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Literally killed the market this week, I hope that you are happy with the profit that I’m giving out for FREE 🔥📈
Always keeping the members happy 🔥🙏
Forwarded from XL VIP COMMUNITY
Sell limit on gold at 1507
SL 1512
TP 1500
Sell now gold at 1506.60
SL 1512
TP 1500
Forwarded from XL VIP COMMUNITY
Gold +30 pips move SL at entry and close half lot
Forwarded from XL VIP COMMUNITY
Close gold +50 pips
Nice trade to end the week🔥🔥
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here’s a small clip of our XL WEEKEND VIDEO that we make for our VIP MEMBERS.

I made a short clip also for you guys 🔥
Forwarded from XL VIP COMMUNITY
Sell USDCAD now at 1.3256
SL 1.3276
TP 1.3170

Risky trade but we have a nice Risk:Reward Ratio (1:4)
If it goes against us it’s just 20 pips loss
Forwarded from XL VIP COMMUNITY
Buy nzdusd now at 0.6330
SL 0.6300
TP 0.6415

NZDUSD after being bullish for several days we were expecting a pullback. Now that the pullback has happened we are looking for a continuation to the upside, let’s see if the price bounces from the 0.705 Fibonacci level✔️🔥
Keep holding NZDUSD, so far it is holding my long analysis, let’s wait🔥
Forwarded from XL VIP COMMUNITY
GBPJPY also at resistance, very risky to take trades because of GBP news tomorrow, if you want to enter I advise to use half the size of the usual LOT you use
NZDUSD +30 pips close half lot and SL at entry