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If this is true, then Abe is incredibly dangerous. In the Islamic faith, the only way to ensure you go to heaven (paradise) is to die in jihad. Does that mean the only way for homosexuals to go to paradise is to die in jihad? Why has no one looked into Abe Hamadeh? Why has he not been asked about his Islamic faith?
There are many Muslims who do not truly believe their faith— but they can not leave the faith because the punishment to leave the faith is beheading or cruxifixction according to the teaching of Muhammad (which is Islamic Doctrine / Sharia). No one can leave the faith. However Muslims are also commanded to lie to infidels about their faith if it helps to advance Islam. So you can see how it would be a problem for any Muslim in America to run for office. Islam is antithetical to the US Constitution.
Trump-endorsed Abe Hamadeh is finally getting exposed. Abe is under military investigation which could disqualify him, he inflated his campaign finances to deceive the public, PLUS he lied about his military service & legal experience! DISHONEST! 😫 👇🏻
WOW. This is infuriating.

Why wouldn’t conservative media or other conservative groups in AZ help push real election reform with HB2289?

Because the controlled opposition is overwhelming. Those you think are fighting for you & actually just distracting from passing real reform.😩
Well the final count is in and all the “America First / MAGA” candidates “won”. Crazy to me that now all these people suddenly believe in real elections again. Massive psyop. 🥴
Abe Hamadeh won as well. And of course now much info is started to leak out about his military investigation which could leave to his disqualification to even hold the position of AG (which would force him to drop out of the race). Should be interesting to see how the next few months go.
Remember the PCR tests? Well the MSM have confirmed that they were laced with poisonous chemical Sodium Azide. Don’t put this stuff up your nose!
So it looks like the Trump-endorsed corrupt Muslim extremist candidate Abe Hamadeh blocked me on Twitter. 🥴
Oz is affiliated with Muslim Brotherhood.
Blake Masters, another terrible Trump endorsed candidate quietly back-peddles on abortion — initially being 100% pro-life NOW supports almost all abortion being performed in this country. Blake Masters is a puppet for fake conservatives.
Blake Masters — another fake conservative endorsed by Donald Trump 🥺 Using strong stance against killing babies to gain the endorsement, then doing a 180 after “winning” his primary.
Went on NewsMax this morning on Wake Up America Weekend and it got heated! Video coming soon! 🔥
Media is too big
I think this interview broke the media matrix. Once you step outside the 2-party paradigm things start to get very interesting. 🚨
The failure of Arizona’s election chaos is because the GOP failed to pass election reform.

We have the solution. And we will be running our bill again next year.
We wrote the most comprehensive election integrity bill in the country & fought tirelessly to get it passed. One Day. One Vote. On Paper. In Person. No Machines. No Mail in Ballots. Voter ID. Precinct level voting. We fought to get it passed, but the establishment killed it.
It’s infuriating to watch the SAME PEOPLE who obstructed our Election Reform Bill being propped up on TV discussing the AZ election failures & offering solutions. Unbelievable. 🤬
You can’t out-vote a rigged election