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DeFi Insights (9/26/22):


Tether $USDT is live on Polkadot

Nazare is live on Solana
-Nazare introduces leveraged strategies for users to increase their yield and protocols to build up liquidity

dymint: the engine of RollApps
-The dYmension Hubs is a Cosmos SDK chain built for servicing RollApps
-It is forked from Celestia’s Optimint
-Dymint is described as the drop-in replacement for Tendermint that allows RollApps to have low latency and high throughput
-Dymint delegates security to the dYmension Hub

Cosmos 2.0?
-The Cosmos Hub team proposed a new vision for the Cosmos Hub
-The next phase of the Cosmos Hub is to become an infrastructure service platform and prioritize ATOM as the preferred collateral choice in the Cosmos Network


Why use a dynamic fee for liquidity pools?
-There is is substantial overhead associated with increasing the “price” of the liquidity that users supply
-A thorough analysis of Uniswap v3 ETH/USDC pool may provide enough information for introducing a novel dynamic fee mechanism that can be applied for any arbitrary pair of assets

Dune Analytics dashboard: Perpetual DEXs

Aave: The Crypto Conglomerate
DeFi Insights (9/27/22):


Interpol issued a red notice for Do Kwon

Binance Labs participated in $300M Series B round for Mysten Labs

Deribit raises funds at $400M valuation

Introducing Aloe II
-Aloe II is a money market protocol that allows market makers to take up to 20x leverage, fully-collateralized loans
-Uses Uniswap oracles for permissionless asset pair listings
-The protocol will be fully decentralized at launch

Aztec: Private Dollar Cost Averaging
-Aztec’s DCA bridge uses Chainlink oracles to allow for bilateral exchange of assets
-The bridge matches buyers and sellers and performs internal rebalancing according to a user’s specified price


Overview of Cosmos Hub 2.0 Whitepaper

Exploring low-resolution dynamics of uniswap fee performance
DeFi Insights (9/30/22):


Uniswap Labs eyes over $100M in new funding

Sei $50M Ecosystem and Liquidity Fund

Metamask launches beta portfolio Dapp

Circle: Cross-chain Transfer Protocol
-The new protocol will enable USDC to be sent natively across chains
-It will go live on Ethereum and Avalanche mainnet later this year

Introducing zkBridge
-zkBridge is trustless, permissionless, and decentralized
-Unlike most bridges, zkBridge does not require trust by an external committee
-Any node can freely join the network to relay block headers, generate proofs, and claim rewards

A Path to Permissionless Liquid Staking
-Rocket Pool, a competitor to Lido, is a permissionless liquid staking service that requires a large amount of collateral from each node operator
-Rocket Pool’s design is not capital efficient
-Nethermind is working with Lido to “design a mechanism that allows operators to join the Lido network permissionlessly while maintaining a high-quality operator set”

Aztec Connect: ERC-4626 Bridge
-ERC-4626 is the tokenized vault standard
-ERC-4626 bridge allows users to issue and redeem shares of any ERC-4626 vault
-Integrations will no longer require their own standalone bridge contracts


The best DeFi Business Models
-Research on the business models of decentralized exchanges, lending markets, asset managers, and liquid staking protocols

Chainlink Economics 2.0
-Economics 2.0 focuses on:
-1) Increasing user fees paid to Chainlink service providers
-2) Reducing the on-chain and operating costs of oracle services
-3) Enabling a broader scope of service providers such as stakers to participate in the ecosystem
DeFi Insights (9/3/22):


Details on Credit Suisse

EIP-4337: Account Abstraction using alt mempool

Solana network outage
-A couple days ago, the Solana network experienced an outage
-Since, Solana Validator operators successfully completed a restart of the network

NEAR Protocol Nightshade update
-Nightshade is NEAR’s innovative sharding mechanism
-Phase 1 of Nightshade is live on NEAR’s mainnet

