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In our eighth lecture of the Introduction to Blockchain Series, Ben dives into blockchain scalability. He talks about the scalability problems faced by blockchain and some of the solutions to solve them, ranging from payment channels all the way to ZK rollup. Leave a like and let us know if you have any questions or feedback!
We’re very excited to share that Findora has formed a strategic partnership with Tencent Cloud, one of the world's leading providers of cloud computing and internet services. Findora will provide the world’s first confidential ledger products, codenamed “zkLDB”, on top of Tencent Cloud, that support encrypted transactions and asset issuance, processing, verification and storage.

Findora’s breakthrough zero-knowledge technology finally makes it efficient to perform complex operations on fully-encrypted data, and Findora’s zkLDB comes preloaded with a wide suite of privacy-preserving audit tools so applications can remain compliant while respecting user privacy.
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Through our meet the team series we'd like to introduce you to the people building Findora. This week we spoke with Noah Golub, a systems engineer at Findora, to learn a bit more about his background and what makes him so passionate about Findora’s mission.
In our tenth and final lecture of the Introduction to Blockchain Series, Ben continues on the topic of consensus, discussing topics such as Sybil-resistance in Proof of Work and Proof of Stake, committee elections, Randomness Beacons, and Longest chain protocol (Nakamoto).
It has come to our attention that scammers are misrepresenting and impersonating Findora. Findora has not issued a token of any kind. Be careful of scams and impersonators. Report any suspicious behavior to the admins. Findora and all team members will never ask for any personal information or solicit investment on any social media channels, so please be aware!
Findora CTO Ben Fisch and Head of Research Benedikt Bünz recently returned to the Zero Knowledge Podcast to talk about Findora and the underlying technology empowering the system. If you weren't able to listen in, you can read about their discussion here!
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Join the Blockchain Center and the Findora Foundation September 16 at 7pm EST. Eli Jaffe will guide us as we explore the fundamentals of cryptography and zero-knowledge proofs!
Check out our event TODAY, Sept 17 at 5pm PDT to learn how zero-knowledge proofs can be used to bridge public and private blockchains! We will be joined by John Wolpert from Baseline Protocol and Rachel Wolfson from Cointelegraph. Much thanks for the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation for hosting us!
Is Bitcoin falling behind on privacy? Blockstream's director of research Andrew Poelstra, MRL researcher Sarang Noether, and our co-founder Benedikt Bünz will be on a panel moderated by Peter McCormack, discussing the topic this weekend at MCCVR2020!

Get your ticket here so you don't miss out: