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Hong Kong Bar Association Fears: China Might Attack Hong Kong’s Juridical System and Disqualify Judges in the Future

On Nov 23, 2020, the Foreign Minister of the UK, Dominic Raab, released a six monthly report on Hong Kong. He was considering whether to pull out British Judges who serve as the non-permanent judges at the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal.

Philip Dykes, Chairman of the Council of the Hong Kong Bar Association, said that Beijing has slowly taken control over the official institutions of Hong Kong and their next target is likely the independent judicial system of Hong Kong.

Dykes worried that the Basic Law will be amended to disqualify judges.

Since the implementation of the National Security Law in July 2020, concerns have been raised internationally towards Hong Kong government’s suppression over dissidents.

Apart from 4 lawmakers being disqualified by Beijing, teachers were disqualified by the Education Bureau, and journalists who conducted registry search were arrested.

In the Report, Raab indicated that he is going to review “whether it continues to be appropriate for British judges to sit as non-permanent judges on the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal”.

In an interview with Financial Times, Chairman of the Council of the Hong Kong Bar Association, Philip Dykes, said, “China has now turned its attention to Hong Kong’s juridical system. They might implement policies to instill judges the idea of patriotism”.

Source: Stand News; Now News #Nov26

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UK Government's Six-monthly Report on Hong Kong: January to June 2020 https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/six-monthly-report-on-hong-kong-january-to-june-2020

#DominicRaab #PhilipDykes #FailedState #HKBA #JuridicialSystem #CCPControl #Authoritarianism
A CUHK student fled to Germany has a message to protesters, “Take care of yourselves, fight in your own way.”

A 22-year-old female CUHK student shared her exile experiences in Germany and her tough time, staying away from family and suffering from the sexual assault in refugee camp. Although she is eligible for a three-year residency permit in Germany, she feels conflicted while thinking of other protestors still in Hong Kong.

She hopes the German government can simplify the procedures of applying asylum for Hongkongers in the future and emulate the other counties in launching “lifeboat schemes”.

“Prepare for the worst, hope for the best,” she tells other protestors.

Source: Standnews #Oct21

#CUHK #German #SexualAssault #RefugeeCamp

Malaysia Refuses to Extradite Uyghurs to China. Scholar Says Malaysia’s Move Might Anger Beijing

Source: Stand News #Nov15

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Malaysia Refuses to Extradite Uyghurs to China. Scholar Says Malaysia’s Move Might Anger Beijing

Reuters reported that the Malaysian government declared its stance in September this year to firmly refuse extraditing Uyghur refugees to China. South China Morning Post reported on November 15 that the move could drive Uyghurs to seek refuge in Southeast Asian Muslim countries. The report also said that this move represented Malaysia’s declaration of Uyghurs’ status for the first time, and contrasted its neighbouring country Indonesia. A professor from George Washington University has said, “This is likely to anger Beijing, but it is a responsible move.”

The report said that the government of Malaysia, a country with the majority of its population being Muslims, mentioned in a response to the Parliament in September that even if requests were to come directly from Beijing, they would not repatriate Uyghurs who have sought refuge in Malaysia. This move represented Malaysia’s declaration of Uyghur’s status for the first time, and contrasted its neighbouring country Indonesia. Last month, Indonesia repatriated three Uyghurs back to China.

#Malaysia #China #Indonesia #Uyghurs #Muslim #Refugee

Source: Stand News #Nov15

The Jailing of Young Pro-democracy Activists in Hong Kong: #IvanLam, 7 months; #AgnesChow, 10 months; #JoshuaWong, 13.5 months

Former members of the now-disbanded Demosisto Joshua Wong Chi-fung, Agnes Chow Ting, Ivan Lam Long-Yin were accused of surrounding the Police Headquarters on Jun 12 2019 and were charged with "inciting, organizing, participating in unauthorized assembly". They had pled guilty.

In the verdict, Magistrate Wong Sze-lai stated that the case was "premeditated" and the three defendants had participated actively. She described the assembly as "well-organized" where protesters chanted slogans challenging the authorities. She claimed that the case was severe and the penalty should have a deterrent effect.

The sentences for Ivan Lam (26y/o), Agnes Chow (23y/o) and Joshua Wong (24y/o) are 7 months, 10 months and 13.5 months respectively. Suspended sentences are not allowed. Chow broke into tears after hearing the veridiction.

