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Media is too big
Intro To The Lawful Me Platform and Why It's So Powerful

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I don’t vote for corporate politicians. But for anyone who does vote a Friend of Truth has designed a very handy ‘How To Vote The Majors Out’ flyer. Specific for Mt Eliza region of Victoria but the website apparently has info for the other seats.
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You’d reckon the Australian government would be aware of the studies showing connections between mobile phone use and the rise in brain cancer, brain tumours and such?

Guess not.

ABC TV, Australia’s government run television station ran a commercial showing the presenters with mobile phones to their ears—even though mobile phones come with a warning 'to reduce exposure to RF energy, use a hands-free option'.

Right there in the phone the manufacturer has a warning but the ABC ignore it, encouraging children to imitate dangerous use of mobile phones.
Sunscreen causes cancer. Sunshine heals us. #invertedworld
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What is self sabotage?

Lots of things. But one thing mainly…

…not being your best because you are afraid to stand out.

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When you put toxins in your body the immune system fights to protect your body and remove those toxins.

Toxins can be put into the body via food, beverages, skin application or by being directly injected into your body.

Acquired immune deficiency can come from injections of toxins. In a toxic state the body may not be able to defend against dis-ease as well as it can when it is not dealing with toxic substances overload.

I’m not a doctor but I have learnt a bit more about health and medicine than I knew when I was studying to be a Fitness Trainer.
Monkey business.
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