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Platform for Cripto Currencies trading between different Crypto Exchanges.
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Good News! We received "digital software certificate" and will be able to provide very user with free prototype of 1st CryptoTrader ASAP.
Hurry up! Offer up to 10% on deposit expires within 2 weeks! Visit: http://ico.1ct.io

5% bonus for deposits <$5k
10% bonus for deposits >$5k
Bounty program (5DHT just for sign up!) (5DHT just for sign up!): https://ico.1ct.io/affiliate/
Good News! we created 1st CryptoTrader prototype, and you can download and use it for free: http://iticsoftware-products.s3.amazonaws.com/1ct_setup.exe
We created Videos about FREE 1stCrypto Trader Prototype on several languages:
1.English: https://youtu.be/zeMjaHF6VuI
2.Русский: https://youtu.be/U2dPmS2qOpg
3.Español: https://youtu.be/kanNnTgEF-c
5.原型中文版: https://youtu.be/bQU0VREmv3Y 我的国家不允许使用Youtube: https://s3.amazonaws.com/1cryptotrader/1stCrypto-Trader-prototype-Chinese.mp4

Download 1stCryptoTrader Prototype for free: https://download.cnet.com/1st-CryptoTrader/3000-2064_4-77956657.html
26 November 2018 (6 days left) we will stop DHT tokens presale with 30% ($0.7) off and discounts. After 26 Nov. 20, 18 you will be able to buy DHT tokens for the regular price and without any bonuses. The price of one token ranges between $ 0.85 and $ 1.00, determined by the linear growth function, where the lowest price is the price of the first DHT token sold at this stage. We strongly recommend to buy tokens now, because:
1. Price will be higher after 26 Nov 2016
2. Price will be higher when we place token on crypto exchange(s)
3. We will accept only DHT tokens to pay for the all paid services associated with the 1stCryptoTrader application – e.g., to pay commission fees for traded volume, for usage, for signal and strategy purchases, etc. and we 100% sure that 1stCryptoTrader software will be the best on the market!
Please view presentation about DHT token: https://youtu.be/77v7GSmFWOE and read about project https://ico.1ct.io

Best regards,
Boris Fesenko
Article about black box strategies for 1stCryptoTrader https://ico.1ct.io/black-box-crypto-trading-strategies-for-1stcryptotrader/
We are happy to inform you that our Digital Humanity team created first professional strategy for 1stCryptoTrader software. It is semi-automated (will be updated to fully automated soon) Triangular Arbitrage Strategy.
Read more about triangular Arbitrage: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triangular_arbitrage

Please click: https://youtu.be/QWHHf8IBxRc to view Video "Professional Triangular Arbitrage Strategy"

All investors who has 50 or more DHT (Digital Humanity Tokens) on balance [For your information 50 DHT = $50 ], and all our clients who deposited 50 or more DHT during next week, can use this strategy for free [Activation fee =0].

Click https://ico.1ct.io to deposit and use Triangular Arbitrage for free

Starting from the first of June, all customers who do not have 50 DHT balance will pay activation fee = 59 DHT

Please click: https://ico.1ct.io/how-to-buy-dht-tokens/ to view Video "How to by DHT"

Clients who activated the strategy for free can use their money on deposit to pay commissions from the trading volume or to use these tokens to pay for the all paid services associated with the 1stCryptoTrader application – e.g., to pay commission fees for traded volume, for usage, for signal and strategy purchases, etc.
Free Crypto Arbitrage Monitor new version download link: http://1cryptotrader.s3.amazonaws.com/cam_setup.exe
How to transfer DHT from your wallet to 1stCryptotrader balance (2 Videos) https://ico.1ct.io/how-to-deposit-dht-to-use-1stcryptotrader-software/
We added DHT to exchange https://trade.xbase.exchange/#/trade/DHT-ETH Now you can buy sell DHT via crypto exchange
Free Fully Atomated Spread Arbitrage Software is avaiable now https://ico.1ct.io/free-spread-arbitrage-software/
We received some positive feedback from our clients on the use of free spread arbitrage software https://ico.1ct.io/free-spread-arbitrage-software/ . Please send your feedback with information about the symbols, exchanges and settings being traded, this will help other users. thanks!
Если вам легче читать по руски то вся информация будет дублироваться тут https://t.me/cryptodorr
We have 2 good news for 1stCryptoTrader users:
1. We’ve added SFOX crypto exchange to 1stCryptoTrader. SFOX allows you access 20+ crypto exchanges and OTC providers from a single point (single account).
2. Triangular Arbitrage build-in into 1stCryptoTrader is fully automated now. Balance should be higher then 300 DHT to be able to use Triangular Arbitrage.

Video: https://youtu.be/bwLd7a1l0VA
Are you not 1stCryptoTrader user yes, register on our website: https://ico.1ct.io/ and start! It is free! You pay only small commissions. You can trade manually or use build-in strategies: Triangular Sem--Automated Arbitrage, Triangular Automated Arbitrage, Spread Arbitrage.
IstCryptoTrader is professional tool with which you get the opportunity to get the best price and deepest liquidity with a single point of access to integrated cryptocurrencies-exchanges: GDAX, Kraken, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bitmex, Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex, Deribit, Okex, Cexio, Huobi, Hitbtc, and 50+ via SFOX!