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We are closing registration soon for the Jordan trip Dec 6-8. We know some of you were on the fence....gonna mix the classics with some great hiking along the way. Group size will be about 25 total including the Finjan team.
Last month we had a planned a hike across the Ramon crater ascending to the tooth of Ramon, however flood alert kept us high above, and we ended up on the edge of a massive desert storm 🌩🌩🌩
On December 15th we will make our second attempt on this trail, and hopefully will be blessed with good fortune by the gods of the desert...
As always our Telegram followers will get the first chance to purchase the discounted tickets.
Sign up link:
See you up on the edge!
We are heading back to the Underbelly of the Beast! TLV Central Bus Station evening tour! Check it out
On January 12th is our next day hike to the Zafit & Tamar canyons---
Draining to the Dead Sea rift are two canyons: Tamar is a narrow canyon filled with ladders and challenging dry waterfalls to scramble, while Zafit stream features a massive canyon with small springs and oases, and high dry waterfalls to be bypassed on narrow trails.
This day hikes features a wonderfall and diverse Negev landscapes and a challenging terrain to cover, perfect for a day of adventure!
* This trip depends on the weather forecast as these canyons are prone to powerfull flash floods.
* Hikers with severe vertigo in heights should skip this one, as there are many ladders and narrow points on the trail.
Good evening- we are heading back to the Jordan Valley in 23.3.18. Brand new trail we’ve never done with the group... half day hiking, half day at the pepper farm and some other surprises.
Good morning! As the homefront heats up, so does the weather - so we've decided to head to wear the springs are cool and the cliffs are the Wilderness of Zin. Zin, Divshon, Avdat, know it?