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L événement intitulé «La marche des fiertés» concernant les LGBT aura lieu demain Samedi 02 Juillet 2016 à 14:00 après midi à la France
Je crois qu'il faut défendre les droits de pédophilie également.
Participe présent du verbe CONCERNER, means ( concerning ).

Here the present participle is invariable, we will talk about it soon. Meanwhile check out Google for a definition of the present participle. You will notice that it's poorly documented almost everywhere. Instead of a definition, you will find examples and instructions on how a present participle word is positioned within a sentence, but unfortunately no definition.
However, the present participle isn't really as important as the past participle which we need in almost every phrase in our daily conversations, therefore I recommend a deep research about the past participle in English as a grammar node.
Now try to forget everything about French and focus on how to define the past participle because this will help you get over too many difficulties concerning the past participle in French, especially the tense called «Le passé composé», this latter is equivalent to the english present perfect and we know how much it's important. Examples of this tense are :
🔸j'ai compris
I have understood.
🔸Nous sommes partis
We have left
🔸on a trouvé
One has found.

While a similar sentence with the same structure ( auxiliary verb + past participle ) may not be passé composé, such as:
🔸il est fatigué
He is tired.
Find out why by starting your research from :


I strongly advise you to go through this research and develop a deep concept about the past participle, hopefully this will boost your learning process pretty fast forward and help you to understand what you say in your own language.
The following definitions are not allowed :

the past participle is a form of a verb that is used in the present and past perfect.
It is the third conjugated form of a verb.
it is something like ( written, gone, helped, ...etc )

So, if you ever came to this conclusion then do not stop searching, just continue until you find an exact definition, not how it looks or how we derive it or where we position it.
This research may take a week from you but hopefully shall help you understand an advanced concept about how the language works.
We will talk about it later and discuss it in details, if you guys had suggestions from your research results or questions or anything related to the past participle then please feel welcome to share them with us here.
Message me at anytime and I'll try my best to answer you as soon as possible.
« Ça te va bien »
What a weird expression my friend told me today.
It stands for ( This is going nice on you ) , and means ( This looks good on you ).
As you can see, the way we express an idea might differ from one language to another but it always represents that same idea.

«This is going good on you» is just a difference in the culture, and how people are used to express certain ideas.
Some ideas can only be expressed in one way like :
The kitten is in the drawer.
While others may have hundreds of ways, such as :
How are you?
And because every language covers a specific geo region then that language is affected by the culture and the traditions of that region.
Take the expression «How are you» as example.
In French they say :
This is going?
Or how are you going?
Or how is this going?
And in Arabic :
How is your state?
Or how are your matters?
Or how are you?
Despite these differences, saying «How are you?» in all the language is always correct, because it's just an alternative way to express the same idea but the only problem is that the people who speak that language are not used to that expression and they might have reserved it for another idea.
Does this ring a bell?
What I want to say here is that we need to forget our culture when trying to express our ideas and learn the target language's culture to do so.

«Ça ne te va pas» ✌️
Hellotalk.com is another great application for exchanging languages and unfortunately it's blocked in Iran too.
You will be able to talk to native speakers from around the world and learn any language you wish.
This is the application as I uploaded it for a friend.
Forwarded from 
32.3 MB
À l'occasion de Aid elfitre, je vous souhaite une bonne fête.
Hi French lovers!
Maybe not all of you learn French because of loving it, but we still all love to learn it as fast and good as possible.
It's been pretty long since I last posted anything here, and it's honestly because of not having any support, as I created this channel to be managed by its members in the first place, it's why I've never promoted it or invited people to join it, we're all here because of the common goal we hope to acheive.
I've been learning French on Facebook these last three weeks, and it was amazingly great. I learned a lot within few days and I was able to communicate in plain french in messenger groups. If you don't have a problem with being on Facebook, then feel free to drop me a message and I'll suggest some learning groups for you, on both Facebook and messenger alike.
I used to hate Facebook, and I fully understand those who don't like it, so I suggest that you guys learn together within a group, and the only advantage I have is taking the initiative to create the group and share the link with you here, but I didn't before because I can't afford the management burden and I can't create a bot for that, so I leave it for you guys to manage it the way you like, and I'll be just watching from afar.
The group is both public and private at the same time to allow users from certain blocked countries such as Iran to join the conversation, because they can't join a public group if you haven't known yet btw.
I was willing to start an academic course in this channel, but sadly things didn't go well, and the resources weren't available, but hopefully I'll find a way to resurrect it and share what I think is worth to help the members of all the different levels to get the most out of the French language.
If you have any ideas, please do never hesitate in contacting me if you think that I can share your word with the rest of us.
Until then, Je vous souhaite le bon apprentissage <3
Apparently, too many people would like to be in a public group rather than a private one, and therefore I'll continue with the previous idea and create a public group.
Sadly that won't be accessible by many of our friends in certain countries such as Iran in the first place, and also won't be accessible by someone whose account was deemed limited by Telegram anti spam system.
For those friends, kindly please consider joining the previous private group in case you like the idea.
The public group can be accessed with the username @FrGroup
J'espère que vous alliez bien <3
Our friend Nai has created a public group for those who possess advanced french skills and would like to practise with their fellow learners.
The group's only permitted language is supposed to be French, so try your best to speak nothing but that.

Le groupe: @FrenchChat
Bonjour guys, j'espère que vous allez bien.
I'd like to have your feedback, so please tell me.
Did you like the group idea?
If you haven't updated your telegram application yet, then go ahead and do, because French has just been announced as officially supported in version 4.4♦️
Le français sera dès maintenant pris en charge par Telegram, on attendait ça depuis longtemps.
I hope this finds you alright.
I thought of posting to tell you that I left the groups shared above and it's up to their members to manage them, and decide what is best for them.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, recommendations or contributions to share with the others here, then you're most welcome to contact me @zelfana

If otherwise you only would like to get to know me, then you're welcome at anytime but if i don't reply it means i'm yet to take my pills, it would be appreciated if you try some other time.
I know I need friends in my deeps, but I keep pushing them away from me, for some reason that I really don't know. :/

Enjoy a good day ahead and a good night, and I wish all the best to the language learners, hoping they will learn it fast and easily.
Before I end this, I know some people like to push buttons when reading things on the internet, and it's à la mode too, so here are some like buttons in case someone is interested.