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Only for those who are in #Australia please sign the following House of Representatives #petitions after agreeing with them:

Australian government to revoke the emergency measures instituted on 18 March 2020 under the Biosecurity Act 2015 since it is now clear that COVID-19 does not meet the requirements stated in Chapter 2, Part 1, Division 2 of the Biosecurity Act:

Stop coercion of Australians to be medicated with Influenze Vaccinations (e.g. aged care workers):

Disciplinary Action for Employers Coercing Employees into taking Influenza Vaccinations

Revoke the government mandate on mandatory influenza vaccinations in Aged care facilities, on the grounds that it violates a.person's right to bodily autonomy and contravenes a person's right to self determination, personhood, freedom of thought/conscience, and freedom of expression as set out in the International Covenant on Civil and Political rights:

Remove Australian attachments to WHO and UN:
As we warned long ago Facebook is NOT the place to be, organisers of Saturday’s #Australia wide Freedom demonstrations this coming Saturday September 5 had their second group taken off Facebook. Aussies need to stop their addiction to what is bad for them and heed what we’ve been warning about all along. Join @greencharter world wide plus @ozbam in Australia for the future movement and @uniteforaustralia We will continue to share all groups on uncensored @telegram working to resist tyranny.
#Sydney Hyde Park in #NSW #Australia police uniform officers of a private corporation they don’t even know they work attempt to enforce illegal regulations on people gathered at the park. In contrast to South Australia where to their credit the SAPOL Corporation officers have said they’re not enforcing social distancing illegal regulations and as shown in yesterday’s footage of the #Adelaide #FreedomDayProtest where ca. 1,000 citizens gathered peacefully without social distancing were allowed to exercise their rights without a single incident of the police breaking the law as far as we could see although TV media refused to cover the protest march along North Terrace and gathering on the steps of Parliament for one hour according to Twitter independent news outlet @news_australia