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Learn football trading even if you are a beginner or advanced. Here you will find information, live tips and much more.
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Lay HT draw @ 2.10
Back Medvedev to win AO @ 4.10
Lay HT draw @ 1.75
Lay Medvedev @ 1.22
I will Lay HT draw if there is some action in the first 10 minutes.
Sassuolo vs Bologna
#LayTheDraw @ 2.10
Valladolid vs Real Madrid
#LayTheDraw @ 2.30
Lay Novak Djokovic @ 1.42

...back if Medvedev win 2nd set or if he win a break.
Lay again Novak Djokovic @ 1.13
Lay HT draw @ 1.70
"Trading is hard because it requires that you live a life dedicated to growth. As a trader you’re basically an entrepreneur, a risk-taker, and a rider of uncertainty… but perhaps above all, you’re a smart worker and a life-long learner."
#1. Trading is a business

#2. Losses are part of this business

#3. A good attitude will smooth your learning curve

#4. Delayed gratification is paramount

#5. Be a good student of the market

#6. You do not control the market

#7. You don’t need a crystal ball

#8. Short-term results don’t matter

#9 Epic trades will come when you least expect them

#10. You must think less and do more

#11. Your staying power will bring you success

#12. Hard work is overrated. Smart work is the way

#13. Your obsession with money is what prevents you from making any

#14. Your equity curve is a mirror

#15. You will forget these truths (so read them as often as possible)
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#Lay HT draw @ 1.85