Source: RTHK; Apple Daily #Dec2
Image: HKET
Reuters: US planned to ban technology sales to 89 PLA-related Chinese companies

Source from: Stand News #Nov23

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Reuters: US planned to ban technology sales to 89 PLA-related Chinese companies

The Trump administration will announce restriction to 89 Chinese military related entrepreneurs from purchasing U.S. goods and technology, Reuters reported, according to a draft copy of the list it've seen. The list covers areospace and other industries, including Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) and 10 related entities.

According to Reuters, the relevant list was compiled by the U.S. Department of Commerce, including 89 China and 28 Russia companies recognised by U.S. as a “military end users”. U.S. suppliers must obtain permission to sell commercial products to these companies. The Reuters quoted the draft, that controlling the flow of U.S. technology to the listed companies is “vital for protecting U.S. national security interests”.

Source from: Stand News #Nov23

#Reuters #UnitedStates #China #Russia #USChinaRelation #PLA
The Hunt for Virus Source, WHO let China take charge

Source: New York Tmes #Nov02

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The Hunt for Virus Source, WHO let China take charge

As it praised Beijing, the WHO organisation concealed concessions to China and may have sacrificed the best chance to unravel the virus’s origin.

“Understanding that source is a very important,” Dr Michael Ryan, the WHO’s emergency director, said.

Despite Dr Ryan’s pronouncements and over the advices of its emergency committee, the organisation’s leadership had quietly negotiated terms that sidelined its own experts. They would not question China’s initial response or even visit the live-animal market in Wuhan where the outbreak seemed to have originated.

An internal document shows that the health organisation’s virus origin studies will unfold in two phases. Phase 1 is to look for the first patient and investigate what wildlife was sold at the Wuhan market and phase 2 is to find out animal or intrrmidia hosts of virus.

Dr Ryan said, “it is difficult to do this work in a politically intoxicated environment. It’s is hard for scientists to do what they have to do and want to do in a situation like this.”

Source: New York Tmes #Nov02


#Covid19 #China #WHO #Wuhan
U.K. Law May Fine Carriers 10% of Sales for Breaching Huawei Ban

The U.K. government has proposed a law that will fine phone companies as much as 10% of sales or 100,000 pounds a day ($133,000) if they break new telecom security rules, including the forthcoming ban on Huawei Technologies Co.’s equipment for 5G networks.

The bill will give the government the power to implement and enforce the ban on Huawei’s 5G equipment that it announced in July. Carriers have until the end of 2020 to stop buying the gear, after the U.K. deemed the Chinese technology giant a security risk, and the companies must remove existing Huawei equipment from their 5G networks by 2027.

Source: Bloomberg #Nov24


#5G #Huawei #China #UK #Telcom
#Breaking #PoliticalProsecution
HK Police Detain Apple Daily Founder Jimmy Lai Overnight

On the evening of Dec 2, 2020, the National Security Department of the Hong Kong Police claimed that they would charge Apple Daily Founder Jimmy Lai and two senior executives of Next Digital with "fraud".

In August, over 200 police raided the office of Apple Daily and arrested Lai, his son and the executives in high profile on the suspicion of "national security law breach".

On Dec 2, Jimmy Lai reported to the police station as required following the arrest in August.
In the late evening, the police announced the overnight detention of Lai until he would be mentioned in court the next day.

Source: Apple Daily #Dec2

#JimmyLai #AppleDaily #PoliceState
Happy Birthday, Agnes Chow

Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Agnes Chow turns 24 years old on Dec 3, 2020; however, just one day ago, she was sentenced to 10 months in jail for "inciting, participating and organizing unauthorized assembly" near the police headquarters on June 21, 2019.

In the same case, former Demosisto members Ivan Lam and Joshua Wong were sentenced to 7 months and 13.5 months in jail.

After the verdict, Wong told Hongkongers, "it's hard to bear but we must go on." Chow broke into tears.

Chow joined social activism at the age of 15. From the 2012 Anti-National Education Campaign and the 2014 Umbrella Revolution to the 2019 Anti-Extradition Law Movement, Chow has always fought on and never given up her city.

In 2018, Chow even renounced her British citizenship to run in the Legislative Council By-election; however, her candidiacy was 'disqualified' by the authorities.

