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๐Ÿ‘‹ Hey, my name is Sasha @kossnocorp. I'm a software engineer that turned into a rookie entrepreneur. In this channel, I'm documenting my journey to profitability. My goal is to become successful at converting my passion to creating products into money.
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You can see that posting every day helps:
I as an author don't care through which medium helps me to grow my audience. Telegram, Twitter, Medium, DEV, email newsletter whatever. I need these numbers to go up so that I can reach more people.

Telepost helps me to solve this problem by letting me share my content with two mediums: Telegram and Twitter. Should I go further and allow to post to other mediums as well? How would it look like?

I don't know answers to these questions yet, but I know for sure what "growing the audience" is the problem I want to solve.
Please, share your opinion in the comments.
Cutting on expenses

In 2018 I did spend whopping $3000. Honestly, I knew that it's much higher than it can be but when I sat down and summed every bill for servers, services, and domains the number surprised me.

Well, to be fair it's not that big, I imagine that many successful small businesses pay such every month. But I'm far from being successful.

Given that Telepost MRR is $50, date-fns gets ~$40/mo I'm losing $160 every month. I need to do something about it.

Here is the breakdown of my expenses:
And the full table:
By the end of the month, I want to cut on the expenses and bring the number down to $100 or at least have a plan for how to achieve it.

I'll keep you updated!
Please, share your opinion in the comments.
Post-vacation blues

Despite having a 3-week vacation in January, I don't feel like working at all. Just a week ago I thought it would be exciting to get back, but for some reason, it's not.

I tried to reflect on that but ultimately failed. I was puzzled as I usually can at least identify the source of the problem.

Like that, I learned that post-vacation blues is a real thing!


Today I turned 32.

When I was a teenager, men in their thirties seemed like seniors. Nowadays I feel healthy, active and happy as I never been in my life. I do what I love and live as I like. I'm happily married and have great friends.

Hell, it's so great to be me.
Long time no see

Letโ€™s get straight to it. I didnโ€™t write to the channel I burned out writing. Thatโ€™s not cool because exactly on writing I wanted to focus my efforts in this year.

I want to change the format of the channel because I realized that writing longish essays that I tend to do is exhausting for an amateur author.

Now it will not be longer than three paragraphs. My short thoughts you can find on Twitter: https://twitter.com/kossnocorp
**My new indie year plan**

In May it will be two years since I left my lead position at Toptal core team and started my indie adventure. I made a lot of stuff since then (see koss.nocorp.me), but I didnโ€™t achieve financial sustainability. I failed, and it hit me hard. I lost motivation to do anything whatsoever and had to find a new goal that will make me keep going. I have no plans to get back 9-to-5 grind, so I had to trick my mind somehow.

My new plan for the year is to focus on a particular niche and make a bunch of products for it. I will not consider financial metrics but rather how much value I deliver. Having that in a niche will be an excellent foundation for a successful business.

I decided to pick blogging because Iโ€™m interested in writing and publishing and also I see a trend on hating attention economy. People are done with suits controlling what they read and how often.
Diary Email

My next product will be Diary Email (diaryemail.com) itโ€™s a private diary that you update using email. Send a note to private@diaryemail.com, and it will be added to your journal that you can access online. You can also invite your friends to receive entries you send to friends@diaryemail.com. I call it anti-social network, but you can see it as a mailing groups.

It's mostly finished, I only need to optimize it for mobile and I integrate Paddle. I decided to have paid plans since day 0 and also provide polished experience.

During the development, I had to parse emailsโ€™ HTML and then nicely render it. I had a similar problem with Telepost except that input was in Telegram format. I came up with a universal solution that powers Diary Email and soon will be merged with Telepost renderer and be used in future projects. I call it XJSONML. Fancy, right?
Second anniversary

Exactly two years ago was my last week at Toptal that marked the start of my career as an indie maker. While I still far from my goal of bootstrapping a sustainable business, that was years full of shipping and learning. I decided to dedicate this week to summarize the lessons I learned. Here is my first article in the series, "If you want to ship a side project, start with unlearning the best practices":


There's so much more to cover, stay tuned!
Back from open-source summer

With the summer coming to an end, which I spent working solely on open-source, my brain returned to indie maker frequency. It was a great idea to let my mind not think about making a profit for a while.

I managed to ship a lot of stuff: date-fns v2 (date-fns.org), Typesaurus (typesaurus.com) and Nyan CSS (nyancss.com). I had slightly different plans back at the start but I really like the progress I made.

I feel recharged and ready to take on whatever comes next. Yet what is next is still a question.
Goodbye, Telepost!

I got the idea of Telepost on April 2018. After three months of development I released it at Product Hunt. Today, 17 months later, I'm shutting it down.

Telepost was the first software that I sold online. I sad that I have to do but I don't other options. I didn't manage to find product-market fit and also the platform itself made things more complicated by releasing native copycat version of Telepost. You can read more about it in a Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/kossnocorp/status/1168802272916201472

I could have been pivot and find a niche, but I don't believe in the market anymore, and also I think I'm done with B2C products. I figured it's better to focus on more perspective initiatives.

Goodbye, Telepost!