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Finmex is an advanced peer to peer full crypto exchange. We offer $BTC, $ETH, $USDT and $FMX trading pairs.
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Cryptocrrency may be seem like a technology of the future, it has, and will revolutionize the way we store money, pay for goods and services, and do business. makes it easy to own and trade cryptocurrencies TradeTheWorld

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As a beginner crypto trader or investor, the very first thing to lookout for is a guaranteed or promised return on investment.

While you may be able to project profit margins over a specific timeframe, the reality is that they are mere projections. When it comes to crypto trading or investing, nothing is set in stone, no thanks to market volatility and uncertainty.

At guarantees a smooth and secure trading experience that is second to none. We grant you a platform to slowly build your cryptocurrency portfolio. also provides free courses to help you become a successful crypto trader in no time. TradeTheWorld
Once you get to grips with cryptocurrency, it will open your mind to new investment opportunities, help to teach you about new technology etc. And most importantly, learning about cryptocurrency will add some ‘fun’ and a personal touch to your investment portfolio. No longer will you need to rely on your wealth manager to make the important investment decisions for you, you will be able to make judgements yourself, decisions you understand and from the convenience of your mobile phone when it suits you.

At we are committed to make this a reality and possible for you... TradeTheWorld
You can also help refer friends to join as we win together

Send them the link to the form. Tell them to input your telegram ID while filling the form

That's all... TradeTheWorld....
Poor language Support is one of the many challenges faced by cryptocurrency traders anywhere in world and this is due to exchange platforms forcing traders to use their language which many of this traders cannot understand....

This has lead to mistakes which makes lots of traders lose their hard earned money while making orders on such platforms....

Its also makes compliments or even complaints hard to pass to customer support because of the difficulty of expressions in languages that are not yours launches with support for twelve (12) different languages in other to make ordering, trading and also communication easy for our clients. We will continue to update the language library as we go on.

At we also provide 24/7/365 support in order to better serve our users. Order books are easy to comprehend and use by beginners TradeTheWorld
Important info!!!

Please, do not trust any individual sending wallet address directly, even if he is using a familiar name and Avater. We only provide addresses in our secured dashboard....
Thanks... TradeTheWorld
There might be a slowdown in investment, but we continue to see evidence that digital assets are here to stay.

Moreover, at we believe in a future where multiple digital assets survive, thrive and complement one another in the digital economy.

At we feel its important to be ready at all times, and opportunistic and we are excited to participate in this emerging opportunity that is here to stay... TradeTheWorld...
Peer to peer crypto currency exchange platforms give equal opportunities to both day-traders and professional investors to trade digital assets directly with selected pair(s) with no intervention from a third-party, utilizing standard analytical tools.

As we all know that trust is key in any potential crypto currency exchange and transaction, promises a great experience as it is a cutting-edge, peer to peer service offering privacy for both parties and a fast transaction which costs almost nothing.

Ultimately, no broker fee, just a very low transaction cost. TradeTheWorld
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