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When no one has ownership of a task, that task will not be completed.

What do you say? is a great tool to create YouTube thumbnails. Plus it is free.
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Your website doesn't have a blog? *Get one.* A blog can increase a site traffic by 18X and conversion by 88X.
Wistia provides simple software for creating, managing, and sharing videos for business. With a customizable player, detailed analytics, and Soapbox (a free video creation tool), Wistia is the go-to video software provider for 300,000 creative video marketers who want to grow their business.

A must for YouTubers.
If you are in a dark room with a candle, a wood stove and a gas lamp. You only have one matchstick in the matchbox, so what do you light first?
Anonymous Quiz
Candle 🕯️
Wood stove
Gas lamp

Disagreement is fine. Disrespect is not. Distance is fine. Disloyalty is not.
Want to speak better English? Start thinking in it.
Need a website for free for lifetime without any limitations? Try github pages. #Tip

☞ Edward asked Bella, "The time right now is 7 pm. Can you tell me what will be the time 23, 999, 995 hours later ?"

While Bella does not know the answer, do you?
Let's land on the School Building. 😂
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Use it do anything. Writing, Marketing, Learning, Collaboration.
Write down every day:

- 3 things you appreciate (even seemingly mundane things, like having running water, or having something to eat)

- 3 long term goals

- 3 things you're going to get done today to make those happen

Then start your day doing those 3 things first.
Best blogging, SEO, learning, startup & business tools.

I have collected the Best Blogging, Learning & Business Resources that I find useful in my day to day work, blogging, marketing and business purposes. The list is exhaustive, includes free, premium & freemium tools.