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Dear all, just wanted to share with you some positive news. By October this year the book Methods for Faecal Sludge Analysis will be published. It has been a collaborative effort between four organizations: UKZN (South Africa), Eawag (Switzerland), IHE-Delft (Netherlands) and AIT (Thailand). This project was supported by the BMGF.
Our partnership under the GPLFSA plays a central role as all the organization in this partnership will be the primary user and we will need your support in the dissemination of this important publication that is one step further towards standardization of the FS analysis.
The book content is organised in 8 different chapters, as follows:

1. Setting the stage
2. Faecal Sludge Properties and considerations for characterisation
3. Faecal sludge sample collection and handling
4. Experimental design for the development, transfer, scaling‐up, and optimization of treatment technologies: case studies of dewatering and drying
5. Estimating quantities and qualities (Q&Q) of faecal sludge at community to city‐wide scales
6. Towards city‐wide inclusive sanitation (CWIS) modelling: modelling of faecal sludge containment/treatment processes
7. Faecal sludge simulants: review of synthetic human faeces and faecal sludge for sanitation and wastewater research
8. Laboratory procedures and methods for characterisation of faecal sludge

These chapters are all unique and summarize important knowledge and developments over the last years in the FSM field. Chapters 1-7 are ready, chapter 8 is being currently finalized with the support of some of the laboratory partners.

Once published, this book will be open access and the electronic copy will be available free of charge.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


As 50st subscriber to the Global Partnership of Laboratories for Faecal Sludge Analysis channel Denis Agea will receive a complimentary hard copy of the book Methods for Faecal Sludge Analysis as soon it is available as a printed unit. Denis, please send us your address where we can send the book.
Dear laboratory partners, it is with a great excitement to announce that the Book Methods for faecal sludge analysis is available now to download from the following link:
The electronic version is an open access publication under the CC BY OA license.
You can order and purchase hard copies of the book directly from IWAPublisher

It feels like a giant step towards the standardization approach for analysis and methods for faecal sludge. Thank you all for your great contribution! Enjoy the read!

Now when the Methods for Faecal Sludge Analysis is published, would there be an interest to translate the book to official UN languages and any other language we may consider ?
Translation would also mean that agreement with IWAP should be made to get the exclusive publishing rights to publish in other language despite the fact that the book is open access. But that can easily be arranged if you secure the local publisher.
*Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)* will be launching its new capacity building initiative on - *β€˜Making water sensitive cities in Ganga basin’* aimed at improving river health/flows followed with a *webinar* on *27th July, 2021* at *11:00 AM - 1:00 PM*.

Key focus areas of the programme are *Water Sensitive Urban Design and Planning*, *Urban Water Efficiency and Conservation*, *Decentralized Wastewater Treatment and Local Reuse*, *Urban Groundwater Management* and *Urban Waterbodies / Lake Management*.

For more details on the event:

*To directly register, click on the link:*

We hope to see you at the event!