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Forwarded from Russian MFA 🇷🇺
⚡️ In connection with the Defence Ministry’s reports about the United Kingdom’s involvement in the October 29 terrorist attack against the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, British Ambassador to Russia Deborah Bronnert was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry on November 3.

A strong protest in connection with the British military specialists’ active participation in training and providing supplies to the units of the Ukrainian special operations forces, including with the goal of conducting acts of sabotage at sea, were expressed to the Ambassador. Concrete facts of that kind of activities by London were provided.

⚠️ The demarche emphasised that such confrontational actions by the British pose the threat of an escalation and can lead to unpredictable and dangerous consequences.

It was pointed out that such hostile provocations were unacceptable and a demand was put forward to stop them immediately. Should these acts of aggression that are fraught with direct implication in the conflict continue, the responsibility for their harmful consequences and the mounting tensions in relations between our countries will lie entirely with the British side.

Read in full (details on the British participation included)
Lovely to pop into Stakhanov Technical college to meet some of the students. Stakhanov, LNR, has been under Ukrainian shelling for 8 1/2 years, and the students have to study online, with large gatherings in the college building prohibited due to the danger. A real pleasure to spend time with a small, but extremely bright, and talented, sample of Stakhanov students and lecturers, and will really hope to see all the students back studying at college, where they belong, with all well, in the nearest future!
Just rehearsing my return to London, when I come back to sort everything out! City of Severodonetsk, Donbass, Russia🇷🇺 🇬🇧
🇬🇧 UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has stated that 'Russia is responsible for the recession in the UK'.

Taken on face value, simply a standard 'blame Russia', but go a little deeper and there is a clear admission that the UK's relationship with Russia affects every British citizen, and ontologically, a friendly relationship with Russia would benefit every British citizen.

Therefore, the logical question would be why has the UK decided instead to befriend the chaotic, far-right shower of chancers, charlatans and fascists of Ukraine, a friendship which offers only parasites, debt, recession, and hundreds of thousands of ungrateful, entitled, freeloading 'refugees'.....

That is called totally Jezzing it, for the Peep Show fans among you.
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🔞 Russia has initiated criminal proceedings after the publication of a shocking video where ukrainian soldiers brutally execute a group of Russian POWs, lining them on the ground, and shooting them in the head. LNR area.
My complaint against The Sun continues, and I've now been in direct contact with the UK police. Here is an insight into how The Sun operates, on September 25th, the Sun contacted the Met Police, asking them if I was under investigation for 'treason / war crimes'. On the same day, the Met Police replied with the following standard lines -

* A Met Police spokesperson said: “We would not comment about with whom our War Crimes Team may or may not be speaking.

* “The Met's War Crimes Team continues to support the International Criminal Court's investigation in relation to alleged war crimes in Ukraine and we continue to engage with the Ukrainian community in the UK to identify potential witnesses and victims.

“Anyone with information can report it via....

September 26th, The Sun 'WAR CRIMINAL' Police investigate pro-Putin Brit.....

The end of a week which saw Ukraine try to drag the world into World War Three, with their patently false claims about Russia having 'bombed Poland'. They didn't get away with that, but they'll soon be back with their next scam, that's their nature. The only question for any sentient western person is how often you let yourself get scammed..... they've got one hand in your pocket, and the other....
The New York Times has confirmed the authenticity of a recent video where Ukrainian soldiers brutally execute (by shooting in the head) a group of around 10 Russian POWs, LNR area. A horrific war crime, which to my mind deserves the strongest punishment.
While Rishi is in Kiev giving British taxpayers' money to buy more weapons for Ukraine, I've come to Severodonetsk to give out humanitarian aid donated by Russians, to the people here. And also the cats and dogs. Better for the soul 😇
British journalist Johnny Miller from Donbass: "No British journalist has tried to go to #Donbas to file on the other side of the war (apart from Johnny Miller)"

With such powers of observation, if the journalism doesn't work out for Johnny, then a job at the OSCE is a guarantee 😆😆😆