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Let's summarize:

1. Over the next year, Telegram will simply gobble up the majority of services of paid subscriptions and monetary support for authors on the Internet. This is a multi-billion dollar market.

2. A completely new type of interaction within communities will appear in Telegram, where users can reward each other with microtransactions simply by using likes.

3. The advertising system of the messenger will gain momentum.

4. The advertising market for direct placements in Telegram will grow by an order of magnitude. Although it grew 2-3 times a year anyway.

All this points in a market of half a billion users that will soon become a billion.

The currency / fuel / means of exchange for all this technical breakthrough will be Toncoin and TON blockchain technologies.

Guess what will happen to the coin rate by the end of next year. In November, everyone had already demonstrated how this coin can rise.

Is this the new Bitcoin? Ether? No guys. This is something more serious.

Still remember that guy that he recommended just buying Bitcoin for at least $1 in 2013?

Only a few listened to him)
Developers have changed priorities in the roadmap due to soaring growth in the number of new side developer teams in the Community.
Forwarded from The Open Network
Adjustments in the roadmap

Some points of the roadmap have been swapped around:

In Q4 2021, TON Subscriptions, the decentralized subscription system, and technical integrations with the world's top exchanges were launched, which has caused a rapid growth of network users.

In Q1 2022, we will focus on the TON Developers Program, TON DeFi, and the launch of TON Nominators.

Q2 2022 – TON DNS and TON Payments.

Q3 2022 – TON Proxy and TON Sites.

Q4 2022 – TON Storage.

Right now you can notice a lot of new developers in the community chats working with TON, but experiencing some lack of information and tools.

Of course, we assumed that TON would be of interest to third-party developers and product creators, but we did not assume that it would happen so quickly.

Therefore, we consider it necessary to adjust the flow of work.

First, we are going to start the TON Developers Program: create additional documentation, tutorials, as well as improve API, SDK and development tools.

Previously, it was planned to start this project halfway through the year.

Also, at the beginning of the year, we will focus on TON DeFi – standard smart-contacts for tokens, NFT, liquidity pools on the TON blockchain, – as we see a great need of the community in this direction.

The launch of TON Nominators is important to both users and validators, which is also a priority.
The address our @tonometerbot uses to receive payments for TON business card verification gets its name in the TON browser.

Thanks to the TON development team for their trust!
By the way!
Have you already seen the early promo-video of TON blockchain?

Watch it on our channel

Please write your thoughts in the comments below.
What particularly are you interested in? Don't be shy to ask a question. We will try to answer!
Yesterday we added NFT mintosaurs to our @tonometerbot. The bot activity became a record one in a day: more than 20,000 people visited the bot.

Extra proof that we are heading in the right direction.

The rating of the lucky owners of Mintosaurs and their avatars can be viewed here:
NFT Mintosaurus for russian rapper Morgenstern

Russian rapper Morgenshtern gives a shout-out to TON.

The most popular rap artist in Russia, Morgenshtern praised the TON blockchain project on Instagram in a post to his 7.9 million followers, expressing the amount of trust he has for the team of developers and saying that he would be taking on an essential role in the network’s development and growth.

The rapper posted an Instagram Stories in which he announced he had bought $139,000 worth of Toncoin, which jumped 8% from $3.5 to $3.8 at the time of writing, by showing his followers a screenshot of his Tonkeeper wallet.

We’re ecstatic to see Morgenshtern, who has collaborated with Lil Pump and has become a household name in Russia, spread the good word of the TON project and Toncoin to a broad audience.

Text from offical community

Morgenstern's TON business card

Subscribe to his business card, who knows? maybe where he will start spending money)
Who stands behind the TON Blockchain?

the beginning it's worth saying that developers are trusted by Pavel Durov (we have already seen his post as minimum). Either former employees of VK, or winners of Telegram developer contests.

They don't give interviews and are infrequent visitors to public chats, calling themselves computer geeks.

The reason is quite simple: when you want to "bring to mind" a revolutionary blockchain, then you need to do work, not sit in social networks.

Nevertheless, we will tell you something about them.

You may find a list of main developers on official The Open Network GitHub. For now there are 11 members.

Let's analyze the information available on the Internet about four of them:

1. tolya-yanot (Anatoliy Makosov)

According to the official website, one of the initiators of TON project revival has the nickname tolya-yanot.

In the official Telegram @contests channel, tolyayanot takes 1st place in one of the contests in 2019 and bypasses 560 other participants, fitting the solution in 4 kilobytes.