Image: Reuters
Source: Agnes Chow's Instagram
#DirtyMoney: #iCable owner Chiu Tat-cheong earns profit in UK property project at the expense of press freedom in Hong Kong

Source: Liber Research Community #Dec2

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#DirtyMoney: #iCable owner Chiu Tat-cheong earns profit in UK property project at the expense of press freedom in Hong Kong

On December 1, 2020, paid TV station i-Cable chairman Chiu Tat-cheong announced the layoff or re-deployment of a total of 100 staffs, while remaining silent on the selective layoff of all team members of "News Lancet", the only investigative program in Hong Kong.

The sackings were described by the Hong Kong Journalists Association as media suppression.

As the chairman of Far East Consortium at the same time, Chiu has widened his property search to the UK. Chiu admitted earlier that the National Security Law in Hong Kong helps to push the number of Hong Kong buyers up for its property projects in the UK. He showed support for the draconian law and claimed that their UK properties will be snapped up if all three million Hong Kong BNO holders are to settle in the UK.

21,300 (about 83%) out of the 56,600 residential units launched by Hong Kong or Chinese property developers in the UK since 2019 are owned by Far East Consortium, including New Cross Central, Aspen at Consort Place, and other 4 projects. One of the projects Northern Gateway plans for a long-term construction in the future 15-20 years on the 155-hectare land in cooperation with the Manchester City Council.

Another shareholder of i-Cable Li Sze-lim owns 3,900 residential units under his real estate developer R&F Properties, including One Nine Elms, Vauxhall Square, and other 2 investment projects. Li also owns more than half of the units launched by the Chinese developers, such as Vanke and Country Garden.

A total of 25,200 units are launched by Far East Consortium and R&F Properties, which is a hundreds of millions-worth business. Most of the projects started several years before, and come to finish in 2020, which coincides with the mass immigration wave of Hongkongers following the imposition of the National Security Law in Hong Kong.

With the businessmen's tougher suppression of press freedom in Hong Kong, it is not hard to imagine that a mass exodus will result in hot demand for UK properties.

Source: Liber Research Community #Dec2

#iCable #NewsLancet #PressFreedom #NationalSecurityLaw #Migration #UK #Property #ChiuTatCheong #LiSzeLim
#LegCo Debates Preliminary $55B for "Lantau Tomorrrow" Landfill Project; Pro-Beijing Lawmakers "Eagerly" Participate

Source: Stand News #Nov27

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#LegCo Debates Preliminary $55B for "Lantau Tomorrrow" Landfill Project; Pro-Beijing Lawmakers "Eagerly" Participate

As almost all pro-demicracy lawmakers have left the Legislative Council (LegCo) after Beijing's forceful disqualifications, Chief Executive Carrie Lam effectively cleared the way for the funding approval of Lantau Tomorrow's preliminary study, by withdrawing all preceding government motions from the Legislature's agenda.

On Nov 27, 2020, the Finance Committee began debating on the funding proposal. It was claimed that the massive landfill project aimed to provide housing for at least 45,000 families as early as in mid-2030s.

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Over 200,000 Hongkongers to Emigrate to UK, British Govt Estimates in Leaked Paper


Without the pro-democracy members in the Legislature, pro-Beijing lawmakers seem much more "motivated" to participate in the discussion, with 20 of them requesting to speak as soon as the debate began on Nov 27.

The meeting closed after over 3 hours of discussions, with some lawmakers still in the queue waiting to speak; the item was not put to the vote until at least next week.

Secretary for Development Wong Wai-lun was the first to speak, and he stated the initial budget estimates for the Lantau Tomorrow project: HKD $640 billion, of which $234 billion was earmarked for railway construction.

With an estimated minimum of 45,000 private housing units, the government can still recover at least $700b in land sales, with a long-term increase in annual economic growth of over $147b. The current funding request covers the preliminary study, including environmental impacts, finances, and so on.

After the mass resignation of the pro-democracy lawmakers, the remaining members of the Finance Committee are nearly all pro-Beijing lawmakers, who now seemed much more eager to speak.

Former government official Regina Yip, who is also an Executive Council member, expressed concern for the project's timeline of completion.

Wong said that the goal is to complete the preliminary study within 42 months, with landfills beginning in 2027, and the first batch of land sales available in 2030, and commercial activities and housing sales may begin potentially as early as 2034.

Yip questioned whether the timeline might be "too optimistic", and requested the government to guarantee that the "study's report would not be delayed". She also pointed out that someone might request a judicial review, a possibility that the government cannot rule out.

