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Artificial intelligence versus human? Take it higher — bot vs bot! 🤖

Elon Musk is recruiting a team of specialists to develop a competitor to the ChatGPT of the American company OpenAI. This was reported on Monday by The Information portal.

OpenAL, Elon Musk, alternative bot… Friendly fire? Musk, who runs Tesla and Twitter, was one of the founders of OpenAI in 2015, but still resigned from the company's board of directors in 2018.

In December 2022, the entrepreneur admitted on Twitter that the chatbot developed by OpenAI was "frighteningly good". And it really is. Considering that ChatGPT has appeared quite recently, it has impressed many: it can answer additional questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises and reject inappropriate requests.

But, as in the family, not without a freak, so in the system, not without bugs: OpenAI was criticized after the chatbot was used by students in different countries to take exams and prepare academic papers.

Can Elon Musk do better? We’ll see.
Serious and pretentious ad is no longer on hype!

We clearly see how campaigning ads that cause laughter are becoming a new trend. It makes sense! When you master the art of using humor in your brand voice, you can begin to build trust with your audience. Here are a few fresh and fantastic examples where humor has driven brands forward.

A new campaign from Liquid Death can make your jaw drop! To make a statement about the sedate reputation of an old-school beverage category they made geriatric women rock out in a heavy metal band, do donuts in a car and grind down handrails on skateboards! 🤟🏻

Real estate platform SeLoger surprised no less with the campaign that depicts cringy and unexpected encounters with neighbors, ending with the line: “You can’t choose your neighbors, but you can find your perfect home on SeLoger.” Relatable, isn’t it?
Which ad made you smirk more?😎
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Rocking grannies🤘
Quirky neighbours 👀
Jumping on the trend wagon around neural networks to check whether it is time for creative people to be wary about their work.

Thus, we made Midjourney generate a couple of designs of the possible merch of our agency. And this is the result! 👆🏻

Did we like it? Hell yeah! AI is clearly improving and already running for designers of clothing and accessories. Soon, we'll see the first collection where all the clothes will be designed by a neural network. Take a screenshot, so when the time comes, you'll show it at Fashion Week :)
Would you buy it?
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Take my money!
Sponsorships with Dwayne Johnson, Serena Williams, Ronaldo and Michael Jordan for a mere £200.
Can it be real? Yeah!

Surreal signs Dwayne Johnson as a cereal namesake. Don’t you know who Dwayne Johnson is? How come? Dwayne Johnson is a London bus driver, whom did you expect him to be?

Celebrity sponsorship with the seven-figure price tag — why bother? This is definitely how Cereal brand Surreal would answer after finding everyday people with famous names signing on the dotted line for a mere £200.

Shamelessly promoted as “Dwayne Johnson’s favorite cereal,” the identity-skirting strategy is being pushed to the limits by the signing of three students named Serena Williams, Ronaldo and Michael Jordan to cement the personality appropriation approach.

Surreal co-founder Kit Gammell remarked: “We’re buzzing to be the official cereal of a Dwayne Johnson and a Serena Williams. If anyone knows a Dave Beckham, please get in touch.”

Do you know any? 😅
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Premium content on TikTok? Really?

Yes! TikTok is introducing Series, a new feature that allows creators to charge for collections of "premium" videos.

Short-form video is harder to monetize than longer types of content, in which platforms can insert ads for revenue share. As such, Videos that are part of a “series” will differ from other TikTok videos in a couple ways.

The videos can be up to 20 minutes long, TikTok says that it’s not planning on taking a cut of creators’ revenue from Series, at least for now.

Creators will receive “100% of their earnings” minus app store fees. That could potentially help TikTok make its new longform offerings more competitive with YouTube, which creators often favor for longer videos because of the increased revenue potential.

For now, only a handful of “select” creators have access to Series, but the company says it will start accepting applications from more creators “in the coming months.

And we thought that a 3 minute long TikTok was the limit, bruh.
YouTubers share results of first month of shorts monetization 💰

So, not a great start for YouTube’s new Shorts ad revenue share process.

Various creators have been sharing insights into the payouts that they’ve been seeing from the new Shorts funding system – and it’s not great.

As you can see in this example, Zach King only took home 2,918$ in revenue share. Only this, despite generating 196 million views with his Shorts clips in the first month of the program.

King further notes that it’s still better than TikTok’s and better than Instagram’s current monetization offerings for Reels! Moreover, there are expanded benefits in Shorts, in regards to exposure and brand building, as opposed to straight monetization:

💬 “My guess is YT monetization will slowly go up over the years and favor creators, but exposure and numbers like this will be more difficult to achieve”

Yet, there is no direct path to making millions from short-form clip. However, it’ll take big changes at TikTok or Meta to catch up.
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ChatGPT has been updated! OpenAI released GPT-4

GPT-4 is the latest version model of the extremely popular AI chatbot in the GPT series.

What do we know about GPT-4:

◾️ Greater accuracy. AI has learned to speculate, give practical advice and pass exams for high scores. For example, she recreates the game Pong in 60 seconds and copes with the Snake in 20 minutes.

◾️ More creative. Now AI is able to explain the meaning of the meme and analyse the text up to 25 thousand characters.

◾️ Safer. According to OpenAI estimations, GPT-4 is 82% less likely to respond to prohibited content requests and 40% more likely to give valuable responses.

The waiting list is here. The lucky ones with a Plus subscription (20$/a month) already are able to taste GPT-4. The only free way to test the new chatbot version is Bing.
Are you going to give it a try?
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❤️ — Yes!
💔 — I don’t trust AI
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Apple and Noizrum collaboration?
(Not yet, but we are on our way)

Apple today announced a new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus adding even more color choices to the lineup this spring. A beautiful yellow IPhone joins the lineup!

To emphasize the importance of the event, the video has been released, focusing on music and animation. Check it out!

Should each member of our team get one of these yellow wonders? It definitely looks like our merch, matching our style and our springish team mood hmm…Seems like a perfect choice, should we ask our agency for a little yellow present for our excellent team work? 😎