A new stablecoin: $DCHF
-$DCHF is pegged to the Swiss Franc & overcollateralized with ETH and wBTC
-It is a friendly fork of Liquity’s $LUSD

Potential Bitmex Token Launch
-Bitmex, the crypto futures and spot exchange, is planning on launching a token at the end of the year
-Bitmex’s CEO said they are waiting for the present market conditions to improve before launching the token


A guide to exploring the Starknet ecosystem

MEV: existential threat to blockchains or solvable problem?
DeFi Insights (9/5/22):


GMX is coming to Pirex

Ribbon Lend Launch
-Ribbon lend enables unsecured lending to institutional market makers
-It includes off-chain enforcement / credit underwriting and built-in insurance

Announcing Aura Protocol
-Aura is an autonomous protocol that offers borrowing for any asset against an asset or collection of assets
-The protocol is built on Starknet
-A core feature is its multi-collateral cross margin system
-The first iteration of the protocol’s architecture will be done in a few weeks

Introducing Swivel v3
-Swivel is a fixed-rate lending and tokenized cashflows protocol
-Swivel v3 enables “truly composable blockspace markets” through its integrations with Lido and Rocketpool


What is Hyper-scale DA for ZK systems?

STFX Research Report

Crypto Data Landscape

List of the most exciting projects launching on Arbitrum

Why IBC is needed
DeFi Insights (10/6/22):


GoldenTree Invests in Sushi
-GoldenTree is a $50B asset manager across various industries
-They announced $5.3M stake in SushiSwap
-Goldentree plans to help on Sushi’s tokenomics, strategy, and more

DeFiLlama Fundraise data

Prime Protocol on public testnet
-Prime Protocol is a cross-chain prime brokerage
-Users will be able to access liquidity across their entire portfolio, regardless of chain

zkSync 2.0 Testnet Update
-24 days remain until zkSync 2.0 hits mainnet
-On Oct. 10th, testnet will undergo a regenesis event which will reset transaction history, token balances, and require developers to redeploy contracts


Ethereum’s new staking model does not make ETH a security
-Paradigm’s new report discusses how staking ETH fails to satisfy the Howey test
DeFi Insights (10/10/22):


Taiko: Eth-equivalent ZK-Rollup
-Taiko is an EVM compatible, decentralized ZK-Rollup
-It will support all existing Ethereum smart contracts
-Eth-equivalency, increases compatibility it is designed like Ethereum

Announcing VyperOTC
-“The first ever trustless OTC platform” allowing users to trade while remaining “completely permissionless and non-custodial”
-P2P derivatives marketplace
-At launch, users will only be able to trade Forward contracts

Introducing UniStark
-UniStark is Uniswap v3, but transpiled and compiled on Starknet

ZkSync L3 Pathfinder Updates
-zkSync’s L3 Pathfinder will be released to public testnet in Q1 2023
-L3’s, also called HyperChains, increase scalability for the zkSync ecosystem
-Developers will be able to choose from 3 DA options: 1) ZK rollup 2) zkPorter 3) Validium, while using zkSync’s proving infrastructure

LayerZero integrates with Aptos
-Over 20 projects are building on the LayerZero Aptos Devnet


A comprehensive list of Fuel resources

Why founders are misallocating tokens to investors

SLAMM: A Unified Model for Cross-Chain Liquidity

ETHBogota Finalists
Sense Finance: The DeFi Fixed Income Market
DeFi Insights (10/24/22):


Polkadot Founder steps down
-Gavin Wood, the CEO of Parity and the founder of Polkadot, announced he is stepping down to the Chief Architect position

Polygon’s miMatic market exploited for ~200k

Celestia raises $55M
-Celestia is making it easy for developers to build a blockchain layer on top of their modular blockchain stack
-Specifically, Celestia is building modular data availability layers and execution environments that are interoperable with each other

Sentiment is live on Arbitrum
-Sentiment is a money market protocol that allows borrowers to access up to 5x leverage

