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Announcement channel for Golem Network. All the latest updates concerning the Golem Network Project will be listed here.
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Golem Beta II is out! With the 2nd major release we introduce the services API, combined with the Service Model development documentation - aimed at making the building of service-oriented applications easier and more straightforward for developers. https://blog.golemproject.net/beta-ii-release/
The first planned patch to the 2nd major release is just out, v0.7.1, code-named Airmail. Upgrade your nodes for the latest improvements and new APIs (Python and JavaScript). This release is backward compatible. More coming up in relation to this patch tomorrow! 👀
We've created bounties for the Beta 2 release (which includes the service-based API)!
1. PostgreSQL runtime: develop a new, self-contained runtime exposing PostgreSQL database
2. Interactive image classifier: allow users to perform search queries over a corpus of documents submitted by the requestor during deployment.
3. Full-text search engine: a service that enables interaction with an image classifier and that allows its users to train the classifier on-line as well as submit images for classification
We’re sharing the GLM Rewards Program awardees for June. In this month's spotlight we have highlight custom runtimes and the modularity of Golem with the community Yagna CUDA runtime initiative.
Golem Stats for Yagna is a relatively new project in comparison to the beginning of the Golem Project. It's fast-paced development and the introduction of the Stats API has managed to grow it to be a useful tool and resource for the community. The Stats page is on course for 80 million API requests, since its inception, in the next few minutes (!), so we're sharing a timeline of how it's evolved since its inception.
The summer edition of the AMA is now open for questions! We will be answering them on July 14th at 6pm CEST.

For this AMA we will be shaking up the format from the usual, addressing follow up questions. Come throw a question or two! Please remember to create a new comment for each question.

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We're updating the GLM Rewards Program! There is now the much broader Community Builder category. Come up with your own community building ideas+initiatives and be eligible for program rewards.

We've just published a Golem Ansible role for setting up a provider on the network. Which essentially means that it will install and configure the provider for you automatically, minimizing configuration needed on your part.

For those who've never come across it before, Ansible is a tool that can automate cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, intra-service.