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GX12 LINE V3 Update.

- Best Risk setting and target for FTMO and MFF.
- Low Drawdown
- Upgrading lines
- Target fix
- Lines reset at midnight

I put the risk in hidden mode to force you to respect the setting for the success of the challenge, another version with the setting open for accounts with leverage.

We made an improvement of the lines, in the other versions, when the last trade closes in Sell the next day it was automatically in buy if the market goes down we had a problem, this bug is solved, now at midnight it resets like you put the robot on the chart for the first time.

The GX12 LINE V3 passing the FTMO test even of 10,000 something that was not possible before, only EURUSD M1-M5 Drawdown 2-3%.

Contact me for update:
Only customers who buy it.
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Available Friday 15 April 2022
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Good day !!
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FTMO vs FDN, i have compare and i can say FDN is really better.
Fast payment, cheap challenge, no have limit same FTMO, we trade more relax.

register now
- Scalping Mode, working always with LINE but direction are changed, now working when cross line + Trailing Line

- Trend mode cross Line and close long trade Trailing large from indicator signal

- Close opposite signal when signal is fake system close all and réopen another way

- Step activate or not

- Button semi auto, can open manually and EA manage position

- Manage position mobiel, if you open with phone EA manage position with same condition

- We can trade 100% manual with system auto from EA Line

- We can trade 100% manual with system auto from EA ATR
Trading is a real job, and wanting to trade the DAX or US30 or other requires serious skill, it is not enough to use a robot to make money, I use robots but in semi-automatic it pays much better .

If you use a robot, that's fine, but try to be behind it, a robot does what it's programmed to do, the human reacts in the event of a problem, the robot continues to program it for it.

So when you want to use a robot, try to make small batches, have a minimum balance, and good money management, people tire me of wanting to win 10k with 1k in a week thanks to a magic robot.

I will make a small PDF with a free training that pays easily this weekend, I hope it helps you, for the challenge we cannot continue the copy trade it is prohibited by 99% of PROP FIRM
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World stock markets continue to fall: “A series of headwinds”

Stock markets were weighed down by a cocktail of headwinds for growth on Monday, including the health situation in China which was dragging oil down.

The European indices again ended in a sharp decline: Paris lost 2.75%, Frankfurt 2.15%, London 2.32% and Milan 2.74%. On Friday, European markets had already lost around 1.5%. Compared to its peak in early January, the Parisian rating has even lost 20% of its value.

After several weeks of losses, the New York Stock Exchange continued to give ground: the Dow Jones lost 1.44%, the S&P 500 2.13% and the Nasdaq index of technology companies fell 2.75% around 4:10 p.m. GMT . Oil prices fell by around 5%, in the face of fears of a fall in demand for black gold with the health measures taken in China to fight against Covid-19. Around 4:05 p.m. GMT, the barrel of Brent, the benchmark for oil in Europe, for July maturity lost 4.79% to 107.03 dollars, and that of American WTI for delivery in June dropped 5.10% to 104.19 dollars.

Restrictions in China worry
Chinese authorities extended restrictions to Beijing on Monday, where millions of residents were working from home, and Shanghai remains in lockdown. “The dogged pursuit by the Chinese authorities of the zero Covid policy raises concerns about the crippling effect it will have on the Chinese economy in the months to come,” said Michael Hewson, analyst at CMC Markets. He points out that “problems in supply chains” persist in this context and could have “disastrous consequences on growth prospects”.

The effects of these health measures are already being felt: exports from China grew in April at their weakest pace for almost two years (+3.9%), with the containment of Shanghai which heavily penalizes activity economic. In addition, the conflict in Ukraine, which is driving up commodity prices, presents an additional risk to the economy. Russian President Vladimir Putin stuck to his guns on Monday, reaffirming that his army was fighting in Ukraine to defend “the homeland” against an “unacceptable threat”.

Western countries continue to harden their position: the G7 countries have made a commitment to wean themselves off Russian oil, without giving a precise timetable. Regarding the European embargo, the President of the European Commission is going to Hungary on Monday, where President Viktor Orban is blocking the Russian oil embargo project.

Faced with this more than gloomy context, investors preferred to turn to less risky assets such as the dollar or bonds. Bond rates had earlier reached levels not seen in years, pushed by the rise in key rates from central banks, which are trying to curb record inflation. Bitcoin, an asset considered risky, fell 3.37% to 33,090 dollars, after a decline of more than 8% in three days. The greenback, a safe haven for investors, gained 0.12% against the euro, to 1.0557 dollars for one euro, around 4:05 p.m. GMT.
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New Bomb EA !!!
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Media is too big
New Bechallenge EA
100% in 2 week
Available only under licence

Recommended Fusion market zero or ECN account with 500$ minimum
Profit guarantee money back guarantee
You can see real account result contact me for more info.

Not wast you time ask demo !!