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🛠️ DApp Maintenance in Progress💖

Gm Dear DAOooers!

Today the dapps might not work as expected due to maintenance. We’re updating server infrastructure for all the dapps including the partners dapps.

Apologies for any inconvenience it might cause & a short notice (we only got this from the devs now 👷‍♀️👄)

All the dapps should be up and running again shortly with some shiny new votes coming our way soon & a few interesting mints by our new partners.

Join the discord server here https://discord.gg/HkmC8xfXEW

The FactoryDAO dApp Suite, now with branded urls!

We’ve been busy tinkering away making sure our dApps are fulfilling their potential. We made a host of upgrades on our backends and servers and finally consolidated all apps under the FactoryDAO brand.

How does this affect you? Moving forward you need to use the new URLs https://influence.factorydao.org/, https://bank.factorydao.org/, https://mint.factorydao.org/ , https://yield.factorydao.org/ and https://launch.factorydao.org/

IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE THE LEGACY LINKS eg. https://app.influence.vote/ These will redirect to the new domains once the DNS propagates (approx 24-48 hrs).

Any governance carried out on the legacy https://app.influence.vote/ url will not be reflected in the latest .org iteration. To be safe, please clear your cache so all the legacy links are removed.
🪅Gm dear DAOeers! 🪅

Something very special is about to happen. If you're an OG you'd be particularly pleased to hear this. 

Are you a Galaxy Brain or a Degen? Get you a dapp that can do both. 

A shiny new version of our beloved prediction market dapp markets.vote is just about to get ready for testing. What's new about it & why it feels like a dapp from the future? 

🕳️🐇Wed 27th July 10am UTC🚀

Join @metapriest & OG contributors in FV Discord for some sweet sweet alpha.

You voted on the new assets, and the mixed basket tunred out beautiful. Besides the new assets & a new chain the dapp now contains some traits from the future of Cryptoland. 
The date & the details for the incentivized test will be announced then. 

Now in quiet times in Cryptoland we create really cool stuff together, work out all the details & get it working smooth on many chains, and get ready for the next hypecycle of madness.


Join the discord server here https://discord.gg/HkmC8xfXEW

🐸 🐵 🐈 🐻 🐄 🌝 🐕 👾 👾 ☠️ 🐋 🐡
🪅Gm Dear Finance.vote!🪅

Get your Galaxy Brains ready for some alpha! Dust off your flamboyant Degen hats for some fun 👹 🚀 !

Tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10AM UTC

We're meeting with Metapriest to learn everything about the new shiny prediction market on Polygon whcih launches very soon. Based on our old beloved markets.vote dapp that some of you know, but more awesome on so many levels. Affordable gas costs and a basket of assets chosen by DAO members. But that's not all.

What's so radically new about the dapp? When and how can you join the testers crew? How does it all fit into the future of Cryptoland?

Join us for tomorrow's sync gathering in this Discord!

In incentivized test date and "how to join" details will be anounced tomorrow.


In other news:

Thursday the 28th of July

Factory DAO core team is invited to present at a fun and informative event on Twitter Spaces that curates interesting projects. It would be great to have you all in the audience. Oh and by the way, some of our partners that we haven't yet announced to you might be also present at the event

☕️²Gm gm! ☕️²

Are you ready for some alpha? Get your steaming cup of quadratic coffee


Today at 10AM UTC in FV Discord

Make yourself comfortable & learn about our new shiny prediction markets on Polygon. Based on our beloved markets dapp but more awesome https://discord.gg/NqvjAXxf


Some more interesting & fun news coming our way. Stay tuned! Stay awesome!
☀️ Gm DAOers! ☀️

Factory DAO tech exists to support communities that are ready for daring experiments and challenge the status quo. 

Huge industries don’t play in favor to those who bring the most value, and we believe that DAO governance will change that.

Our bizdev crew is always in conversations with communities and projects that want to try out our tools in the wild 🛸 We want to keep you more in a loop about new customers and upcoming partnerships.

Let us introduce to you to this dope experiment in fashion and culture.  

Trib3.0 is a new kind of fashion platform for creatives. Every voice matters and everyone has something to contribute to the conversation, not just a select few. https://www.trib3.one is set up to celebrate creativity, diversity & radical self-expression on all things fashion & style. We're pleased to provide our governance suite to their community starting with the mint infrastructure.

​​​​​​​This Friday the 29th of July they're having a mint with our infrastructure running in the background.

🧩 FactoryDAO’s NFT minting module, Mint, will power the TRiB3.0 NFT minting experience.

