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Many people have asked me whether or not Commonwealth data via the Australian Immunisation Register is able to be accessed by the States and Territories for the purposes of creating vaccine passports or engaging in vaccine discrimination. The answer I’ve received from Health Minister Greg Hunt (which I’ve checked verbally) is that personal data from the register is not made available to States and Territories at present but aggregate data is. In other words, they can’t see your personal info but can see how many people in a local government area are vaccinated or not.
Note I said personal data is not made available to States and Territories “at present”. That may change. If you don’t want your data passed on to State Government you need to download and complete Services Australia Form IM017 ‘Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) - ceasing correspondence and release of information form’ at
Forwarded from Mel Ann
If you’re in an industry where mandates are coming for your job, and you haven’t spoken out about it, why not?

What have you got left to lose?

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. ALOUD.

I encourage and implore every single one of you to start speaking, standing, and fighting for your HUMAN RIGHTS!

To retain the ability to participate and work in society without being pressured or coerced into doing something without your consent.

Healthcare workers have done so for the last 18 months, and be damned if they should be stripped of their right to work now.

They deserve better. More people should be talking about this.


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It’s good to see one State ending the daily press conferences which Premiers and Chief Health Offices have used to spread fear and panic among the populace. It’s the modern day equivalent of the gruesome “Bring out your dead” cry.
Good question.
🚨 I’m going live at 6.30pm tonight with Joel Jammal & Mario Malik of Rebel News NSW at

We’ll be talking about vaccine discrimination from employers & how to opt out of the ‘Health Passports’ coming soon. 🇦🇺

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The Health Minister needs to order the TGA to reverse their decision to ban the off-label use of ivermectin.
My ivermectin treatment pack. Prescribed by a GP. Now the TGA has banned GPs from prescribing the drug off-label. It’s a decision they will regret.


Nobel Prize multi use for IVERMECTIN

IVERMECTIN: enigmatic multifaceted ‘wonder’ drug continues to surprise and exceed expectations - The Journal of Antibiotics



IVERMECTIN anti viral action

IVERMECTIN as Ionophore

IVERMECTIN stopping viral replication

IVERMECTIN Extremely safe

IVERMECTIN Works when distributed

IVERMECTIN works when administered

IVERMECTIN in India WHO white paper

2019 CDC Memo on Ivermectin Resurfaces After Media Blasted The Drug as ‘Horse Treatment’

Forwarded from Tommy Robinson News

Ivermectin works.

Fauci is a LYING RAT.

Mainstream media are the enemy of the people.

Politicians are in the pockets of big pharma.
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This is satire but the way things are going you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise.
Giggle. Sorry, I’m just horsing around. Go to to help liberate Australia.
The pandemic is over. Go home, everyone. Or rather, leave home.

Story: (paywall)
Under no circumstances should you quit your job if your boss tries to enforce a ‘no jab, no job’ rule, even if it’s one that comes with a government mandate.
You do not need to comply with such a request. Why? Well, it certainly is unethical for an employer to demand an employee undertake a medical procedure that only has provisional approval (as they don’t own their workers’ bodies) but it also may be illegal if they try to sack you for not having it done.
According to Fair Work: “If an employee refuses a direction to be vaccinated, it’s unlikely that their employer can stand down the employee…
Further, employers generally don’t have the power to suspend employees without pay...
Employees have various protections against being dismissed or treated adversely in their employment. Employers should make sure that they follow a fair process and have a valid reason for termination, or they may breach unfair dismissal or adverse action laws…”
State Governments are trying to create a vaccine passport system to enforce medical apartheid in Australia. You can stop it by denying access to your personal data on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). State Government do not have their own vaccine registries so they will have to rely on AIR data as to who has & has not had the jab.
Individuals who opt out will frustrate any vaccine passport system but if enough Australians deny them the data then the system will be unworkable.
The Federal Health Minister has advised me that “individuals can choose to opt out of having their personal information disclosed from the AIR.” To opt out download, print, fill in and send Services Australia form IM017 ‘Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) - ceasing correspondence and release of information’ that can be found at or
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