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Florida Convoy to Tallahassee
651.083 Florida Statute
Read Article 1 Declaration of Rights Section 23 of the Florida State Constitution
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Florida Event

Tallahassee Assembly
Help us defend rights.

September 2022

Historic Front Steps
400 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL


Vote for Jeremy Brown
District 62

Colleen Wright

Dan Sullivan
Joe Hill Last and Final Will
Good luck to all of you.
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The Biggest Lie in History

Dr. Andrew G. Huff
IRS Agents sware an Oath (5 U.S. Code 3331 Oath of Office) to the U.S. Constitution.
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While the Rest of Us Die: Secrets of America's Shadow Government
2 seasons

From the Cold War to COVID. Vice TV.

Continuity of Government first started 70 years ago during the Dwight D. Eisenhower administration.

"Presidential Emergency Action Documents"?
S1 E1
It is obvious now that, Jim Crow was a KKK member writing city and county ordinances in the State of Alabama.

Mississippi Burning 1964.

Hitler was telling Jews to wear yellow stars, same thing.

Today, same thing.
What is your "Long Train of Abuses"?

Please comment below.
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The Voluntaryist Handbook
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Roadside Notice
Acting Under Color of Law
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Roadside Affidavit
Right to Travel
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Investigation Into Spikes in Newborn Baby Deaths in Scotland

The figures showed the death rate for babies under one year old in Scotland is at its highest level in 10 years.

6 days ago
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New York Attorney General Letitia James Letter to the Clay Clark's Reawaken America Tour
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Can you find the giant owl figure in this map? The same owl figure that you will find on the $1 USD bill?
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Notice of Public Hearing: Southeast Weekly Hearings

Every Wednesday
12:00 Noon
New York time

Every Thursday
8:00 PM
New York time

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🔆"Mark Passio & The Science Of Natural Law"
Documentary (NL ondertiteld, basiskennis)

Natural law = Natuurwetten, ook wel universele / morele / cosmische / spirituele wetten, wet van oorzaak & gevolg, de gouden regels, karma en meer genoemd.

Is de mensheid echt vrij?
Zijn er universele wetten die van toepassing zijn op menselijk gedrag?
Heeft onze kennis of onwetendheid van deze wetten invloed op onze collectieve vrijheid?

In deze unieke documentaire onderzoekt Mark Passio deze vragen en ons huidige begrip van universele wetten die het dagelijks leven van ieder van ons beïnvloeden.
video on Rumble
🔅Kennis die je onthouden is @NLechtWAKKER
Yuval Harari: The Oracle for the Digital Dictotorship

Google: "harari" "digital dictatorship"