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#Adelaide #FreedomDayProtest IGNORED by main news media with Channel 9 reporter sitting under a tree far away under instructions only to film if there’s violence. Shame on them no coverage at all on 5pm news only short coverage of violence in other states. Share widely this footage and let’s thank independent for its lone coverage of this important event! Subscribe to the channel on Twitter and set up for alerts to be alerted when there’s live video broadcasts in future.
Protest coverage:
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#Sydney Hyde Park in #NSW #Australia police uniform officers of a private corporation they don’t even know they work attempt to enforce illegal regulations on people gathered at the park. In contrast to South Australia where to their credit the SAPOL Corporation officers have said they’re not enforcing social distancing illegal regulations and as shown in yesterday’s footage of the #Adelaide #FreedomDayProtest where ca. 1,000 citizens gathered peacefully without social distancing were allowed to exercise their rights without a single incident of the police breaking the law as far as we could see although TV media refused to cover the protest march along North Terrace and gathering on the steps of Parliament for one hour according to Twitter independent news outlet @news_australia