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Dear Investors! The previous Telegram channel was stolen, this channel is the only and official one. Here you can see all the latest news, be sure to subscribe.
Dear Investors! We have great news. We now accept Tether stablecoin in both ERC20 and TRC20 protocol! Now you can stop worrying about cryptocurrency rate jumps and invest with Tether. We are always trying to improve our service, thank you for being with us!
Dear users, be careful! When you make a deposit in cryptocurrency, send exactly the number of coins indicated in the invoice, otherwise you may lose them! And also, be very careful, we only accept payments through the PayKassa merchant, if someone asks you to transfer money to a wallet outside the Paykassa service - these are scammers, be careful! Have a good day!
Dear Investors! For your convenience and the speed of our support, we have added the jivosite support window to our site. Now you do not have to wait for an answer to the mail, just write any question to support in the window on the site and you will receive a quick response. We work every day to improve our service!
Dear Investors! Cases of fraud have become more frequent! Please make sure when making a deposit that you are on our official website This is the only official website registered to our company that has a security certificate, you can verify this by clicking on the lock icon in the line of your browser. We remind you that we only accept payments through the PayKassa merchant. Be careful!
Dear Investors! We are glad to inform you that we have already collected 50% of the amount necessary for the growth of our studios in just a few months! Soon we plan to reduce the percentage of profit for new investors, and after collecting the entire amount, close registration for new users. All investors who manage to make a deposit in the near future will receive payments throughout the year according to current conditions and the percentage of profit for existing investors will not change. The conditions will change only for new deposits, thanks for your trust!