Skip Protocol: New feature announcement
-Skip-select gives chains and validators the ability to decide how they structure their blocks
-Validators can: prevent frontrunning/sandwiching, decide how to split MEV rewards, and set how much of a block Skip builds

Mean Finance: New feature announcement
-Mean Finance is a dollar-cost-averaging (DCA) protocol
-Mean’s new feature, “Yield-while-DCA”, allows users to generate yield while their DCA position gets executed


Structuring Blockspace Derivatives
-Read about the potential disruption of blockspace derivatives on Ethereum

Building A New Social Network
-Read about the future of social media in Web3

Creating the App-Chain Internet
-Report on the similarities and differences between Avalanche and Cosmos
Six Long Volatility Strategies for DeFi:


Announcing Y2K’s Initial Farm Offering (IFO)
-Y2K launch and the IFO will take place in 3 days
-Y2K allows users to hedge or speculate on the risk of a pegged asset
-Future products include:
-1) Tsunami – CDO lending market for pegged assets
-2) Wildfire – on-chain RFQ orderbook, allowing users to trade Y2K risk tokens

Starknet News
-Updated version of Starknet was released on testnet
-Mainnet will follow shortly
-Top 3 dapps ranked by total users: 1) mySwap (AMM) 2) Mint Square (NFT marketplace) 3) Aspect (NFT marketplace)

The regenesis of zkSync 2.0
-Zksync 2.0 testnet is live

MakerDAO endgame proposal passed
-The Endgame Plan involves restructuring how the DAO operaties and increasing decentralization
-MetaDAOs have a predefined area of focus, but they are all connected to the main MakerDAO
-Protocol Owned Vault will hold staked ETH to generate Dai

Harpie: First on-chain firewall
-Harpie analyzes user’s pending transactions and stops them from executing if theft is detected
-Harpie is backed by Dragonfly, Coinbase, and OpenSea

Introducing 0x Explorer
-Tool used to verify transactions and analyze on-chain activity
-It includes transaction tracking, liquidity source and chain breakdowns, and application metrics
-Currently, 0x Explorer only supports ERC-20 txs routed through 0x API

Spin: on-chain perpetuals
-Spin is the first on-chain Perpetuals protocol on Near
-Users can open positions with up to 10x leverage

Introducing Google’s Blockchain Node Engine
-Blockchain Node Engine is a “fully managed node-hosting service”
-Ethereum will be the first blockchain supported
-The nodes are placed behind a Virtual Private Cloud Firewall to prevent unauthorized access to them

Sei Whitepaper Released
-The Whitepaper outlines seven major areas of innovation
-These include: 1) Intelligent block propogation, 2) Optimistic block processing, 3) Delivertx Parallelization, 4) Endblock parallelisation, 5) Native price oracles 6) Frequent batch auctioning, & 7) Transaction order bundling

Inflation-pegged ‘flatcoin’ launches testnet
-Laguna Labs launched a testnet for ‘flatcoin’ – a kind of stablcoin pegged to the cost of living
-It is pegged to the cost of living via on-chain inflation data


Building a new social network with web3\

L2 Scaling Overview

The Crypto Winter of 2022 – Andrej Cronje

What drives fundamentals in Crypto?

Hyperplonk: a super fast proof system specifically for zkEVMs

Real World Assets: Finance’s Bridge to Crypto

Idea: Burning MEV through block proposer auctions
DAILY INSIGHTS (10/31/22):


ETH Lisbon Hackathon Winners

Reserve Bank of India to reportedly launch digital rupee pilot in November

Vitalik’s thoughts on regulation
-The crypto space should mature more before pursuing large institutional capital
-There should be no KYC on frontends
-Possible regulation on DeFi frontends include: 1) limits on leverage, 2) required transparency for audit and contract code, & 3) usage gated by knowledge-based tests instead of net-worth requirements

