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Forwarded from Free The Nation Music

This composite photo represents just a fraction of the musicians from across the planet who have stood up for freedom by adding their name to the Free The Nation Music website.

These musicians each stand for choice.

Everyone of the musicians on Free The Nation Music value freedom enough to put their name to it: to be brave enough to stand against corporate governments imposing corporation sponsored medical terrorism on we the people.

And with courage comes energy, clarity and purpose. So you know their music is worth listening to.

Tune in today to one of our playlists on our website here:

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Forwarded from Nate Max Human Alliance (Nate Max)
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You cant take over a nation who is heavily armed. This is why there has been so many false flag attacks in the US trying to get the guns off the people. The areas with the highest amount of legal guns always have the lowest crime rates FBIs own statistics..

We lost our guns here in OZ with the false flag attack (Port Arthur massacre) which was run by Mossad and govt assets marksman head kill shots (apparently) by a guy who could not even put a key into a key hole because his hands were so shakey and was so mentally unwell due to prescription drugs (the gateway to possession & MK ultra)

So what the government wants is only the criminals to have guns, (the police, army and united nations forces) the very thugs who work for the same puppetmasters trying to steal your guns. The same people who helped lock you in your houses, forced you to stay home, close your business, shut the borders & enforced nazi style rules onto the people willingly. This is why you need guns.. The system is designed this way..
Forwarded from Lucius Borich Drums (Lucius Borich Drums)
Forwarded from The How To Crypto Book
If you’ve been thinking about getting into crypto for a couple of years but were put off by the soaring value then now might be a good time to get some.

Thanks to a recent drop in the market the price of Bitcoin is the same as it was around 18 months ago.

Some people are saying this represents a great opportunity to get into the market.

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Forwarded from Free The Nation Music
Punk is dead, clearly.

So too the once seemingly British musical notion of ‘giving peace a chance’, apparently.

UK chart-toppers, Right Said Fred, one of the few big names in music to publicly support freedom of choice and oppose enforced masking/experimental injections have already faced censorship from social media channels and backlash by music establishment but are now being blatantly discriminated against for their views.

Always articulate and often humorous in their approach to sharing their support for true freedom to choose medical intervention or not, Right Said Fred have a new book coming out and as very independent artists are doing what they can to promote it.

Unfortunately for the band and their loyal fans—old and new—Rough Trade in the UK have announced they have cancelled a planned book signing, based on the bands public support of freedom of choice.
Forwarded from Ben Mitchell
Media is too big
A man isn’t a penis.

A man is someone who is willing to face criticism for doing the right thing.

A man is someone who is willing to protect vulnerable others, even if it costs him time, money, status or, possibly, his own life.

A man is someone who is willing to stand alone against evil, even if no one else can see that evil.

A man is NOT someone who makes it difficult for children to breathe.

Anyone who does THAT is a monster; a tyrant, a soul-less minion serving masters of deception, corruption and slow murder by proxy.

Be a man.

Even if you are a woman.

The young ones are relying on us.
Doomsday used to be much calmer.