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Simple yet effect charting, strong support on this pair!
Free daily signals! 📲
At 60+ pips - can move SL to entry or take some profit
USD CAD Short, it appears as if USD CAD is at the upper limit of resistance and should start a move down to previous support at 1.34400

SL: 1.35247
TP: 1.34400
TP2: 1.34050
Free daily signals! 📲
Going to be news updates soon so set tight sl
BUY GBP/AUD @ 1.82650
TP1: 1.82700
TP2: 1.82760
TP3: trailing @ 40 pips
SL: 1.82365
TP2 hit take SL up to entry price and anything left open can be left to run (majority should be closed and profit taken)
EUR NOK Short on the hour chart, long term trade
EUR NOK on the 15 minute chart, already falling nicely, watch out for the pull back if trading on this signal.
Sl 109.845
Tp 109.325
Free daily signals! 📲
USD JPY SHORT NOW Sl 109.845 Tp 109.325
Running in profit, one may also short the GBP/JPY pair. Use good money management
We did not post yesterday as the markets were choppy, we will be posting this weekend with updated signals going into next week.
As we go into the week ahead:
Idea 1: USD/NOK Long
It appears to be hovering around the lower trend bound so please you good money management.
Idea 2: We look for USD CAD to bottom out and rebond back to previous highs