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"Jams" are made from real fruit. "Jelly" is made from fruit juice. "Preserves" have chunks of fruit while "marmalades" have pulps and peels. @googlefactss #food
In zero gravity, a candle's flame is round and blue. @googlefactss #knowledge
A man named Jason Padgett once sustained a brain injury that changed him from a guy who thought ‘math is stupid' to a mathematical savant. He developed a form of synaesthesia where certain things trigger visions of mathematical formulas. @googlefactss #funfact
People who regularly point out grammar mistakes often have "less agreeable" personalities. They also tend to be less open and are more likely to judge you for your errors. @googlefactss #psychology
The exact location of Hyperion, the world's tallest known living tree, is kept secret for the tree's protection. @googlefactss #funfact
PANTOPHOBIA - fear of everything. @googlefactss #phobia
ALNASCHAR - A person given to unrealistic dreams, especially of wealth or success. @googlefactss #knowledge
Lordosis is the naturally occurring arching of the spine used by some mammals to indicate sexual receptivity. @googlefactss #animals #knowledge
John Lennon was so annoyed by people who "read in" to Beatles' songs, searching for hidden meanings, he purposely began writing nonsense lyrics to confuse them. Like "the walrus was Paul." @googlefactss #celebs
English monarchs used to confer knighthoods by punching the recipient in the neck. @googlefactss #funfact
The girl who voiced Lilo from "Lilo & Stitch" was also Samara (the creepy long- haired girl) from The Ring. Actress Daveigh Chase. @googlefactss #celebs
Smarter people tend to underestimate themselves while ignorant people are more likely to think they’re brilliant. @googlefactss #psychology
Fox refused to pick up "South Park" because they didn't want to air a show that had a talking poo character. The show was then taken to Comedy Central, where it became one of their highest-rated series and led to the network becoming one of the fastest-growing cable channels. @googlefactss #funfact
In France, you can sign up for a service that pays postal workers to check on your elderly relatives. @googlefactss #countries
A man once found a copy of the Declaration of Independence in an old picture frame he bought for $4 at a yard sale. It turned out to be one of the originals drafts from 1776. It later sold for $2.42 million, then sold again for $8.14 million. @googlefactss #funfact
Bulls don't hate the color red; they're actually color-blind to it. Bulls become irritated by a cape's movement as a matador whips it around. @googlefactss #animals
George Lucas pitched the idea of "Indiana Jones" to Steven Spielberg while they were building a sandcastle together in Hawaii. @googlefactss #celebs
FIRE-SCORDEL - a lazy cat which lounges constantly by the fireplace. @googlefactss #knowledge
Cleopatra’s beauty wasn’t her most prominent asset. She spoke as many as a dozen languages and was educated in mathematics, philosophy, oratory, and astronomy. Egyptian sources described her as a ruler “who elevated the ranks of scholars and enjoyed their company.” @googlefactss #funfact
Giethoorn is a town in the Netherlands with no roads or cars. Everyone travels by foot, bike, or canal. @googlefactss #funfact