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Photo from PRAJESH
Hi all, Please be advised that Umgeni Road is a no go zone at the moment due to Protest action in the area.
Hi All please note Durban central also a no go zone currently due to prostest action and Taxi Violence.
For those who not familiar with the *CODES* and *ABBREVIATION TABLE*

*🔴P1* *RED CODE *- Life n Death Situation/Critical
*🟡P2* *YELLOW CODE *- Hurt But Not Critical
*🟢P3* *GREEN CODE *- Walking Wounded-Stable
*🔵P4* *BLUE CODE *- Deceased

*BOLO* – Be On Look Out
*MVA* – Motor Vehicle Accident
*MBA* – Motorbike Accident
*PVA* – Pedestrian Vehicle Accident
*LMV* – Light Motor Vehicle (car/taxi)
*HMV* – Heavy Motor Vehicle (truck/bus)
*LMVA* – Light Motor Vehicle Accident
*HMVA* – Heavy Motor Vehicle Accident
*Standby/Sb*– Reporting, get back to you now
*Mobile* / En route – On the way
*EMS* – Emergency Services
*ETA* – Estimated time of arrival
*LDV* – Light Duty Vehicle (Car/Bakkie)
*DUI* – Driving Under the Influence
*10-4* – Copy
*10-14* – Location
*10-15* – Call me
*10-28* – On scene
*10-6* – Busy / Stand by
*10-18* – Positive
*10-3* – Send your message:


*A* = ALPHA.
*B* = BRAVO.
*D* = DELTA.
*E* = ECHO.
*G* = GOLF.
*H* = HOTEL.
*I* = INDIA.
*K* = KILO.
*L* = LIMA.
*M* = MIKE.
*O* = OSCAR.
*P* = PAPPA.
*R* = ROMEO.
*T* = TANGO.
*X* = XRAY.
*Z* = ZULU.
Hi all,
Kindly note that there is protest action between Mbazwana and Manguzi,
All deliveries and collections on this route has been disrupted.
Photo from PRAJESH
Accident on Nandi drive and Avoca Hills intersection👆
Good Morning All, kindly note that all entrances are blocked at Hillside due to protest action, All deliveries and collections are currently disrupted.
Take note palmview to gateway is now closed
Driver Entrapped In Overturned Truck: R102 - KZN

Motorists travelling on the south bound lane of the R102 between Northern Drive and Phoenix Highway are urged to use alternate routes.

The road is currently being closed off to traffic to accommodate a specialised medical helicopter that would be landing shortly to airlift the injured driver of a cement truck that overturned and is lying on its side in the centre median.

Members of Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA), Netcare 911, KZN VIP, Metro Police and the Ethekwini Fire Department are currently on scene. The Mercedes Benz cement mixer has been partially lifted by a tow truck while the jaws of life is being used to free the driver from the mangled wreckage.

The scene is active (Friday 11:52) and traffic delays are expected.
Ndulinde Clinic not done because of strike
Good morning all,
Kindly note that we are having technical issues with our emails,
Kindly contact us telephonically
Dear Customers.

Our ISP for internet Afrihost has experienced a significant service failure to our email.

Please note that we have unfortunately not received any emails that were sent this morning. Please could we ask you to resend your request to us.

The emails should be working now. We will be looking for options in moving our servers to a more reliable option.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.


Good day

Please note due to the ongoing protest action from yesterday 14 / 06 / 2021 in P/Edward and beyond we are unable to do deliveries in these areas, However deliveries will be done once the protest action has stopped.
N2 Closure Thursday 17th June 2021
Please take note:
Due to blasting taking place off the N2 both bounds will be temporary closed for safety reasons at 12h30. The North and Southbounds carriageways will be closed off for 30 minutes between Queen Nandi Drive on the Northbound and at Gateway interchange
This will also include the on and off ramps to Kwa Mashu
Plan your destinations
Stay away from the N2 between the times mentioned
Expect congestion n delays on all arterial roads
Comply with the Police 👮‍♀️ 👨‍✈️Officers instructions at all tomes
Issued by
Senior Superintendent Parboo Sewpersad
Durban Metropolitan Police Service
Photo from PRAJESH
Vehicle On Fire 🔥
M41 Towards PalmView
Services On Scene

Proceed with caution ⚠️
Good Morning all
Please see above Protest action on John Ross Highway between Empangeni and Richardsbay,
We are currently traveling on alternative routes and will experience slight delays