Ethereum’s Q4 product roadmap
-Goals: 1) Finish markdown page layout, 2) Add new components to the design system, 3) Use the homepage as the first custom page to be fully integrated into the design system
-Some tasks include: 1) implement UI library, 2) build a new Geth Website, 3) learning quizzes, 4) real-world case studies

Connext network upgrade
-The network upgrade, Amarok, is ready to be launched in Beta
-Connext will become a modular stack for interoperability
-Developers will be able to quickly deploy their apps cross-chain

Introducing the Decentralized Storage Alliance
->90% of businesses use centralized cloud platforms for data storage
-The Decentralized Storage Alliance supports businesses in the adoption of decentralized technologies like Filecoin and IPFS


List of key material about PBS on Ethereum

Since the Merge: How are Things Changing?


Y2K Finance IFO is live
-IFO deposits are open, and the first epoch begins Nov. 7th
-IFO accumulated $1m TVL in the first twelve hours

Introducing Bounce M&A
-Bounce M&A provides infrastructure for projects to merge and acquire one another

Gearbox V2 is live
-Gearbox V2 is a two-sided protocol, where liquidity providers provide single-asset liquidity and borrowers use those assets to trade or farm with ~10x leverage
-Borrowers decide the leverage factor, debt, farm, trade, etc.

Inverse Finance announces FiRM
-FiRM is a fixed rate money market protocol
-Problem with existing solutions: fixed-rate loans are overpriced due to poor pricing models
-FiRM introduces Token Borrowing Rights as a solution to this problem
-A Token Borrowing Right is a tokenized form of interest rate

API3: Introducing the OEV Oracle
-Oracle extractable value (OEV) refers to oracles capturing MEV
-API3’s OEV oracle auctions off the right to extract on-chain value from oracle updates to Searchers
-“OEV extraction updates data feeds exactly when needed, which results in cheap and maximally accurate data feeds


Chainlink: A low latency oracle solution for the DeFi derivatives market

Optimistic vs. ZK Rollups

List of early-stage crypto projects


Deribit hot wallet hacked for $28 million

New ‘crypto token regime’ instituted at the Dubai International Financial Centre

Flashbots’ MEV-Boost is live on Coinbase Cloud
-Coinbase users who stake eth can receive MEV rewards

Orderly Network receives investment from Laser Digital
-Orderly Network is a decentralized orderbook infrastructure project built on NEAR
-Incubated by crypto exchange WOO Network and NEAR
-The new investment comes a few months after they announced a $20m funding round led by some of the top investors in the space

1,000 Solana validators went offline
-Hetzner, a cloud service provider, blocked all Solana network activity on its servers
-As a result, more than one-fifth of the Solana stake is temporarily not earning the validators and the delegator any rewards


-zkLend is a money market protocol built on StarkNet
-Two main products: 1) Artemis - permissionless service 2) Apollo - permissioned service for institutions

What sets GHO stablecoin apart
-Maker creates a separate vault for each asset
-Aave allows users to mint GHO against multiple types of collateral
-LPs who provide liquidity into Aave earn yield from their deposits and can mint the GHO stablecoin at the same time


SBF denies insolvency rumors as Binance liquidates FTT token

FTX token shows signs of resilience

Russia’s plans to integrate crypto into its economy

Google Cloud running Solana validator
-Google Cloud is working with Solana to bring Blockchain Node Engine to Solana next year
-This will make it easier for anyone to launch a Solana node in the cloud

Zeta launches Perps
-Zeta is the first orderbook DEX with options, expirable futures, and Perps

Jump: Updates on Firedancer
-Firedancer is a new independent validator for Solana
-The project is working towards improving system performance and standardizing Solana’s current validators

A take on the dydx DAO’s near future


A new permissionless credit marketplace

Scaling, modularity and the question of blockchain longevity

Covalent: A unified API for retrieving blockchain data