2. highfeed (Oleg Oskolsky)

Developer of popular Telegram bots, such as:
@livegrambot. 3 million bots serve 60 million users;
@commentsbot. Popular bot before invention of native Telegram comments. Pavel Durov rewarded Oleg for this bot creation in the amount of $25 000;
@controllerbot (The most popular bot for delayed posting in Telegram. Later the parts of it's functional was used by Telegram and embedded in messenger).

3. oleganza (Oleg Andreev)

Former and one of the first VK employees. You may see him in "Redakciya" reportage "Pavel Durov and VK. A history of ups and downs" (with eng subs). Also you may see there Oleg Illarionov.

4. brainfucker (Oleg Illarionov)

He is a frequent guest of tech conferences. He also is a former VK employee where he was responsible for Data storage and delivery.

Why the work in early VK should tell us something?
Under Durov's leadership in 2006-2014, VKontakte was a real tech leader and FaceBook's main competitor in the post-Soviet space. With a relatively small, talented team and Durov's managerial genius, VK reached great heights and still remains status of the most popular social network in several post-Soviet countries.
Mintosaurs. Promo of our NFT project.

10 000 of unique dinosaurs. One part of them are in USSR Police uniform and another part which are not "on duty" wear resort suites:)

200 NFT's of different uniqueness and value we've reserved as a gift to our partners and team members. Also from this bank we will take some for future lotteries.

Other 9800 will be sold.

We have already pre-saled a bit of NFTs to our close friends of "Give me TON" Community and early-joined followers.

The main feature of our NFT — momentary use. Before getting (via pre-sale) NFT on official TON NFT platform buyers may already use its advantages in @tonometerbot Business cards.

Sadly, today pre-sale is available only in Russian-speaking paid channel. Later we will make pre-sale in english paid channel as the channel appears.
Buy, Store and Send Toncoin. How to?

We have prepared a guide on this questions as you asked:

1. Buy

Here is a list.
Currencies which you may use to buy Toncoin listed on the right.

Where you can buy Toncoin now:

Crypto Bot · USD, EUR (Telegram Bot);

Mercuryo · USD, EUR (crypto payment service);

EXMO · BTC (crypto exchange);

Both fiat and crypto on large exchanges:

OkEx · USD, BTC, USDT (crypto exchange);

FTX · USD, BTC, USDT (crypto exchange);

Uniswap · ETH, USDT and other ERC20 (decentralized crypto exchange). You will need ETH to pay service fees. You may easily buy ETH in Crypto Bot;

PancakeSwap · BTCB, USDT and other BEP20 (crypto exchange). You will need BNB to pay service fees. You may buy BNB on Binance.

Obviously CryptoBot is more simple variant especially for those who are not familiar to crypto world.

2. Store

Storing available right in the CryptoBot, in Mercuryo account, on crypto exchange EXMO, or in native TON wallet. Read more on our site.

3. Send

Sending is available right in the same apps for storing + you may send right in the web version of Telegram between users.

We recommend you to register on all of the suggested platforms due to: high volatility, different rates on different sources, possibility to find the most profitable rate.
Tonkeeper — multi-currency wallet for TON with advanced functionality of native TON Wallet

Tonkeeper is an extended version of the native wallet and will support receiving, storing and sending wrapped Bitcoin and Ethereum through the bridges to this blockchains. And of course you can buy Toncoins right in the interface of a wallet and use liquidity pools.
Tonkeeper development is being managed by Oleg Andreev.

Tonkeeper supports paid subscriptions on closed channels via Toncoins. Wallet works on the last version of a smart-contract, which allows to make regular payments and together with @donate implement automatic write-offs in Toncoins similar to usual subscription procedure in the web.

In the near future in Tonkeeper:
• Recieve, store, and send Bitcoins and Etherium, more specifically their "wraps", working through bridges with this blockchains
• Buy Toncoins
• Use Liquidity Pools, where you can put your Toncoins on an analog of a cryptocurrency deposit and receive a percentage for it.

The wallet is in beta test and all this wonderful functionality is not there, but it will appear very soon. Follow the updates in the Give me TON channel!

The first synchronization of the mobile wallet after installation may take a while. If transactions and balance are not displayed after a few minutes, the wallet should be restarted.

In the meantime, you can register on Mercuryo and OKEx, so that by the time this functionality appears, you already have registration, KYC (identity verification) and quickly start using the Tonkeeper wallet. Ask any questions about wallets in comments.
Oleg Andreev's AMA-session

We have discussed Tonkeeper in previous post so its interesting to notice that in early November Tonkeeper developer Oleg Andreev participated in OKEx AMA-session.

We are welcome you to read it on our site: link.