🧩 FactoryDAO’s NFT governance tool, Influence, will power the TRiB3.0 DAO

If you're interested to learn more about their platform and their upcoming mint you start by visiting their discord: https://discord.com/invite/trib3 

⚠️ Needless to say to our community members to always DYOR on every mint! We will work with all kind of experimental stuff in Cryptoland, and some will just use our opensource software. 

🐙💡Do you have an interesting community or a project in mind like Trib3 that are ready to play with our governance suite, try it out in a wild and have something to bring into our DAO ecosystem? Do you want to take a lead and develop it into a solid partnership or a DAO Alliance? It's a lot of work, we know, but you'll get core team support and rewards. Talk to admins or metasherpas about your ideas & leads!

Join the discord server here https://discord.gg/seBs8hGhNJ
Gm DAOers! 📡

Wanna join us for Crypto Roundtable Show today? https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1ynJOZaqZErGR

3pm UTC curated debates from all corners of Crypto Universe, unexpected pitches, give aways and fun. By the way some of our partners that we haven’t announced yet will be dropping by!

Starts in 1 hour! Would be lovely to have you all around 😎
🌅Gm DAOers!🌅

If you been around before the NFT hype exploded you’d know that the most interesting stuff is yet to come.

The best stuff will come out of experimentation & play.

We dedicated ourselves to build tools that allow communities to experiment, prototype & iterate without worrying about code. To get fearless in the face of complexity. So that truly organic new systems of social coordination can emerge. We built the DAO suite.

🎇 We’re super happy to provide our minting module to Trib3 and their mint is going life today at 4pm UTC (whitelisted addresses only: please go to their discord if you want to find out about WL) https://discord.com/invite/trib3

🌌 The mint experience will be different from ordinary mints. People will first mint a ticket that will allow them to choose & mint the art pieces in a way more relaxed manner during the show. You can read about how it works in this thread: https://twitter.com/factdao/status/1552954023468273664?s=21&t=0ix7rG0I-9UT3ci5kb9fsw

If you have any questions about their NFT series please refer to their Discord. But we’d be very pleased to answer all your questions regarding the minting module. (We can talk about our tech endlessly)

🌇Breakthroughs in decentralized coordination & governance can only be made by the communities themselves, that know their universe best and know the power structures that need to do inside out. We want to support these communities.

Trib3 is set to celebrate diversity, creativity and radical self-expression in all things fashion & style, and to overcome bad vibes of power games and ego trips.

Join the discord server here https://discord.gg/seBs8hGhNJ
🕳️ 🐇 DAO update 🍹 🐇

Gm gm! Hope you all had a good weekend. Today we will be hanging out with Dr.Nick to hear the latest DAO gossip & insights.

🔳Tuesday 11am UTC in the event voice channel

As you know some important releases will happen in Shibaku universe as well as in finance .vote very soon. Let’s take a look at the grand scheme of things today & our longer term trajectory. Join in & ask questions!

Join the discord server here https://discord.gg/factorydao

📡 🐇
🌠Markets ~ Open Marketing Strategy Call💡
MARK YOUR CALENDAR: August 4th, 12pm UTC in FV Discord 📖

We are inching our way ever closer to the launch of our next iteration of Markets, the world’s first SBT Prediction Market 🏆 Current testing continues to yield wonderful feedback and fruitful results—big thanks to our amazing community 😉

We are only just beginning to tap the full potential of SBTs and have already seen how prediction markets can supply us with great alpha 📉💸

Join us tomorrow as we discuss best strategies to spread the word on Markets and reel in the best players🎉 Surely, we want the best alpha, no?

Well, grab your quadratic coffee and hit us with your best ideas

Join the discord server here https://discord.gg/HkmC8xfXEW

📡 🐇
🧨 PropaganDAO: The Inaugural Session 🎆
FVT DAO Marketing
August 10th, 2pm UTC, FVT Discord 📆

We are one step closer to launching our latest iteration of Markets, now simply known as finance.vote SBT Prediction Market. With the launch around the corner, your genius and creativity are called upon to help us spread the word far and wide. 🧙

Join us tomorrow for our first session of ProgaganDAO, the SubDAO that helps spread the word on the things that matter.📢 We’ll plan our marketing strategy for finance.vote Prediction Market and work together writing some wonderful content and posts. 🖋️📝

Stay tuned as we’ll hold another follow-up session on Thrursday 2pm UTC to review our ideas with our amazing marketing lads, Athena Labs.

Join the discord server here https://discord.gg/HkmC8xfXEW

📡 🐇
🚨 warning: there’s is a scam group promising an Airdrop. Please ignore it. 🚨

The scams link looks like this, asterisks added:


Gm dear Daooers!

