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Forwarded from 8 Great Movies
Netflix has been tightening its controls on password-sharing, a shift that could reap billions in previously lost revenue, but the company acknowledges it is a delicate process.

“We test many things but we would never roll something out that feels like turning the screws” on consumers, Co-CEO Reed Hastings said during the company’s first-quarter earnings interview. “It’s got to feel like it makes sense to consumers, that they understand it.”
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Forwarded from 8 Great Movies
Netflix has released the first look image of Ewan McGregor as legendary fashion designer Roy Halston Frowick in Ryan Murphy's new Netflix series Halston.

Roy Halston Frowick, known mononymously as Halston, is credited with redefining American fashion in the '70s and '80s with his minimalist designs that were often made of cashmere or ultrasuede. He rose to international fame after designing the pillbox hat Jackie Kennedy wore to JFK's presidential inauguration in 1961.
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