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New feature on fantokenstats: I added a new section, that shows the market cap of all fan tokens listed! Current fan token market cap is 34 million USD. This feature should make it easier to compare the overall performance of the fan token market.
Massive update for! In addition to the overview page, that displays prices and market caps of fan tokens, every fan token now has an individual page with individual statistics listed, such as 24hr price change, location or detailed supply statistics!
For example, you can now go to the page of Galatasaray and see, that their fan token $GAL has been up 8% from 24 hours ago:
Or you can visit the fantokenstats page of Juventus and see, how many $JUV were distributed per month since October 2019:
I had a look at the Kucoin hack from a blockchain perspective:
It is kind of hard to see where Bitcoin is heading long-term from a TA-perspective regarding trendlines.

From a bearish point of view, you could argue, that we broke a multi-year-long trendline, had two bearish retests (one in May and one in August) and have stayed under since.
From a bullish point of view, you could argue, that we broke a multi-year downtrend in June and have been consolidating above the trendline since. Although Bitcoin has formed the next lower high (20k, 14k and now 12.5k).
To me, closing the CME gap at 9735 seems reasonable... A retest of the downwards trendline since the peak at 20k would be at ~8200 USD. What's a bit concerning though, is how bad alts performed when Bitcoin went from 12k to just 10k, many smaller alts lost 50% - 80%.
Part of the article also contains the holders per token with at least 100 BNB worth of that asset. $RUNE leads that category with 1,315 addresses holding at least Rune worth 100 BNB, followed by $FTM and $AVA:
Fan token of Trabzonspor is now live on Fantokenstats! With a current price of 1.3 USD and a resulting market cap of 1.5 million USD, it is currently ranked eighth among all fan tokens by market cap!
I added a new page to FanTokenStats, that shows the growth in market cap of the overall fan token market, a map with all European fan tokens and overall distribution statistics of all fan tokens:
Released a massive update for today! I introduced a lot of features to the individual teampages, which you can find in this thread (or directly on the website)!

Starting off with a visual improvement, I added icons to many boxes on the teampage. For example, the name of the club is highlighted with stars or the 24hr change has a rocket in the background. A total of 9 icons have been added and should make the site more visually appealing!

The price chart got a major improvement. You can now hover with the mouse cursor over the candles and it shows date, opening and closing price in a popup window for that specific day.

I added 4 boxes below the price chart, that show the price development since FTO, 90 days ago, 30 days ago and 7 days ago. I also added the date of the highest closing price to the box of the highest closing price.

Also added two new boxes in the distribution area. "Distribution rate" shows the percentage of fan tokens distributed (circ. supply / total supply), while "issuing address" shows the distribution address of the specific fan token.

The graphic "fan tokens distributed per month" also got an upgrade. Before, it showed how many tokens were distributed in prior months, now it also shows, how many tokens have been distributed in the current month so far.

Another feature is that you can now click on two boxes. Clicking on "team" will send you to the homepage of the team, while a click on "issuing address" will send you to the Chiliz explorer page of the address. Hovering over them with your cursor will change the boxes' color.

Other than that, I made some smaller improvements, like some bug fixes, a unified color for Barcelona or modifying the fan token map to both display Atlético and Team Heretics.

I hope you like the changes! Feedback is, as always, very welcome!