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Laplace transform using sympy

t, s = sympy.symbols('t s')
sympy.laplace_transform(f, t, s)
sympy.inverse_laplace_transform(F, s, t)
Loading using X11 config is buggy. I can move the cursor but windows didn't update. Running x0vncserver works well.
Decompose partial fractions using sympy

In [2]: z = sympy.symbols('z')
In [3]: sympy.apart(z/((z-3) * (z-0.5)), z)
Out[3]: -0.2/(1.0*z - 0.5) + 0.4/(0.333333333333333*z - 1.0)
Replacing CR with LF

Replacing LF with CR

you can enter ^M with <C-V><C-M>
To dispatch a event is to assign the event bottom up. i.e. Trigger the event from the children.
Sweet functionality of KeePassXC
Debian is HARD
A SVG <path> is a series of commands and positions. Think of the little turtle of WinLogo. A uppercase command indicates that the following position is absolute and a lowercase command shows that it is relative.

M x y / m dx dy: move to given position.
L x y / l dx dy: draw a line from current pos to destination.
H x / h dx: draw a horizontal line to given x.
V y / v dy: vertically line to given y.
C x1 y1, x2 y2, x y: draw a cubic Bezier curve to x y, with control points x1 y1 and x2 y2.
Q x1 y1, x y: draw a quadratic Bezier curve to x y, with the control point x1 y1.
S x2 y2, x y: continues the cubic Beizer curve drew by last C-command to x y with the second control point at x2 y2.
To access onion services with cURL, the parameter --socks5-hostname instead of --socks5 should be set.
-zilla is a slang suffix derived from the Japanese movie monster Godzilla, denoting the monster-like qualities of Godzilla. Wikipedia
Most CSS in JS libraries for React are just usable, not well engineered.
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Nix uses lib.mkMerge to merge configuration modules.