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Using £1m satellites to find tupperware in the woods, so what is Geocaching, click the link to find out more


All photos have been taken with a BlackBerry Phone through the years
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Marbury Cheshire

Combining two hobbies of mine, Reenactment and Geocaching, behind me is an earth cache, not a physical cache this one, you basically need to prove you were there and understood the geology written up in the description

Car in for its MOT so off for a wonder in town, two car parks in fact, two caches in hand. Great however I'd much rather a field or wood... oh and a picnic 😁

Love the idea of this...

Have you ever been beaten to an FTF?
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Couldn’t untwist a micro?

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Official Blog
12 recommendations for the mind, body and soul while geocaching

Geocaching offers an abundance of improvements to your overall mind, body, and soul. Oftentimes we are so focused on finding the geocache, that we don’t take a step back to realize all the health benefits. Feel re-energized, inspired, and motivated to find the next geocache with these 12 recommendations. Share geocaching with a stranger. Human...
Geocaching Meet Up

This event was at the Mug House, Claines, Worcestershire. As far as I'm aware this is the only pub in the UK that is in the grounds of a Church yard. Great event...
Broardway Worcestershire

Spot of Geocaching in Broardway, Worcs, at the top of Broardway Tower.

Top left picture, can anyone spot the geocache?
Rain Stops Play

It's really hard to organize an outdoor activity in the UK. Maybe do some more geocaching next week.

Taken from the geocaching website, love the idea of this, if only I have the time and imagination

3..2..1..Action! The form to complete your Geocaching International Film Festival (GIFF) submission is now open! The form is open from now until August 1. Rules and entry can be found here: http://www.geocachingfilmfestival.com/submit

What will be the inspiration for your film?
Getting your kids outside with geocaching

As a parent, you learn to appreciate the little victories in life, whether that means celebrating a win after a soccer game or reveling in the triumph of getting your child to eat all their vegetables. However..... https://bit.ly/2K0tdua
To all the new subscribers
First of all welcome everyone; I congratulate you if you get to the end of this post. I originally set up this channel on BBM to share my adventures while geocaching around Worcestershire England, but it became a bit more than that, like when I was a teenager I wanted the whole world to hear the music I was hearing, to feel what I was feeling, to know and feel the joy I had for those few short hours while I was at a club. As I grew steadily older, I listened to less music, walked a lot more and started to appreciate the world around me in a much different way. Although I still like listening to music and I still like making people happy with my music, so many more things entertain me, my classic mini for example, work, and re-enactment of the English Civil War, (1642-1651).
My next hobby geocaching came along a few years ago, I realised I could have a purpose while out walking, deliberately taking the mini out to find a mystery cache, one where you need to work out the clues. As for re-enactment, the battles are an hour long, so whilst visiting English stately homes, castles and parks that all inevitably have geocaches in or around the villages they reside, it’s a great way to explore the area. What co insides with all of these hobbies is capturing the moment, and sharing it, that might be with photography or text, not saying I’m in any way a photographer but I do try to capture the moment the best I can. Every image taken is with a Blackberry phone, As I no longer use Flicr sharing the pictures became a little more difficult but I hope you get the idea when I share them.
I hope you enjoy following my adventures, I would love to hear your stories, fancy giving it ago, let me know.
Weather in June

As the weather is poor at the moment, I thought I'd share one of my favorite summertime photos, this was a field in Worcestershire on a lovely sunny day geocaching
May need to check on my caches at the fords, this is in a neighboring county.
Scratch that, this is exactly where my caches are 😢☹️ or were.