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#ValentinesDay #HongKongProtests
Valentine's Day 2020: We Have Each Other

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We have spent the latter half of 2019 shrouded in clouds of tear gas. We wear masks and even gas masks to show our defiance against the unelected government and the police state.

We have spent most days of 2020 in the midst of an omnipresent novel coronavirus. Ever since Lunar New Year up until Valentine's Day today, we still have to wear masks, even when we want to kiss our dearest ones.

Against all odds, the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong will live on and the people of Hong Kong will continue the battle against authoritarianiam.

While thinking of your loved ones, never forget the protesters in Hong Kong fighting for human rights, democracy and freedom— no matter where you are from, we are all Hong Kongers.

Photos: Flash Media #Feb14
#HappyValentine #Crisis #YNWA #ValentinesDay2020

The Contrast Between Police and Medics in Hong Kong
#FailedState #HealthCrisis
Resident of Coronavirus-hit Building Attributes the Government's Incompetence to the Epidemic Outbreak

Residing in Hong Mei House where infection cases were found, Reeve expressed absolute frustration with the Hong Kong authorities for perpetrating a series of mistakes in dealing with the coronavirus outbreak. This included the government's refusal to completely seal the borders with China, leading to the epidemic outbreak in local community.

Living in the Coronavirus-hit environment with inadequate supply, Reeve bought takeaways for his family before queuing up to get the disinfection pack distributed by pro-democracy district councilor.

In order to avoid infecting his family after going out, he only ate takeaways in the corridors to lessen close contact with his wife and son.

Source: InMedia

#Feb13 #ChinesePneumonia #GlobalOutbreak #SupplyShortage
#FirstHand #ValentinesDay #HongKongProtests
Hongkongers Spend Valentine's Days With Arrested Protesters

1950 | Lai Chi Kok
On Valentine's Day, a gathering took place outside the detention center in Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong. Joined by hundreds despite the coronavirus outbreak, the participants spent their Valentine's Day with pro-democracy protesters arrested by the police, as a sign of solidarity.

Outside the detention center, people tied yellow ribbons on the street, displayed banners of the protest, and chanted slogans such as "Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Times" and "Five Demands Not One Less".

#Feb14 #LoveAndSolidarity
#FirstHand #Feb14
Citizens Root For Detained Protesters Despite Threats of Coronavirus

20:09 | Lai Chi Kok
Citizens chanted protest slogans "Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Times" outside the Lai Chi Kok Reception Center, in a hope to be heard by the pro-democracy protesters detained inside.

#FirstHand #Feb14
Long Hair: Free All People Fighting For Social Justice!

2003 | Lai Chi Kok
“Long Hair” Leung Kwok Hung spoke to the crowd, first reminding everyone to beware of the Wuhan Coronavirus and to stay united with all arrested protesters. He shouted to the sky, “Free Fighters of Justice".

#ValentinesDay #HongKongProtests #HappyValentine #LoveandSolidarity
#FirstHand #Feb14
Roses and Posters: Hong Kong People Express Their Love to Detained Protesters

20:08 | Lai Chi Kok
A lady distributed roses to the gathering citizens at the scene,
while a young boy held a poster saying "Brothers and sisters, I love you." This is Valentine's Day in Hong Kong.

Activist and former lawmaker "Long Hair" Leung Kwok-hung reminded the public of over 7,000 citizens arrested by the authorities and their sacrifices for the people of Hong Kong in pursuit of democracy.

#ValentinesDay #HongKongProtests #HappyValentine #LoveandSolidarity