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A brief collection of tweets calling Trudope a gutless coward. I can think of a few more words then that…

2 Hours North of Coutts…

Wednesday afternoon… Truckers, Farmers and Patriots are blocking off southern Alberta routes until ALL MANDATES are abolished. This one happening currently is at the HWY 519 / 23 Roundabout a few kilometres outside of Nobleford, AB. βœŠπŸΌπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

Patriots from across Alberta are starting to block off multiple roads near several towns all the way down south to Coutts.

Forwarded from Dr. Tenpenny
This Canadian Pastor was arrested before a Church Service. Update: β€œThey are holding Pastor Artur in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day until the next hearing on February 16.

His charges are as follows: One charge of mischief over $5000. One charge of blocking critical infrastructure. One charge of breaching bail conditions from his arrest in September.

Pastor Artur was conducting church services at Milk River for the truckers who are fighting for everyone's freedom. Trudeau knows that the people are not behind his tyrannical mandates and because of this, he and Premier Jason Kenney are directing local authorites to keep the pastor incarcerated illegally in order to intimidate citizens who dare defy their orders into compliance.”
A lot has changed in a few short years.
Things are not as they seem.
Society is obsessed with denouncing an unideal past while worshiping an idealistic future.
It seems like no one wants to accept the fact that flaws exist and we will never achieve a flawless utopia.
Idealism is the root of the problem. Society wants perfection or nothing.
When they cannot get the perfection they want, they meltdown because they have no idea how to accept a world with flaws.