One of the most important news from Oleg Andreev in our opinion:

Currently, TON is an instant peer-to-peer payments system with low transaction fees that’s very easy to use. In a collaboration with the TON dev community, at Tonkeeper we are working on cool new payment features, that are easier and safer than credit cards and not vulnerable to censorship by a centralized payment gateways.

More specifically, we are building truly peer-to-peer subscription service that will let content creators offer exclusive content to their followers for monthly/weekly payments. That would leverage TON’s smart contract features in order to offer users complete control over their wallet. It will be easy to use both for the creators and users, but there will no central org to hold accounts and control payouts. It will be completely peer-to-peer. We are still working on this, so stay tuned for the updates.

This is for those who ask what use and demand Toncoin will have.

As you know this feature of subscriptions had been released in December along with @donate. And its just one feature of many!
Toncoins distribution

96%, specifically 4.8 out of 5 billion Toncoins were distributed between 248 addresses (investigation based on

Lets analyze once and for all the first point about the "unfair" distribution of coins. It looks like this exactly until you begin to understand what the norm is in general. And the norm is as follows:

1. 95% of Bitcoins are stored on 2% of wallets. How did it grow 200 times in 5 years? And whales did not flood the market with their coins at all. How did it happen? After all, the "experts" claim that this is a clear sign of a scam.

2. In Solana, 3.8% of all coins are owned by ONE WALLET.
The TOP 10 wallets own 15% of all coins. This coin, let me remind you, gave x100 in a year. So what? Did she scam us?) Is this a sure sign?

3. In Binance Smart Chain, the TOP 5 wallets own 20% of the coins. And in general, this is a kind of semi-centralized blockchain of our beloved Binance exchange. Which we recently tearfully asked for TON listing.
And what comes out? Is this also a scam? And then why do we use this exchange and holding funds?:)
Because if BSC scams, then Binance will most likely collapse.

By the way, BNB was the best investment in whole life of founder of this channel. A long time ago, he still bought 30 coins for one dollar and kept up to 600$. Frankly, he just forgot that owned them on wallet:)
600x, damn it!

And do you know what the most interesting thing is?

In all the examples listed, the owners of these wallets are unknown. And there is no confirmation that 10-15 of the largest wallets in each blockchain do not belong to one person.

Well, KO: 1% of the world's population owns more property than the other 99%.
And what, my dears, is planet Earth scam?)
It seems that we are still living in such unbalanced conditions.

Highly qualified specialists from large corporations join TON team former CEO Andrei Rogozov has joined the TON blockchain project. He will curate the creation of various products for the blockchain platform from development teams. In VK, he will continue his work as an adviser.

And VK (aka Group before rebranding) in 2020 became the top 3 most successful app publishers in Europe.

A couple of facts about Andrei Rogozov:

1. For 5 years he was Durov's deputy — which means he was part of his closest circle. Now the issues of integration of TON and Telegram will happen like clockwork.

2. He has been the CEO of VK for 7 years — which means Andrey has extensive experience in how to lead development teams, and there is no doubt about his expertise.

3. He was Durov's deputy for the product — which means he is guided by the same perfectionist approach that we observed in the VK of Durov's time and now in Telegram.

Summary: in a few months, top infrastructure solutions will begin to appear in TON, which will immediately find their audience through integration into Telegram.

So it's very serious. Although does anyone else doubt it?

We have created a channel for our NFT project Mintosaurs.
Subscribe and don't miss out the latest news!

Forwarded from Mintosaurs
Mintosaurs logo

Do you like it?
Another important member of the TON core team — EmelyanenkoK

PhD in computer science and multiple winner of Telegram Contests. He began to study blockchain technology in depth from the earliest stages of its formation, working with various types of decentralized networks.

Kirill met Anatoliy Makosov at the TON Blockchain Contests, which was held by the Telegram team in 2019, where both took first places.

In tandem with tolya-yanot, he took part in the development of Orion Protocol, the well-known DEX & CEX aggregation protocol. While working on this project, they realized that they are working very effectively together, and that after the stage of aggregation of exchanges and liquidity pools, another revolution is inevitably going to happen — the aggregation of blockchains.

After all, they decided to devote all their time to TON development.

Kirill Emelyanenko (the second person who launched The Open Network along with tolya-yanot) released the first version of the standard for a smart contract for NFT.

The NFT protocol standard was recently released on his github.

This protocol is based on the original smart contract from the TonWhales team, but has several new features:

1. The editor role has been added. The contract code and the content of the NFT can be changed by the editor after its publication!
The editor_address field has also been added to the information about NFT.

2. Collections smart contract standard has been added, which can publish and manage an entire group of participants using a single NFT smart contract.
The NFT group members will differ from each other by an ordinal number.

The bright NFT-future in TON is coming!