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Joe Biden's wife in Hawaii.

The East Wing sends this along: (07/25/2021, 5:53PM ET)

"The First Lady will tour a pop-up COVID-19 vaccination clinic at Waipahu High School in Waipahu, Hawaii, and encourage Hawaiians to get vaccinated. Hawaii Pacific Health will be administering the vaccines. Her visit is part of the Administration’s nationwide effort to reach millions of Americans who still need protection against the virus and highlight the ease of getting vaccinated.

The clinic will be open from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Hawaiian residents ages 18 years or older who receive the vaccine will be eligible to participate in the state-run #HiGotVaccinated incentive program, which includes $5,000 checks, holiday packages, and gift cards among other prizes. The clinic will offer Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Those getting their first shot will be able to receive their second dose at the same location in three weeks."

Update from travel pool: 7:16PM ET

"Outside the school about 20 Trump supporters were gathered with large flags and signs. One man had a black and white flag that said “All Lives Matter” Another man wore a t-shirt that said “Trump won.” One homemade sign said “no shots for tots.” Another woman had a sign that had an x with a circle through the words “vaccine passport.”

Update from travel pool: 7:37M ET

One of the medical assistants gave a teenage boy his second shot.

“That’s good news, no reaction from the first dose,” Biden said as the teen told that to the shot administrator.

“If you don’t look, it’ll be OK. I know that as a mother,” Biden said to the teen’s mom.

“Did you see how quick that was?” Biden said after the shot was administered. She and other people in the room clapped.

The Pfizer shot was given.

Another teen, a girl, who looks to be the sister of the first, was given her dose as well.

“Ahhh,” Biden cooed as the mom and brother both held her hand.

“What a wonderful support system here,” Biden said.

Biden moved to the front of the gym at 1:25 p.m. as people who had just received their shots looked on. Pool it out of earshot now.

Biden is touring the clinic with Gov. David Ige and his wife, among others."


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