Source: Stand News #Nov27

#LantauTomorrow #NewHongkongers #LandforChina #Landfill
Over 200,000 Hongkongers to Emigrate to #UK

//The British Government is preparing for a 100 per cent increase in the number of Hong Kong citizens coming to Britain after Boris Johnson offered up to three million residents sanctuary.

The Prime Minister said in July that Hong Kong's freedoms were being violated by a new security law and those affected would be offered the chance to settle in the UK and ultimately apply for citizenship.

The Foreign Office estimated that 200,000 people would move from Hong Kong to the UK, but a leaked internal briefing paper warned of a "rapid rise in the issue of British National (Overseas) passports since June".

The document added: "The Home Office predicts the number of #BNO passport holders is likely to rise to 733,000 by the end of 2020." This would amount to a rise of 110 per cent since February.//

Source: Telegraph #Nov27

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The biggest hardware company in the world, Stanley Black & Decker closed factory in Shenzhen, China, thousands of people lost their jobs

Source: The Liberty Times

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The biggest hardware company in the world, Stanley Black & Decker closed factory in Shenzhen, China, thousands of people lost their jobs

(29 Oct) The biggest tools and hardware company in the world, Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. has suddenly noticed people about the close of their branch in Shenzhen, China on 26th October and dismissed all employees on the 28th, thousands of people lost their jobs in one blink. Besides the brand in Shenzhen, Stanley Black & Decker also dismissed their subsidiary, Black & Decker, in Shenzhen at the same time.

According to the media, Black & Decker is the subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker, registered in China with 10 million USD in 2012, mainly manufacturing products like electric tools and vacuum cleaner, and had more than 1000 full-time employees. They were listed as the 228th in the top 500 American companies, also the biggest tools and hardware manufacturing company.

This act by Stanley Black & Decker has shaken up the industry, they explained the reason for dismissing Black & Decker in Shenzhen is “following the overall change of the market and the increasing competitors, the group has to reorganize resources and maintain market competitiveness based in strategies.”

However, there are different opinions outside. Some Chinese media thinks that Shenzhen has re-started working long ago, a big possibility is because of the trade war tariff issues between the US and China, that it has forced Stanley Black & Decker to move out of China.

The Radio Free China (RFA) thinks that since the outbreak of the trade war between the US and China, there were already a lot of foreign companies moving out from China to Southeast Asia, while it was difficult for Stanley Black & Decker as they are export-oriented, especially China could not stop infringement effectively, forcing Stanley Black & Decker to make the hard choice.

While the Epoch Times thinks that except in Shenzhen, Stanley Black & Decker has their manufacturing factories and research bases in other places like Suzhou and Shanghai, and have participated in strikes for many times in the past 10 years, with the biggest strike that gathered thousands of people.

The Epoch Times also reported that the Stanley Black & Decker group was once deceived by their subsidiary in Suzhou, China, that they violated the sanction against Iran and paid the fine of 1.869 million USD in 2019 for the close of file. Stanley Black & Decker’s Suzhou subsidiary was originally China Guoqiang Company, but after acquisition and merger by Stanley Black & Decker, they still export electric tools to Iran 23 times, costing 3.2 million USD, and used 6 other companies to make the fake bill of lading and statements in order to hide the fact that they are trading with Iran. The Suzhou subsidiary was then found out by the Stanley Black & Decker group and reported to the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

The future of the production line of Stanley Black & Decker remains unclear.

Source: The Liberty Times

Translated by: Hong Kong Echo

#China #Shenzhen #BlackAndDecker #Factory #Close #Iran #Trade
Don't be mistaken, Carrie Lam is not the Chief Executive of Hong Kong. She is the Chief Executive Puppet from China.

#StandWithHK #CarrieLam #GoHKGraphics #policyaddress
New Zealand Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta: China should respect Hongkongers, and the diplomatic policies must adhere to democratic principles

Five Eyes issued a statement last week with “serious concerns” on China disqualifying four Hong Kong Legislative Council members, and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded strongly and saying, “be careful of their eyes being poked blind”. Nanaia Mahuta, a New Zealand Foreign Minister who involved in issuing the statement, indicated that although China is the largest trading partner of New Zealand, we must adhere to democratic values and principles when carrying out the diplomatic policies, especially for the issues of Hong Kong. It is to ensure that in the transition of sovereignty, people’s past treatment is respected.

Source from: The Stand News #Nov22


#NewZealand #China #HongKong #LegCo #NanaiaMahuta #FiveEyes