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Shohre Fakhrejanali ✿ Chadorshab waist wrap
Our June laurel goes to Shohre Fakhrejanali, a weaver from the village of Qasem Abad in the Guilan province of Iran, on the Caspian coast. Khosro Mahinroosto tells her story
Beautiful stories from Indonesia in our latest issue:
Maryam Mohamadi ✿ Mageli
Maryam Mohamadi uses a traditional craft of felt hat-making to produce home decor for Iranian homes.
We wish Eid Mubarak to all our friends who celebrate Eid al Adha today. To mark the special day, we open the Embroidery path in our Garden of Stories.


#eidaladha #embroidery #GarlandtheYear #GardenofStories
It was wonderful to hear from the contributors to this issue.
Abdullah Syed M Iyhab at the end offered a fascinating reading of NFTs as a currency for everyday objects.