We know you’re all extremely vigilant on the internets, but we want to let you know anyways.


New fake telegram groups have been reported and more will appear as the news about our upcoming launch spread.

🥰 We know that fake groups & impersonators just means attention.

Always check if the information you’re receiving comes from official sources:

🥰 We have an official Telegram group that will soon be used again as the launch approaches: https://t.me/financedotvote

☢️ Don’t respond to DMs / don’t click on links in DMs from people you don’t know

☢️ Make sure that somebody you’re talking to is not an imposter. Check the spelling of their handle & if you’re in doubt just don’t talk to them

📢🐸 Remind your friends and family to never share private keys, passwords with anyone, not to type your pass phrase on any websites
Everybody ready for the OG Prelaunch?

Gm dear Finance.vote members! Exciting times are coming because the game will begin again.

🥂🦖 Friday the 19th of August. The OG mint. All FV ID holders (ETH & BSC) are invited to mint a new shiny SBT - a Soul Bound Token. This SBT is your membership card to the finance.vote prediction market game. It will be minted on Polygon mainnet, so bring some small change in MATIC for the fees.

This SBT is a player that builds up reputation and an owner that decides how the game develops.
Please, make sure you mint it to the address you want it to be associated with to this DAO for the years to come, because you cannot transfer an SBT to another address. Link to the mint will be shared soon!

🍖🦖 Friday the 26th of August. Take your first bite into the juicy new prediction market. We have a basket of new flavors and the gas fees are ridiculously low. It’s an OGs only dinner. Familiarize yourself with the game before other players will start joining.

🧋🦍 Starting from September, the mint and the game will gradually open to other whitelists & friendly communities as well as active contributors who didn’t have an FVT ID before.

🔥🧨🦖 Every Friday we will gather in Twitter spaces for a casual chat about macroeconomics, our prediction game and beyond.

Links & instructions will be provided shortly. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the #🐇│general discord server, @MetaSherpa & @DAO Team will be more than happy to help. Great to have you here.

🐸🐵😾 We Are The DAO 🐻🤠🌝
🐶👾👽 The DAO is Us 🐲🐳🐡



Join the discord server here https://discord.gg/HkmC8xfXEW
Gm dear OGs!

🥚🥚🥚 🦖

Although there was a confirmation from the devs that the SBT mint is ready to start on Friday, it haven’t started just yet.

We will inform you about the new date. So don’t all start carrying your FV IDs back to the attic, keep them close.

Next week we will have a session about the final design of the new prediction market dapp hosted by Dr.Nick so we’re all on the sand page by the time the game starts. We’ll publish the time & date for it shortly

Meanwhile @MetaSherpa @naved & @ksenya are collecting questions for the FAQ. If you have some good questions that should be in there let us know: https://cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/view/VyOUfQOj5bGHjkH7V91HLzweet6w5RpaK0ZJcc7KE4Y/

Join the discord server here https://discord.gg/HkmC8xfXEW

🔥 Twitter Space with Dr. Nick 🔥

Join @DrNick on Twitter Spaces to discuss the token economics of finance.vote, cryptos first play to earn prediction market that uses SoulBound Tokens as your unique identifier, on the low cost chain, Polygon.

It's time to mint your first SBT and start predicting to win $FVT! fvt

Time: 2 pm UTC 🚀
Date: 29/08/22
Location: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1BRJjngeLoWJw
EP 2 of The Crypto Market Watch with @DrNick is Live! Please listen and if you enjoyed it, share it; thanks!

This week we deep dive into Ethereum, the Merge and Prediction Markets.

Welcome TCMW Listeners. 📻

The Crypto Market Watch invites you to suggest topics for future episodes. 🤔

There will be a “submission box” open each week for what topic to cover in the next episode.

🚀 Key Times :

- 🚨 Tuesday @ midnight UTC: The Suggestion Box will close for topic ideas. The next 24 hours after this is for ranking the ideas. ✍️

- 🚨Wednesday @ midnight UTC: Suggestion ranking close. Make sure to come back on Wednesday to up/downvote the topic ideas you like/dislike the most. 🎯

Although we cannot promise to cover the most upvoted suggestion, we will do our best to discuss it meaningfully.

Additionally, if you think there is news that should be covered in the podcast, you are invited to submit a link here, and we will review it.


ETH FVT NFT holders - Can make 3 submissions per ETH FVT NFT you hold
$FVT token holders - Can make 3 submissions per address which holds $FVT

So, what do you want to listen to?👂👂