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📣📣 Thrilled to share that our FxBlox RK1 board is now officially supported on Armbian.🔥

📍Check out the details at

Big shoutout to Fierro Labs for their insightful Medium blog post unraveling the gaming magic on Functionland's FxBlox RK1 Minecraft Server on Aarch64—Part 1. 🚀🎮

📍Read more:

✍🏻 @LegendofMAR

Join us on Zoom for a Q&A with Functionland's co-founders! 🚀  Ask them anything and catch up on our latest updates! 

🗓️ Thursday, November 30, 3pm EST

🎥 Join us:

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Outlier Ventures' Jamie Burke unb(l)oxes the future of decentralized storage: FxBlox 📦🪄

Exciting Updates: CEO Keyvan spills the beans in our latest AMA!

✓Big app update scheduled for Christmas, resolving wallet connection bugs.

✓Testnet is also expected to go live in the same update.

✓Design for Hub tower of XL in progress, it'll support USB4!

🎥Tap here to watch the full video:

Ho ho ho, we're going to have a Christmas warmup AMA! 🎄💬

This time in text and voice message format, over @functionlanders group. What time works best for you?🤔 Please vote below:
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🗓️Dec 22 / 11-12 EST
🗓️Dec 22 / 14-15 EST
🗓️Dec 22 / 16-17 EST
Join us on our telegram channel for a text and voice Q&A with Functionland's co-founders! 🚀 

Ask anything and get the latest updates live!


🗓️ FRIDAY, DEC 22 / 11 am EST

Happy holidays everyone!

Picture: team working on the app update 🚀🔥
Missed our AMA on telegram?💬 Don't worry, here's your chance to catch up on the latest and greatest updates from Functionland's co-founders!

Tap here to read more! 🧑🏻‍💻

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Community Update on FxBlox Firmware

Hello Functionland community,

We've identified a glitch in our latest firmware update (version 1.34.0) affecting the initial setup phase. Some users may experience issues where the app successfully connects to the router but fails to recognize this connection, impacting the display of connected status, HDD size and usage, and blockchain data.

Our team is diligently working to resolve these challenges and enhance your experience. We're committed to creating a seamless, user-friendly environment, and your input is invaluable. A heartfelt thank you for your patience and for reporting these issues—it's your active participation that drives the continuous improvement of our products.

In our efforts to push boundaries and deliver solutions swiftly, we've released version 1.35.0 of the firmware. This update is hot off the press and has not undergone our usual testing process. We invite the brave and the bold to try it out; however, please be fully aware of its untested nature, which may include errors.

If you opt to explore version 1.35.0, your feedback will be crucial for both the developers and the community. Sharing your experiences helps us all learn and grow together.

Thank you for being a part of our journey towards a more empowered and connected future.

Go FULA, and let's continue to forge ahead together!

— The Functionland Team
Channel photo updated
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🍿 Mark you calendars: 8 DAYS!

🥁 Calling all privacy champions, and storage enthusiasts!

Get ready to experience the future of secure, decentralized storage with the launch of the Functionyard Incentivised Testnet on April 13th, 2024. Functionyard is where your data calls home (without giving up control!).

What is BORG?

BORG is the fuel for the Functionyard network. It'll power actions like storing, securing the network, and participating in decisions.

🥂Join the Decentralized Storage Revolution!

If you're passionate about breaking free from centralized storage giants, the Functionyard Testnet is your sandbox. Developers, tinkerers, and anyone who believes in data sovereignty are welcome to join, and we start with onboarding FxBlox owners as the first community members who believed in the mission.

🛎️ Support: Please join our telegram support channel
📃 More Info:
Please read the white paper

📌 Follow the Fun:


Let's build a better way to store what matters!
Join us on Twitter Spaces on Saturday, April 13th, 2024 at 1PM EST to learn more about the Functionland Testnet Launch! One of the very early movers in DePIN.

Testnet Token: BORG
Testnet Network: FUNCTIONYARD


Don't miss out on this exciting event!

#Functionland #DePIN #Testnet #TwitterSpaces
Testnet launch is here. We understand reading long docs is boring, that is why we made the docs as short as possible.

We encourage everyone to read and follow the documentation even if you have done the setup before, as many steps have been updated for a smoother experience.

No extra reboots or long waits are needed anymore other than what is specified in the doc.

We're here to help: For requesting support please follow the doc as well

Bring your blox to life today:
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# 🌟 Spark Up Your FxBlox RK1! ⚡️ Testnet Setup Guide

### Step 1: Update the Firmware
1. Download the Update:
- Visit the Functionland RK1 Image Releases page at []( and grab the "" file from the latest release.
2. Prepare the Update:
- Unzip the downloaded file to a folder on your computer 🖥.
- Copy all the files from the unzipped folder to the root directory of a USB drive.
3. Apply the Update:
- Power off your FxBlox 🔌.
- Connect the USB drive to the top USB port on the FxBlox.
- Power on the FxBlox and wait until you see Blue/Green flashing LEDs 🚥, which means the update is processing.
- After the update, power off the FxBlox, remove the USB drive, and then power it back on.
- Wait for the Cyan LEDs to flash, signaling that the firmware update has been successful and you are ready for the next adventure!

### Step 2: Install the Mobile App
1. Download the FxBlox App:
- For Android users, fetch it from the Google Play Store at []( 📱.
- For iOS users, download it from the Apple App Store at []( 🍏.

### Step 3: Set Up the App
1. Open your Metamask Wallet on your mobile device 🦊.
2. Minimize Metamask (do not close) and open the FxBlox app.
3. In the FxBlox app:
- Agree to terms and choose "Setup Blox".
- Enter a memorable password for data encryption 🔐.
- Complete the connection process in Metamask, then return to the FxBlox app.
- Select "Connect to new blox".
- Manually connect your phone to the "FxBlox" WiFi/Hotspot, ensure "mobile data" is off, and continue in the app.
- If using external storage, ensure at least 300GB is connected. If it's not recognized, use the "Format" button. The device will reboot automatically and flash light blue when ready 💽.
- Choose your WiFi network, enter the password 🌐.
- Reconnect your mobile device to your home WiFi; you can turn mobile data back on if desired.
- From the home screen in the app, select the FxBlox image, then "Restart blox".
4. Join the Testnet:
- From the "users" menu, select "Join Fula Testnet" and enter the necessary information.
- Under the "settings" menu, go to "pools" and select the pool closest to your location 🌍.

### 🎉 Congratulations! 🎉
Your FxBlox is now set up and ready to rumble on the Testnet. Dive in and explore its functionalities! 🚀🌟
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🚀🌟 Attention all Functionland FxBlox Users! 🌟🚀

The Testnet has officially launched and we're making waves! 🌊🎉 We couldn't have reached this milestone without your incredible support. As we gear up for the Mainnet, we need your help to keep the momentum going!

📢 Join Us in Spreading the Word!
Share your positive experiences with the FxBlox project and team on all your social platforms. Whether it's a breakthrough moment or just everyday enjoyment, let the world know how Functionland is changing the game.

👥 You Are the Heart of Functionland!
Every post, every tweet, and every share helps build our community and fuel our journey. Remember, you aren’t just part of Functionland; you ARE Functionland!

🎯 Let's Aim for Mainnet!
With every contribution and every conversation, we're not just building technology; we're building a future. Let's continue to support and inspire each other as we move forward.

🙌 Thank You!
A huge thank you to all of our backers and community members. Your passion and participation are what make this project a reality.

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