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A new generation platform for minting social NFTs based on advertising contracts. Buy and Sell assets of influencers and telegram channels whose price depends on the size of the audience.
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Hello, TON!
Any Telegram channel will be able to make its analogue IPO

Investment advertising contracts can be stored on the balance sheet and traded on the exchange by analogy with the shares market.

More subscribers are higher price.

The cost is updated every day. The first users of the platform will be a welcome bonus $ 50 to test the service.

We open a new milestone in the monetization of Telegram of channels and influencers, which makes it possible for everyone to invest in the development of channels and influencers.

Hello, TON!

We launched a platform for testing and demonstration at the Dora-a-hacks  hackathon.

After authorization, you will have access to the starting balance for buying contracts of the most popular influencers on Telegram, and by the end of the month we will rank the most profitable portfolios and launch a contest with prizes.