered by Chinese government due to the issues of Xinjiang human rights, Hong Kong’s situation, and annunciation to sanction the Chinese and Hong Kong officials. According to the interview of Director Tian Feilong which podcasted by Now News, he described that proposal will be a “legal weapon” to counter external interference. And he said Hong Kong is necessarily to cooperate with the law, stated that after the law has been passed, it might be included in Annex III of Hong Kong’s basic law, or Hong Kong government may revise and formulate relevant local laws on its own. 
The Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law also sets out, the relevant departments of the State Council can take measures, including not issuing visas, not allowing the entry, log-outing visas or even deporting; sealing up, seizing, and freezing movable, immovable, and other various properties in China; and prohibit or restrict organisations and individuals in China from conducting transactions and cooperation with them, etc.  
Tian indicated, in the past, China faced sanctions mainly through the administrative measures of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Commerce, which were limited to the economic and foreign trade areas of the original Ministry of Commerce and blocked them. The individual countermeasures announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are only administrative in nature. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the relevant legal system. He described the "Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law" as a "legal toolbox" to counter external interference, and to make countermeasures act in accordance with the law, forming a stronger law enforcement force. 
Source: Stand News #Jun10


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Hongkongers push for visa scheme expansion

An exiled Hong Kong politician is calling on the federal government to offer visas to those who want to flee China's crackdown in the city.

The Morrison government is offering a potential pathway to permanent residency for Hongkongers already in Australia.

The scheme allows visas holders in Australia to stay for five more years and a path to permanent residency.

Ted Hui, a former Democratic Party councillor who now lives in Australia, on Saturday called for the scheme to be expanded to people trying to escape Hong Kong.

#Visas #Australia #Hongkonger #Permanent #TedHui

Source: 7News #Jun12

Britain should invite Taiwan to the G7 and Cop26

The UK is in the middle of its most important foreign policy pivot of this century, as it moves away from the EU and tries to carve out an independent place on the world stage. Ministers like to call this new vision “Global Britain”. And one of the most significant changes in strategic stance so far has been a shift of attention towards the Indo-Pacific region. If Britain wants to play a significant role in that area, it should get as close as possible to Taiwan.
Source: The Times #May11


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