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🔸The most important is Speed 🔸

Buyer Updates :💠

1- now Site is 5x faster than before !
2- now you can bulk purchase from all section !
3- we fixed all checkers , now the checkers is smooth !
4- now you can check 10 items at once !
5- style pricebox changed !
6- now SMTP price decreased to 1-2$ max !
7- we have changed our servers to fastest , sellers and buyers now feel the speed !
8- we have changed our login from ( Username ) to ( Email ) !
9- now each page show 1000 items !
10- when item checker said not work the buy button will disable , to prevent buyer buy that !
11- Request Section Removed !
12- now Seo Buyers can purchase the preimum ( which he will be able to view domains ) before he can purchase and price is 50$ only lifetime !
13- we changed datatable color to be perfect view !
14- now when you purchase the item you can rate the seller product , +1 or -1 !

Sellers Updates :💠

1- Smtp Price from 1-3$ decreased to 1-2$ max price without open report !
2- sellers now can add tools much more faster than before !
3- we removed limit in adding tools for section ( cPanel , Shells , Smtp ) !
4- Request Section removed from seller panel !
5- now buyers can rate your tools quality with +1 or -1 , the top 3 rated sellers get %60 for next month , and the lowest bad rates downgrade to %40 !

Thanks for Choosing
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Everything was fixed ❤️ sorry for downtime !
🥰Happy New Year ! May 2024 bring happiness in your life .🥰
Site under Construction !

New Options will be added soon ,

We will make freshtools unique with our huge updates and new funcations !

Thanks for having Patient !
Premium Domain Access !

Did you checked our latest option for view domain before purchase the cPanel or Shells ❓

it coast you 50$ for lifetime ( Unlimited Checking ) , the price will be increased soon ! 🔜

🌎 Thanks for Choosing ! 🌎
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what you think about this new Update ( 5x Faster than before , Mass Buy , Smtp Price , Fast Checking , See Domains , Rate System , Email Login ... ?
Anonymous Poll
Amazing Update !
i don't Like !
Not Bad !
we have 32 Users that Activated the Premium Access for see the domain before purchase !

if you need that option enable it, because the price will be 100$ in 1/2/2024 !

Good Luck everyone !

Thanks for choosing
Soon we will have 1 more Section called ( Vip Access ) !

there will be 6 best Feature !

Soon we will publish !

Thanks for choosing
hello dear users ,

today or tomorrow we will close the Lifetime (Premium Access Domain View) purchase, and we will make it monthly with another 6 more feature !

so the users want that future as lifetime you can purchase now or it will be monthly soon with greater price !

Good Luck !

thanks for choosing
We have added Vip Access section !

1- Access to see domain (Premium Domain Access).

2- Get Vip badge near your username and Report information.

3- Unlimited Checker using .

4- WhiteList for Country , TLD , Seller (You can get notification in TelegramBot when any tools added according to your list) .

5- BlackList for TLD .

6- Report time from 16h to 12h .

For old Vip users who purchased the Premium domain access they stay lifetime at this feature , but if you need get this new feature you can subscribe monthly!

Price 75$ Monthly - 150$ 3 months !

Of course in the future new options will be added too !

Thanks for Choosing
New Wordpress Section in ( Hosts ) will be Available Soon !

which you can buy wordpress logins with good price !

dear sellers and buyers keep your eye on group to know when it will be added , and sellers try add good quality logins !

Thanks for Choosing
📢 Dear Customers! 📢

Quick tip for smoother support: when asking for replacements from Freshtools or sellers, just be super clear about what you need upfront!

🎯 Want the same host or country? Say so from the start.

📊 Need specific DA/PA? Mention it right away.

💻 Got any other feature in mind? Let us know from the start!

For webmail, pick from what the seller offers or ask for a list to choose from.. Easy peasy!

Clear instructions = Quick solutions. Happy shopping! 🛒✨
Ramadan Mubarak from Freshtools !

Get %10 Cashback When Deposit Greater than 100$

Thanks for Choosing Freshtools !
Eid Ramadan Mubarak!

May the guidance and blessings of Allah be with you and your family today and always.

Freshtools Team !

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DA / PA Checkers Upgrade:

Our DA/PA checker just received a major upgrade!

✨ Enhanced Accuracy: Enjoy precise results for your SEO needs.

⚡ Faster Performance: Experience quicker checks to save you time.

We've optimized our tool for a seamless and efficient experience. Try it out today and elevate your strategy!

Available at: Webshell 📦/ cPanel 🗃️
💰Bitcoin Deposit Disabled ! 🛑

Dear Clients , Due of high commission of BTC we disabled, till networks will be stable .📊

we suggest you deposit throw USDT or Perfect Money .

Thanks for having patient and choosing ! 🌐
😅Did you Checked our latest checkers for Webmail Section? 😁

We will add for the Section which not have too !😎

Also we Cleaned the Section now all items is fresh !🫡

Enjoy using Checkers and !
Do you want See domains in Section ( Smtp | cPanel | Shells | Wordpress ) before purchase ?🤔

then it is time to purchase Vip Access ✅

and much more Features ...!

Enjoy using !
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